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Airdrie, Love Story and More

29 May


The Airdrie Mission team from America have had a clever idea and are running their own weblog throughout the time they are in Scotland. They promise a post everyday so you can know what is going on and remember them in your prayers.


Love Story

Ever wonder what would happen if Love Story met Viva la Vida?

Credit goes to Ali Rolleston for pointing out this fantastic piece of music.


Continuing to steal links from Facebook, Cromie Robert linked to possibly the funniest ever football prank – the Glasgow Rangers Fans’ recent “Operation Tango“.

The Arts

Previously on Another King there have been lengthy discussions about Christian’s involvement in the arts, especially music, and whilst not wanting to re-open a can of worms or flog a dead horse (or even flog a can of worms) I thought that this Between Two Worlds’ post offered some interesting thoughts and links.


P.S. I wonder what a certain fellow-blogger thought the post was going to be about when he read the title?! ;)


Newry Marathon 2009

27 May

Thought I should give Dad a shout on completing his first marathon. After captaining Dromore to a successful defence of their relay crown a case of shin splints struck which severely disrupted training and nearly ruined Rev.David McCullough’s chances of competing in his hometown marathon but last Monday he ran through the pain barrier and the 26 gruelling miles.


To be honest I think he was ripped-off with the £24.99 new Nike warm-up gear


“Just don’t break my camera”


I got slightly carried away with Dad’s big camera and fancied myself as a sports photographer


 The start


 1/2 mile in and still smiling


 Smiling again (this wouldn’t last long)


Home Straight


Man on left was cautioned by stewards for jabbing a few runners with his umbrella


John and a rather exhausted Dad


“I was still faster than Gavin!”

Official Marathon Photos

Newry Marathon Results

Breaking Football Gossip: Glenn Ferguson has left Linfield but had previously declared his intention to continue playing football. Speculation is rife that he has expressed a desire to remain in Belfast and to play for Belfast Mini League side Renwick House FC. Could he be set to partner McCavery next season? It is believed that negotiations are still ongoing for the 2009/2010 Coverage Rights with weblogs SWS, AK and Reformed Covenanter understood to be the early favourites.


Subscribe to Sermons courtesy of

25 May

Ever been stuck on the bus, with earphones in your ears and nothing great to listen to?

R.P.C Banner

Sick of having the same mindless drone being injected into your ear drums on your way to school or work each morning?

Well all your problems have no been solved!

The creator of has invented an ingenius way of getting hold of Sermons you’ve missed or ones you want to listen to again, or even just a particular preacher.

By going onto the Online Audio Sermons library at you can view the numerous sermons available for your choice and then simply click on the Sermon you want and now you have numerous options laid out in a simple format….

1. Download that particular sermon and have it downloaded to your iTunes or other MP3 storage formats on your computer or laptop.

2.Subscribe to an entire series of Sermons, (for instance semons on the book of James currently being done by John Coates in Lisburn)

3. Subscribe to that particular speaker and have all the sermons he has delivered downloaded to your computer or laptop.

4.Subscribe to a location, so if you’re interested in the work going on in another congregation you can hear the word preached there.

5. And finally, go crazy and subscribe to the entire Audio Sermon Library (well it will only allow the last 50 to be downloaded but will update itself as time goes along)

I think this is a brilliant means of listening to God’s word being preached, the website has made is easy and simple and it’s a fantastic way of filling up your iPod or MP3 player space with meaningful words and a great storage for sermons you’ve been greatly encourage by in the past. Why not try it out now and feel the benefits of it over the summer?!


And finally…… the man who made this all possible…. Jeff only lets people take photos of him once in a blue moon, this was the first picture on Google the new look Jeff!!

Well…….as Jeff only lets people take photos of him once in a blue moon, this was the first picture on Google Images….like the new look though Jeff!!
P.S – There will be AK brownie points handed out if any one reading can find pictures of Jeff!!

Struggling with Grief?

