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Renwick Win Lisburn Cup

30 Jan

The one they call “Skills” arrives, striking fear into the hearts of opponents

Jamie Oliver came too

Only one day after Renwick’s Jonny McCollum Cup triumph (Report due to appear on SWS) Alastair McCollum assembled a 5-a-side team to take part in a tournament at Lisburn Leisureplex organised by Seymour Street Methodist Church. Despite looking sharp in the 50 Games commemorative jerseys the Elmwood team started poorly conceding a penalty within seconds of kick off. Spot-kick specialist McCullough went the right way but could not get down to the shot in time and it looked like it might be a disappointing night. Regaining their composure Renwick came back to win 3-1 before the final whistle sounded after the allotted 6 minutes before stinging together a run of 4 straight wins. A 1-1 draw and another victory were recorded before complacency led to defeat against Sporting Lisburn in the final game of the league stage.

Captain Ali wearing 5 and Morrison wearing 2

It’s not just because the photo is from a distance, Rob’s shorts were very small.

Fellaini in nets

Leaving the pitch after another League victory

Porter on the ball

Imagine James’ surprise to burst through the defence and face himself in nets!

Andy and Ali in defence

Skills closing down

The Final

The final was contested between Renwick and the Gaithers who had both finished on 18 points. The Inter Milan look-a-likes were favourites having won the same tie earlier in the competition and started with McCullough, McCollum, McCaughan, Porter and Buchanan. The result went as the pundits predicted with a 4-1 scoreline as goals from Ian and Mark before Ali sealed the tie with a rocket from the edge of the box. McCollum lead the team up to collect their trophies and looks like he may become a regular feature of next season’s Belfast Superleague side.

Pre-final build-up

Ian Buchanan, Andrew Morrison, Mark Porter, James McCullough, Alastair McCollum (Captain) and Robert McCaughan


Renwick currently lie top of the Superleague but their upcoming free Gameweek will probably allow other teams to play games in hand and overtake. A friendly against Bayern Eunuchs is rumoured to be on the cards but as of yet it cannot be confirmed thoughMorrison’s team will undoubtedly be keen to gain some more match practice. Not only will the retirement of captain Philip Dunwoody greatly affect the side but the second half of the season appears to contain more difficult fixtures than the pre-Christmas period.

Why Evening Worship? (part 1)

29 Jan
This post is the first in a series of seven offering reasons why we should return to church for evening worship. They were originally written by Rev. David McCullough for a leaflet addressing this issue.

I’m unsure what to use as pictures in these posts!


This article is written with the purpose of encouraging the followers of the Lord Jesus Christ to make use of the privilege and blessing of evening worship. It is written acknowledging that there are Biblical reasons why it is not always possible  to return for worship on the evening of the Lord’s day.Though we may not have any direct Biblical command, “You shall return to evening worship,” we have much by way of implication from the Scripture and there are many reasons why the people of God should return for evening  worship

1. Because of the Glory of God

God’s glory is the all important matter in life. Paul exhorted the church at Corinth to, do all to the glory of God. (I Corinthians 10:31) The work of the devil is to rob God of His glory – that is his primary purpose.  When we are absent without due cause from worship God is being robbed of His glory because God’s glory is displayed in His people.  Added to this, if we are not growing as Christians as we should and could, God is being robbed of glory.  We cannot be growing as we ought if we are not taking in the Word of God preached.

To be continued.

The Cross and Circumcision

27 Jan

“Circumcision had two meanings… The positive was that God was cutting out Israel from the other nations, setting it apart to be a holy nation, to be a blessing. The negative was that if the Jew failed to keep every one of the terms of the covenant, he would be cut off from God’s presence, just as his foreskin had been ritually cut off.

The cross is the supreme circumcision, because when Jesus took the curse upon himself, he so identified with the sin of his people that he became a curse. God cut him off and justly so, because at that moment Christ became sin. Jesus, on the cross, was the most grotesque, most obscene mass of sin concentrated in the history of the world. Remember God is too holy even to look at iniquity. Therefore when Christ was hanging on the cross, the Father turned his back and cut off his Son. God forsook him…

On the cross Jesus was in hell,totally bereft of the grace and the presence of God, utterly separated from all blessedness of the Father. If you are a Christian, remember Jesus became a curse for you, so that one day you might be able to see the face of God, and have the light of his countenance fall on you.” R.C. Sproul, The Unexpected Jesus

Courtship and Christian Music

26 Jan

Click on images for larger versions.

These were on Josh Harris‘ blog (which possibly makes the first one even funnier) and I found them pretty amusing.  He did encounter the usual problem of people taking themselves too seriously after posting the Christian music cartoon so just to clarify I’m not trying to re-open a can of worms!

The Death of Donald Cargill

25 Jan

“Thou art me God, I’ll thee exalt;

my God, I will thee praise.

Give thanks to God, for he is good:

his mercy lasts always.”

These words from Psalm 118 were sung by Donald Cargill as he stood on the scaffold before his execution on 27th July 1681. The minister was then allowed to tell the gathered crowd why he was going to be executed but the soldiers’ drums drowned him out whenever he spoke against the unjust demands of the king upon the Church. He then gave a powerful personal testimony and entreated the crowd to “be not discouraged at the way of Christ, and the cause for which I am to lay down my life, and step into eternity.” Having been drowned out by the drums for a final time Cargill then stood and waited as his companion Walter Smith spoke to the people and sang a psalm.

The Old Mercat Cross, Edinburgh, where Cargill was executed

Maurice Grant records Donald Cargill’s final words and actions:

“At last, when all was ready, he was ordered to climb the ladder. As he set foot on it he remarked: ‘The Lord knows, I go up this ladder with less fear an perturbation of mind than ever I entered the pulpit to preach.’…

He mounted the ladder and seated himself at the top. His faith, triumphant and undimmed, was radiant with full assurance: ‘Now I am near to the getting of my crown, which shall be sure; for I bless the Lord, and desire all of you to bless him, that he has brought me here and made me triumph over devils and men and sin. They shall wound me no more. I forgive all men the wrongs that any of the elect have done against him. I pray that sufferers may be kept from sin and helped to know their duty’. The napkin was tied about his face. He lifted it for a moment, and called out: ‘Farewell, all relations and friends in Christ; farewell, all acquaintances and earthly enjoyments; farewell, reading and preaching, praying and believing, wanderings, reproaches and sufferings. Welcome, joy unspeakable and full of glory. Welcome, Father, Son and Holy Ghost. Into thy hands I commit my spirit.’ And as he prayed, with hands lifted up to heaven, the executioner did his office, and in a moment Cargill’s work on earth was done.”

All quotations from No King But Christ by Maurice Grant.

When the Time is Right

22 Jan

When the time was right,

Man and Woman were created,

the Flood subsided,

the Red Sea parted,

Jericho’s walls were flattened,

Goliath was defeated,

the Lions’ mouths were shut,

the Baby was born,

water became wine,

the storm was silenced,

blind eyes were opened,

the tomb was emptied,

He ascended into Heaven,

tongues of fire came down….

And when the time is right,

The King of Kings will return.

For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord, plans for welfare and not for evil, to give you a future and a hope. Jeremiah 29:11

The Bible on Xbox 360

21 Jan

I find it rather bizarre but I’d like to know what your thoughts are on the Bible arriving on the Xbox 360. Should we celebrate the Bible being spread or is this just another symptom of our technology obsessed world? I can’t imagine Dad will start using it any time soon.