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Fantasy Football 2011-12

8 Aug

With the new Barclays Premier League season starting on Saturday 13th August, it’s time to get your managerial hats on once again and form that winning Team that will rack up the points week on week. Simply head to www.fantasy.premierleague.com, sign up or use your own login details and get creating. It’s not just an individual game though, once you’ve created your Team, join the R.P Fantasy Football league by entering the code below to compete with every one else.

R.P Championship code: 267406-79114

As per usual, you can probably all expect to be an enthusiastic Fantasy Footballer untill about mid-September and then that Team will probably carry you through to next May when you’ll check it again next. Bring it on!

If you’re one of our regular Blog readers and have no interest in Football at all, then please feel free to watch the Mitchell and Webb video found below which is the perfect parody of Football coverage on TV….


Fantasy Football 2011

6 Aug

Join the RP Championship or the Another King league on the official Barclays Premierleague Fantasy Football. If you’ve any problems just ask.

RP Championship code: 547436-130699

Another King code: 547436-130703

Sky Sports’ compilation of the climax of last season. This year’s drama begins on August 14th.

World Cup Fantasy Football

5 Jun

Apologies to non-football fans for this glut of World Cup posts.

The World Cup Fantasy Football sponsored by McDonalds has kicked off on the FIFA website, CLICK HERE TO PLAY.

Sign up , come up with a good team name, pick your players and join leagues. Andrew Morrison won the Euro 2008 tournament but will anyone be able to break the dominance of Jonathan McKelvey who has won the RP fantasy league in the past two seasons. In addition all readers of the blog are welcome to join the Another King league which will be scored on a Head-to-Head basis. You have unlimited free transfers until the tournament starts.

League Passwords

RP Championship 164739-39179

Another King 313107-95825

Make sure to read our World Cup preview posts for useful tips!

World Cup Preview Part 1

World Cup Preview Part 2

Part 3 (Due Monday)

Fantasy Football Leagues 2010

29 Jul

Just to get you in the mood.

The new football season is almost upon us which means its time to get ready for Fantasy Football 2010 and this year we bring you 3 exciting leagues.

Firstly the RP Championship returns with Jonathan McKelvey already signed up and determind to retain his crown. This league is for Reformed Presbyterians only and the code is 147853-40177.

Everyone and anyone is welcome to join the Another King league, the more the merrier. Code is 147853-40183.

New for this year is the RP Superleague. This league is meant for those RPs who take the competition quite seriously and takes the new head-to-head format which means that each week your side will be up against another team with which ever side wins more points claiming the victory and taking three league points. Only 30 teams can take part so the code will not be on general release but all you have to do is contact me for the code, if there are alot of people wanting to enter (remember there were over 50 in the RP Championship last year) participation in previous competitions will be taken into account. The top 8 teams after 30 gameweeks qualify for the Quarter-finals after which semis and a final will determine the overall winner.


You can join as many leagues as you want and if you took part last year and can remember your username and password joining the leagues is even easier as you should already be signed up for them. Don’t worry about signing up early as you can make unlimited alterations to yourteam between now and kickoff. If this is your first time we use “the Official Fantasy Game of the Premierleague” found at www.fantasy.premierleague.com and after registering and picking your team you join a league by clicking on “Leagues” and entering the code in the appropriate box.


Fantasy Football Season

1 Jun

The absence of regular updates from the world of Premier League Fantasy Football should be enough to inform you that neither Andrew, Ali or myself won the “Reformed Presbies” or “Another King” leagues. Congratulations must go to Peter Fallows won the latter whilst the coveted RP title went to Jonathan McKelvey.

The leagues should hopefully return next year but until then we’ll all have to find other sports to amuse ourselves.


Fantasy Pete

Fantasy Football

7 Aug

The 2008 Barclays Premier League season is nearly upon us and fantasy football is an essential so my interest is maintained after the annual collapse of Liverpool’s title challenge following nil-nil draws with relegation strugglers. We will be using the official Barclay’s Premier League Fantasy Football Competition and you can enter certain league codes to join mini-leagues.

As always there will be an RP league. If you are not an RP you cannot play in this league and will be evicted faster than you can say “hymn”. The code is 180838-42885.

There will also be a Friends’ School Lisburn League and again if you don’t go to my school you are about as welcome as mice at a cheese convention. The code is 180838-42881.

But the good news is that there will also be an Another King league which absolutely anyone who finds this lonely blog on the interweb is welcome to play in. The code is 180838-99969.

Please try and enter the right leagues using the right codes and we’ll probably mention the fantasy football from time to time on the blog. I have to warn you though Andrew was the Euro 2008 RP Fantasy Football champion and I was runner-up whilst also being Friends’ School Lisburn Champion. Bring on the challengers!