20 May

Grief Poster

Everyone is welcome.


Clowns on Centre Court…

18 May

I was pretty appalled when I opened up BBC Sport on Monday afternoon to have a bit of a catch up on the weekend sport. Myself being a big of a self confessed “sport junkie”, I covered most things from Premier League Football Results, latest news from the Lions Squad preparation, Basketball’s NBA Play Off Finals and even some County Cricket Scores from the Friends Provident Trophy.

Centre Court Roof

However, one article did catch my attention, a report from SW19, Wimbledon Tennis Lawns, saying that the new roof had been successfully been installed to ensure no rain delays and a great playing surface for this summers Wimbledon Championship. Catch the full article here…Stars play under new Centre Court Roof.

Now I know that sadly most of Sport has resigned to reserving most of it’s classic matches and memories for the Sabbath and that is shocking in it’s own right, however as I read on down the article, it stated that the hymn “Amazing Grace” was sang as the roof was closed for the first time. (I’ve already left a post back in those DMFWS days about this particular hymn, see Quote of the Month from March 08 if you fancy some reminiscing!?) The crowd was then entertained by star studded matches between Andre Agassi, Steffi Graf, Tim Henman and Kim Clijsters as they played mixed doubles and singles matches and appearances from Andy Murray and Sue Barker out on the Centre Court turf.

I love the words of John Newton’s hymn, Amazing Grace, and I found it pretty sad that on a Sabbath afternoon; 15,000 people sat in the grandstands as phases such as “‘Tis grace has bought me safe thus far; And grace will lead me home” were sung and they simply washed over the heads of the crowd as they sat and enjoyed the music without an inkling of what they were doing. I have no idea what is going on with the Spiritual State of the nation, maybe one day we will see a Final of the F.A Cup, played on a Saturday and the whole stadium rises before hand to sing Psalm 95, one that gives great praise to the Lord for the wonders that he has done for us. Wishful thinking?

For now, it seems we will have to endure this wave of Sabbath breaking in Sport and perhaps see it crumbling down in the future. As for Christians in sport, I hope to see a bigger stand made in the future, perhaps Jason Robinson when he takes over as Sale Sharks coach next season will see sense or Ugo Moyne on this summers Lions Tour to South Africa will make a stand? Perhaps they will raise awareness of this issue and it will be highlighted to the entire world of the wrong that is going on.

Finally, IMichael Jones, N.Zealand All Black just want to make a shout out to one of my lesser known sporting heroes, Michael Jones, the New Zealand rugby player, was for several years in most people’s opinion the best openside flanker in the world. In the 1987 World Cup, Michael was good enough to play in the quarter-final win against Scotland, then refuse to play and sit out in the Semi Final on a Sunday against Wales, and then get picked again for the Final against France where he scored and which the team went on to win. He then missed three Sunday games in the 1991 tournament because of this refusal to play, finally Jones was then omitted from the 1995 World Cup squad as he would have been unavailable for the quarterfinal and semifinal games. He was once asked how a Christian such as himself could be such an uncompromising tackler. In reply he wryly quoted a phrase from the Bible: It is better to give than receive. What a guy.

Hope studying for exams for all those concerned is going well and your enjoying the blog in your “study breaks!” :P

How Revision Feels

18 May

Replace the word “stuff” with “revision” in this amusing video about procrastination.

Posting on the blog could be an example I suppose. Guess I’d better get back to revision. :(

(HT: The Rebelution– a serious post dealing with procrastination)

Free Live Coldplay Album

15 May

Coldplay are giving away their new live album “Left Right Left Right Left” to download for FREE from their website.


