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Fantasy Football Leagues 2010

29 Jul

Just to get you in the mood.

The new football season is almost upon us which means its time to get ready for Fantasy Football 2010 and this year we bring you 3 exciting leagues.

Firstly the RP Championship returns with Jonathan McKelvey already signed up and determind to retain his crown. This league is for Reformed Presbyterians only and the code is 147853-40177.

Everyone and anyone is welcome to join the Another King league, the more the merrier. Code is 147853-40183.

New for this year is the RP Superleague. This league is meant for those RPs who take the competition quite seriously and takes the new head-to-head format which means that each week your side will be up against another team with which ever side wins more points claiming the victory and taking three league points. Only 30 teams can take part so the code will not be on general release but all you have to do is contact me for the code, if there are alot of people wanting to enter (remember there were over 50 in the RP Championship last year) participation in previous competitions will be taken into account. The top 8 teams after 30 gameweeks qualify for the Quarter-finals after which semis and a final will determine the overall winner.


You can join as many leagues as you want and if you took part last year and can remember your username and password joining the leagues is even easier as you should already be signed up for them. Don’t worry about signing up early as you can make unlimited alterations to yourteam between now and kickoff. If this is your first time we use “the Official Fantasy Game of the Premierleague” found at and after registering and picking your team you join a league by clicking on “Leagues” and entering the code in the appropriate box.


U2 – 360 Tour in Dublin

27 Jul

So, last Wednesday, having got some very last minute tickets to U2, James and I started to get extremely excited, but really, nothing could have prepared us..


It wasn’t cheap, unlike the tickets..


The set is magnificent


As is Croke Park

The first support act was a gent named Damien Dempsey. He didn’t get off to a great start, not even getting his first line out before his guitar strap came off. Must have been fairly embarrassing for him. After that things got better, and  he was entertaining enough. I still think he looks like a barber though.



John Sheahan, of The Dubliners, joined him on stage for one song



After a beach ball interlude, Glasvegas came on.

For a band who have been nominated for 3 live music awards and who prompted NME to call their debut “the album of the year, an awesome record of breathtaking depth and beauty” you would think they would be good. But you would be wrong; they were a disaster. Having since listened to a few of their other live performances of late, I’ve decided that they must have been having a particularly bad day, as they don’t sound all that bad in general. But to give such a terrible performance when supporting U2 on the opening night of their Dublin shows is just incredible. The lead singer was once voted Player of the Season in the Scottish 3rd Division. On the evidence of Friday, he shouldn’t have given the football up.


Excuse my ignorance, but what’s this about?



Scottish usage:
a) Someone who (sometimes unwittingly) by speech or action demonstrates a lack of knowledge or misconception of a particular subject or situation to the amusement of others.

Anyway, enough about them. For the next 45 minutes, people were climbing all over the claw getting things ready and so on.





You would get a pretty good view from up here!


Much has been made of the fact that there were people from all over the world there

Then, at 8.55pm as the sun was setting,  U2 came on stage.













Bono trading glasses with someone in the audience








There are some fantastic videos on YouTube, here’s a couple of my favourites.

And if you use Spotify, click here to get the setlist as a playlist.

Magnificent, you might say..

  Numpty 813 up, 79 down love it hate it  
Scottish usage:
a) Someone who (sometimes unwittingly) by speech or action demonstrates a lack of knowledge or misconception of a particular subject or situation to the amusement of others.

My King!

25 Jul

Here is a short video that contains the words of Dr. Shadrach Meshach (S.M) Lockridge, the pastor of Calvary Baptist Church, a prominent African-American church located in San Diego, California. He was known for his preaching across the United States at many meetings, gatherings and rallies, reaching the powerful and the meek. He was also highly active in the Civil Rights Movement and during his time, the Calvary Baptist Church played host to several leading figures such as Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and Rev. Jesse Jackson.

“His unique, powerful, preaching gift opened doors for him that transcended racial boundaries.”  Rev. Timothy Winters of Bayview Baptist Church.

