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Enniskillen Go Team 2008

29 Aug

Some photos from Enniskillen. Seems such a long time ago now…

During the week, we gave out about 6000 of these:

Which were leading up to this:

Our stand at the show

...and the craft bit.

Some wagon


I am still mystified how he didnt fall off..

I am still mystified how he didn't fall off..


There was lots and lots of this..

Ian, Philip, Margaret, Vera, Elyse, David, Peter, Stephen, Ruth, Carla, Heather, Robert, Harry, Balaclava, Robert, Betty and Catherine.

More photos

As advertised on the leaflet, there is a website about Enniskillen here. Read all about it.

Steelo On Castlewellan

28 Aug

The much anticipated Castlewellan report has appeared on SWS including previously unseen Castlewellan build-up photos and a full report of the week’s activities. It is also your first oppertunity to download the talks by Rev. David McCullough (Dad!) which I found very helpful and the whole Sabbath evening service inlcuding Rev. Mark Loughridge “A Call to Passionate, Persistant Prayer”. The talks should also be appearing on the official RP website in the near future.

Castlewellan 2008 Photos (2)

27 Aug
 Costa del Castlewellan

 Campsite or lake? I’m not entirely sure!

 Tim picking his nose

 Tim caught

Stephen McCollum, the hand gesture one

 Not-really-my-cousin Amy

 Joel looking at the strange light on Ali’s head

 Eating out

 Entertaining again

 Brenna, Bex and Bug

 Claire and David

 Kakman, Bex, Brenna, Claire, Tim

 Eating out again!

Tom wants a wife
 Bun loves it

 Dodgy song sing-a-long

 Concert: Did I tell you the one about the giraffe?

 Not Ireland’s Call

 He’s tall, he’s thin, we’ve never seen him grin!

 Pondering the brilliance of straighteners

 The last night

 Mike brought them

 Warren and Ruth would definately not approve!

 The last morning

 Looking awake

The lake, early on Saturday morning

Newry Go Team 2008

26 Aug

The Newry Go Team started with me and Carla watching the entire opening ceremony of the Olympics, all 4 hours of it! Not something I’ll be doing any time soon. The rest of the team didn’t arrive until Saturday night, so there wasn’t a great deal going on. I did see a poster advertising activities during the week in a shop in a Newry though, I was impressed.

On Sabbath we had lunch in the church hall, followed by a prayer time at a view point on top of the city. Then it started raining so we headed back to the Murphey’s. At evening worship the whole Southern Presbytery was there, I’d never seen Newry so full (seriously).

Our main outreach work was giving out literature and running 2 children’s clubs. On the literature side of things, we were giving out 3250 magazines (someone nabbed the other 750!). I still don’t like the name, the articles within are much better.

The children’s clubs ran from Monday to Thursday, and as in previous years, were held in the Mourneview and Greenfields estates. Numbers picked up as the week went on, with about 30 children between the clubs by Thursday. Some of the children were disruptive at times, making telling the story at diffucult, but for the most part we got on fine. I’d post some pictures if any existed…

On Monday and Tuesday evenings we did door to door work in the two estates where the clubs had been running, and this was an encouraging time, especially on Monday. On Wednesday we had the children’s club in the afternoon because of the rain in the morning, but this turned out to be a blessing rather than a hindrance as way more kids came along (“Why did yous come at 11 anyway, we’re all sleeping then..”). Before lunch some members of the team sung psalms in Newry town city centre for about half an hour. Got a few weird looks, but some people did sit and listen. That evening there was a cookery demonstration, with a short epilogue. I can’t say much about it as I wasn’t there, but apparently 50 people came along, which is class. And way more than was expected.

Psalm Singers (note the Go Team t-shirts - click to enlarge)

Our sleeping arrangements were the guys at Sam and Dot’s, with the girls and Rodney and Ruth’s. Suited me, I got a double bed, a fry and plenty of words of wisdom from Dot. In the evenings we went to different members’ houses for tea. Well on two nights anyway.

Friday consisted of more open air psalm singing in the morning and a car wash in the afternoon. About 10 people not associated with the Church got their cars washed, and most of them came into the hall for coffee and a chat. One guy stayed for two hours.

Me, Rodney, Josh, Jon, Erin, Anna, Debbie, Wendy, Stephen, Rachel, Simon, Carla and Shane

Newry Go Team 2008: Me, Rodney, Josh, Jon, Erin, Anna, Debbie, Wendy, Stephen, Rachel, Simon, Carla and Shane

The future's bright, the future's orange

The future's bright, the future's orange

The RP website lists Newry as being “Without Pastor”, and while this probably is strictly true, fear not, for they are going to be very much “With Pastor” in the near future. It’s all quite exciting really. Keep praying for the members of the congregation to get more involved, and that in time, more will be added to their number.

It really was a fantastic week.

Castlewellan 2008 Photos (1)

25 Aug

I’ve just about recovered enough sleep to make it possible to string some sentences together. Here are some photos from last week there will be lot’s more posts and photos on Castlewellan Family Holiday Conference in the near future!

Saturday- Funny as…

 Eating Stuart McCaughan

The Marquee on Concert Night

Quiz Night

Low hygiene levels on the Campsite

Erin’s discovery

The “No Swimming” sign was viewed as a polite suggestion rather than a command

When Rob headed the ball it briefly looked like he’d grown an afro

Bird’s Eye view of the Rounders



Warren would not approve!

The Sunrise gang

Keep checking out the blog for more pictures and reaction to last week!

It’s coming…

16 Aug

Castlewellan RP Conference 2008 is just about to start. I am still trying to get stuff packed and there’ll be no posts on the blog for the next week but to compensate there’ll be lot’s the following week.

Cloughmills Go Team 2008

13 Aug

I hope you enjoy the video of photos and clips from this year’s Cloughmills Go Team. As is often the case with mission teams when were working we were usually too busy to take photos so quite a lot of the video is just us enjoying ourselves. Also it is generally frowned upon to be taking pictures of the children who come to the holiday bible club so you’ll have to cope with just the team acting childishly. The song in the background is “Stir” by Downhere.

I’ll just give you a bit of an idea of what happened so you understand the video better. Each day began with prayer time followed by the Holiday Bible Club for 4-11 year olds. In the evenings we ran a club for teenagers. On Monday and Tuesday afternoons we distributed “The Word on the Street”. Wednesday afternoon was the free car wash and after the Teens club that evening some of us gave leaflets to those watching the band parade. Stephen McCollum (Cullybackey) made a cameo appearance on Thursday afternoon in time to help the team clear up the rubbish left throughout the village by the mindless marchers the night before. That evening there was a public meeting on Stress by Andrew Collins and a trip with the teenagers to Lisburn leisure pool. The more stressed members of the team stayed for the meeting and took unusual pictures on the camera I’d left behind! We had our afternoon off on Friday we hit People’s Park for a bit of UF (Ultamite Frisbee) and despite the team officially ending on Friday night most of the team headed to the Port for a day out on Saturday.

Team: Tom Somerville (Lisburn RPC), James McCullough (Dromore RPC), Tim McCollum (Ballyclabber RPC), Ben Hanna (Carrickfergus RPC), Amy McCollum (Ballymoney RPC), Hannah McConaghie (Dervock RPC), Hannah Drennan and Catherina McCullough (both Trinity RPC).

Ably assisted by Phillip Aicken, Hannah Aicken, Pamela Loughridge, Heather Loughridge and Sarah Loughridge for much of the week.