Left Right Left Right Left

1. Glass of Water

2. 42

3. Clocks

4. Strawberry Swing

5. Hardest Part/ Postcards from far Away

6. Viva la Vida

7. Death Will Never Conquer

8. Fix You

9. Death and All His Friends


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Essential for Corinth

14 May


Ruins of the Ancient City of Corinth

“Why is there so little conviction of truth among church members in general and preachers in particular? The answer is we, like the Corinthians, have been overly impressed with the intellectual accomplishments of our age. We seem to think the  Bible is unable to compete with the latest scientific, technological knowledge. And our society is quick to detect our timidity about our message and eager to show the distain it feels for people who still profess to believe in the truth of the Bible. They dismiss us with a knowing glance and a rueful shake of the head as though we didn’t have a clue to the latest facts and, therefore, are deserving only of their pity.

… Paul was convinced his gospel was God’s own testimony and, as such, it was essential for Corinth. I, for one, don’t expect to see real power return to our churches until Paul’s conviction returns to our pulpits!”

Roger Ellesworth, “Strengthening Christ’s Church”, 1 Corinthians 2:1-5


Pupils vs Staff Football Match

12 May

One of the highlights of my time at Friends’ School Lisburn occurred only a few weeks ago when the Staff agreed to play the Pupils in a game of football.

If we’d won I’d have probably posted this alot sooner.

The game started with both sides playing very nervous football and the tone was set for a physical encounter when a certain James McCullough barely avoided a yellow within the first two minutes. The staff created a few early chances but the partnership of Robbo and Chesnutt failed to captalise whilst at the other end the attacking pace of Glen Whitten and Gerrard Killough threatened repeatedly when provided with chances from the midfield field trio of Keag, Campbell and Tracey. A missed clearance from RE teacher Chesnutt allowed Gerry to poke home a 1-0 lead which the pupils protected until half-time.

Shortly after the restart a controversial decision by referee Mr McCrea allowed Mr Wilson, the staff goalkeeper, to remain on the pitch despite a rugby-style tackle on an opposing midfielder following a goalkeeping error that looked certain to double the Pupils’ lead. It was two defensive errors at the other end that would settle the fate of the match. Craig “Foxy” Cunnningham was thrown forward from the Staff defense and his lightning pace caused havoc amongst what had previously looked like a sturdy back four. The equaliser came when Pupil keeper Stuart Law had a Fabien Barthez moment, deciding to attempt to chip the oncoming Mr Cunningham rather than hoof the ball upfield. The delighted teacher relished the easy tap-in whilst his side sensed panic amongst the Pupils. A few minutes later Romanian striker Alex Bouzziano had a chance to restore the lead of the Class of 09 but headed the ball narrowly over.

The Pupil’s defence had employed the offside trap effectively throughout the game as it greatly perplexed Rugby coach Mr Robinson but it was this tactic that proved to be their undoing. A run from deep saw the defence caught flat footed and Mr Cunningham score his second goal of the game. The Pupil side pushed for an equaliser but were denied by a stunning save from Mr. Wilson and defenders throwing their bodies in the way of a last second James Keag attempt.

Thank you to the teachers for playing. It was truly one of my favourite moments of school though I’d still be up for a rematch sometime.


Cambi brings the ball out


Colm rises for a header


Time for a measured pass/ hoof


Pupils defend a corner




Robbo v Kenny


Robbo on the ball


Cambi nods clear


Beatty puts the pressure on


Colin the Maintence Man- like Robbie Savage without the hair


 Moment of madness


“I thought I’d chip Mr Cunningham and make him look stupid”


As easy as catching fish for the Kilkeel man


 Jacko closes down Woods


Buzzy heads over the bar/ bit of rope


Second goal for the Staff


Keag couldn’t find a way past Mr. Wilson

All photos are from the 2nd half and were kindly provided by James Scott.

Final Score: Pupils 1 Staff 2


9 May

I know some people who watch this will not like it either because it may touch a sore point or because Driscoll becomes rather shouty however I think the message and the means of communicating it are necessary. I found it very challenging and think sometimes men need to be shouted at to be woken to reality.

Men watch this video and think about what it means to be a real man.

(HT: Homileo)