However, his most famous incident occured when he was attending a Conference during his time as a pastor. Now the different sources i’ve used all seem to slight bit of variation on the issue but from what I can gather, he was asked to get up and say a few words for a short time, before the main speaker began his series of talks for the day… the video to hear Dr. Lockridge’s words.


Do you know Him?

Galway Go Team 2009

22 Jul


Guest post kindly written by Alistair Rolleston


The white bit generally indicates the area in desperate need of church plants

The week after camp is quite possibly the worst week of the year to schedule a Go team. However this is the week of the year the Go committee decide to set for the Galway Go team and make 6 individuals drive 180 miles through the free state to the city on the west coast.

And what a week.

Although we may all have arrived completely exhausted, a proper night’s sleep soon had us all back on regular form. Throughout the week we did literature distribution, some door to door, and street evangelism in the evenings. Most of these things I’m sure most of the readers will have done at some point, so I won’t go into details about them, instead I’ll focus on a few things unique to Galway.

The week we were there, there were also some “Evangelical Catholics” on the streets of Galway also doing outreach. Speaking to them I understood that these people on the streets had their foundations in the gospel, and the tracts they were distributing confirmed this. But going deeper into conversation with them, they then began to speak more of confession, Mary, and the such like. Quite a few seemed unhappy with the current Catholic church. It was an invaluable chance to witness to professing Catholics, and while I feel that many of them I talked to were indeed saved, they are clearly confused about many spiritual matters.

The reaction to the street Evangelism was interesting. Galway is an incredibly multi-cultural city, and thus many different world views exist there. We had people saying that there was no such thing as sin, that humans were essentially good, that there were many ways to God and that Christians were arrogant for suggesting that there was only one (see John 14:6 :-P) and many other viewpoints beside.

It would be great if people could pray for continued growth in the church in Galway. They’re currently looking for new premises for worship, but have yet to find a suitable location. They currently meet in the bridge club in the town, but as they do not lease the premises, they have little in the way of location security at the moment. Also, for their continued witness in the city, where people are very suspicious of the Church, and that the work done by the Go team would yield fruit.


As of yet I haven’t got my hands on any photos, so you’ll have to make do with a picture of the bookshop


And this photo which seems to be shown anytime someone mentions Galway


 And this SWS photo from 2006, though its considerably more recent that the photos at
Provided by C.Quigley
The bookshop
I’ve no idea what this is about
Andrew Blackburn coping with the Galway weather
Paul: “You said he did what with a guitar!?”
Paul still incredulous
Street evangelism

Ballyclabber Football Tournament 2009

20 Jul

UPDATE: A pair of football boots were left behind at the tournament. If they are yours contact Joel Loughridge or leave a comment.

The annual Reformed Presbyterian Church of Ireland 5-a-side football tournament took place last Saturday upon the hallowed turf of the Ballyclabber pitch. Steelo assured me that he would still be doing his traditional post so please view this as merely an appetiser.

UPDATE: SWS Post up now


Another King’s writers lined up in the following teams:

Faughan RPC

Graham Fallows

Pete Fallows

Andrew Morrison

John Fallows

Stephen Steele

Dromore & Lisburn

James McCullough

Willy George

Ali McCollum

John George

Willy Jess

David McMahon

Three groups, one of five and two of four, from which 1st and 2nd qualified for the quarterfinals along with 3rd from Group A and the best other 3rd placed team.

