Mission Prayer Requests

11 Aug

I returned from the Go Team in Cloughmills on Saturday night and you can expect a post about it in the near future. Meanwhile Andy was in Enniskillen and Steelo already has photos of the week up on SWS. Please pray that God will bless the efforts of both these teams and that people would read the literature they received through their doors. Give thanks for the visitors who came to the guest service in Cloughmills on Sabbath night and that both of these teams were able to complete all their work in safety.

Pray also for the mission work taking place during this week. Andy is part of the Go Team in Newry and there is also a team working in Knockbraken. Several other RP churches are organising outreach this week in Coleraine, Lisburn and here in Dromore. During the day we are doing some leaflet distribution and each night in Dromore we are having a “Champions League Holiday Bible Club”, a football club for 8-15 year olds. Please remember this club in your prayers and ask for safety, dry weather and good attendance but most importantly that God would used the talks to transform the lives of the boys and girls who come, that His name may be glorified.

Post Coming Soon…

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