Group A




Ballyclabber 1’s 2-0 Limavady

Drimbolg 1-0 Convoy

Limavady 0-0 Drimbolg

Convoy 0-5 Cullybacky

Ballyclabber 1’s 2-1 Drimbolg

Limavady 0-1 Convoy

Drimbolg 1-0 Cullybackey

Ballyclabber 1’s 4-1 Convoy

Limavady 1-1 Cullybackey

Group B




Stranorlar 0-0 Ballyclabber 2’s

Carrick 3-1 Knockbraken

Ballyclabber 2’s 0-0 Carrick

Stranorlar 0-0 Carrick

Ballyclabber 2’s 0-2 Knockbraken

Stranorlar 1-0 Knockbraken

Group C




Dervock 0-0 Faughan

Lisburn & Dromore 1-0 Bready

Faughan 0-2 Lisburn & Dromore

Dervock 0-2 Lisburn & Dromore

Faughan 1-1 Bready

Dervock 1-1 Bready


Scorers beneath result

Ballyclabber 1’s 0-1 Knockbracken

(Gavin McCaughan)

Carrick 0-0 Bready

(Bready win 2-1 on sudden death penalties)

Drimbolg 0-1 Stranorlar

(Joel Cromie)

Lisburn & Dromore 2-0 Cullybackey

(John George, Willy George)



Knockbraken 0-1 Bready

(David Monaghan)

Stranorlar 0-1 Lisburn & Dromore

(John George)



Bready 2-0 Lisburn & Dromore

(David Smith 2)





Caught in no man’s land


Big hand









John George unleashes one


Chip taking things seriously





Birthday and More

18 Jul

Just incase you missed it (like I did) last Wednesday was Another King’s first birthday.

More Stuff

The Moderator’s Diary now includes his “undercover” visit to Girl’s Adventure Camp.

Here’s a good Biblical reminder about why we sing.

I’m becoming a little fed up with the “Become a Fan” suggestions on Facebook. A “Fan” of “Abstaining from fornicatory pre-marital sex”? A “Fan” of God?  Fan is clearly the wrong word and is there not a danger of cheapening our message? Just a thought.


The end of Door to Door? Paul McDonald from Toronto suggests that Bus Stop evangelism is the way forward.

What did Michael Jackson teach us?


“His biggest legacy to the world is the stark realization that all of the talent and all of the money on the planet can never buy lasting happiness”

Read full article.

Senior Camp 2009

14 Jul

Senior Camp began for me with victory over Steelo in the inaugural tennis match of the week as we waited impatiently for the buses bearing the other Campers to arrive. There were initial concerns that this year’s earlier tea time was designed to remove the historic Saturday afternoon football but thankfully sufficient free time (code for football) was scheduled  before the evening’s Icebreakers which were enthusiastically hosted by Offy and Claire Wilson. To be honest Saturday was a blur of excitement out of which I can recollect only a few moments, one of which being John’s Memory game with a twist.

The highlights of Sunday included an accidental Muff Glen Reunion and Rev. Philip Murphy’s challenging sermon on Listening as he explained the Parable of the Sower. I also loved the Sabbath night Psalm Sing, it’s such a privilege to sing and learn from the Word of God with so many others who love Christ.

Often I wake early on the Monday morning of camp bursting with excitement, like a kid on Christmas morning, but this year common sense prevailed and 7am tennis did not take place. After David Crawford’s talk each morning there was a time of prayer which has already received a mention on the Modblog and I don’t think I can better the description found there:

“Over 100 young people crammed into a large room, all huddled round in small groups of 5 or 6.  And then the prayer began, voice after voice lifted up to the Majestic Lord.  Not a moment of silence as one prayer after another ascended into the presence of the Eternal God.  Young voices pleading with God for the saving of sinners and the building of the church.”

Everyone enjoyed the best-ever Chip’s Challenge on Monday afternoon which was so good it is no exaggeration to say it equalled the excellence of Gregg’s Games. Greasy Football was stroke of genius and it is rumoured several IOC members are keen that this new sport should form an integral part of the London 2012 Olympics.


In previous years mats were used to stop you cutting your feet, this year Alex, Brian and Steelo stepped into the breach


Bun screams as Beka attacks with spear


Skip Pete


Esther and Emma fail to name that song




OK, I can’t resist the obvious joke – it’s Gavin Slidewell


Minister in training loses temper and dispatches Andy with a kick to the head


Warren and Ruth would definately not approve!


Ali makes a save


Greasey Football should definately be an Olympic sport


Andy Mo clears

Monday evening saw Simon Cowell, Pierce Morgan and a very attractive looking Amanda Holden judge Camp’s Got Talent which included Stavos Flately Tribute Acts as well as other dancing sensations. Thankfully it appears that no one has footage of Andrew and my joint antics.


Ali G in da house

Tuesday’s afternoon offered the oppertunity to participate in Go Karting, Paintball or Teddy Bear making. Having been robbed of last year’s Karting title by the DJ Tommy K, Andrew  failed to qualify for this year’s final whilst Ali was unable to prevent Philip Aicken taking the crown. Several guys including P10 and Mark McCavery signed up for the teddy bears but it later emerged that they had intended to Paintball but had spotted Pistol Pete’s name on the sheet and chose the safer option. The Christian Institute and Release International made an appearance at camp that evening for two seminars.


Sarah vs Sheep


Teddybear making

The tortuous journey to the Share Centre was wisely scrapped this year but the Ulsterbuses were still called upon to take us to Newcastle where some ate icecream and the more adventurous followed Mary McCollum on what we were reassured was not a hike but a merely “walk” past the controversially named “Bloody Brindge”. The title of the local landmark was soon forgotten as Campers’ attention turned to whether Mary actually understood the definition of a walk and discussed whether scrambling up cliffs formed a regular part of a McCollum afternoon stroll. A great day climaxed with a BBQ in Donard Park before returning to RSA for a movie, football or free time.


“Follow, follow, we will follow Mary…”



Glad I didn’t wear my flip flops


BBQ time!


Some couldn’t hack the pace


“Why don’t you go home!”

Thursday afternoon offered dancing or more football so there are no prizes for guessing what I chose.


Spot the looneys

Steelo joined Juggling Joel in hosting this year’s excellent concert where the final Mastermind sketch stole the show.


Hayley was looking forward to her bro’s performance


Erin and Jess give a beauty class

The Moderator’s visit was greated enthusiastically on Friday morning and he provided us all with a serious schooling. Competitive sports had been moved to last afternoon providing a fitting climax to the week’s activities whilst the Steve and Mark provided another excellent party in the evening. Thanks must go to the committee and the Robbs for the brilliant activities throughout Camp. An appropriate standing ovation was given to the real leader of Senior Camp for the past 26 years, Frances McCollum, who has faithfully provided quality food for Senior Campers across three decades. I may be guilty of occassionally over using the term “legend” but Frances is undoubtedly a true legend whose service for the church through camp will be remembered by many.


Tough choice ladies


Party time



Other photos

Happy Campers
P10 the Orangeman
Brenna complained she wasn’t in the video so this should keep her happy


They got tired of the jokes in the end


Putting a brave face on
The dining hall
Mealtime banter


Hostage Pete returns


Saturday morning club
Bus journey home

My most significant moment of camp this year did not come in the talks, the discussion groups or the prayer time but on the football pitch. On Saturday evening as football began and a fantastic week lay before me, I realised what I’d failed to acknowledge in previous years. I’d failed to hear what God was saying in all the good things provided. Through whatever you enjoy God is shouting “Look how much I love you”. Has He given you friends? Has He given you hobbies you enjoy? Has He given you enough health and strength to enjoy good gifts from Him? Has He poured out upon you spiritual blessing? Has He given you teaching, role models, and godly advice? Often we make the mistake of separating the spiritual and non-spiritual activities, wondering whether we should have more “God-stuff” or more “fun-stuff” but this is not how we are to view life. The things we enjoy are to fuel our praise of God, as we meditate upon His gifts we cannot help but talk about Him more, sing His praises enthusiastically, come before Him in prayer and long to be taught more about Him from Scripture. In all things we are to enjoy God and glorify Him at camp and beyond.

“So whether you eat or drink or whatever you do, do it all for the glory of God.” 1 Corinthians 10:31


Senior Camp 2009  (though Rebecca seems to have thought she was at Summer Madness)