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Former Free Church Minister Applies to Join RPCS

31 Mar

UPDATE: Andy Morrison’s paper of choice, Hebrides News are reporting that “A virtually unknown Presbyterian denomination could experience a unique revival in Scotland in the wake of the crisis in mainstream churches.” It includes interesting comments about Gardner Street CoS and Rev. Kenneth Stewart.

Dowanvale Free Church of Scotland in Glasgow

Very interesting and exciting news from the Scottish RP Church as their website has announced that there has been an application from Rev. Kenneth Stewart to received as minister in the RPCS. Until February of this year Rev. Stewart was the pastor of Dowanvale Free Church of Scotland, a 200 strong city church in Glasgow’s West End.

SWS has more information about Mr Stewart, including links to some of his sermons.


Senior Camp 2010 Video

12 Jul

Full report tomorrow – 20092008

Gareth has some videos from Monday night up

Rev. Stephen Neilly

29 Jun

Former minister of 3rd Portglenone Presbyterian, Rev. Stephen Neilly, applied to become a minister of the Reformed Presbyterian Church of Ireland at Synod earlier this month. It was decided that he would be available for a call from next January. Rev. Neilly preached in Dromore recently and I thought some of you might be interested to see who he is and watch his two sermons from Luke 9.

Dromore RPC – Danger Keep Out

8 Jun

Time for a caption competition.

Other News

You can now subscribe to Dromore RPC’s sermon podcast to automatically receive the latest sermons preached.

Dromore RPC Sermon Videos

23 Mar

On the Dromore RPC website you may have seen that we’ve started recording sermons in video. It’s still a work in progress and there’ll be improvements made but I thought I’d let you know in case you wanted to watch the sermons online or download the video in MP4 to watch on your ipod.

Download mp4

All sermons are still of course available in audio.

CY Prayer Email

20 Mar

SWS’s latest post highlights the importance of the much-underused CY Prayer Email. I’m not posting this in any sort of condemnatory way as I’m to blame for when there are no Lisburn or Dromore prayer points. I know it’s hard to remember and not easy to start doing but this is an important way we can encourage each other.

Shaftesbury Reformed Conference and GO Team

17 Feb

On Wednesday of last week, Shaftesbury Square RPC held it’s approximately annual Reformed Conference. Following on from the two day conference on John Calvin last year, two American speakers had been invited to give an address.  Dr. Joel Beeke, of Puritan Reformed Theological Seminary and author of many books, and Dr. Joesph Pipa from Greenville Presbyterian Theological Seminary gave talks lasting about 45 minutes dealing with doctrinal issues, speaking to the average Church member, rather than just those with a special interest in theology.

Dr. Pipa’s address was on the subject Right with God. You can listen to it online at the Shaftesbury Sermon Audio site, or download it and listen to it on your mp3 player or iPod. After a short interval, Dr. Beeke spoke on Children of God. Again, this can be downloaded from the Sermon Audio website.

There were about 120 people, a very encouraging turn out for Shaftesbury. David McKay noted that of that number, around half were under the age of 30. Stafford Carson, present PCI moderator and speaker at last year’s conference was in attendance. Pray for all who heard the talks, and those who will hear them online, that God will use them to his glory.

Three days later, it was back to Shaftesbury for a one day GO Team. About 20 people assembled in the Church hall on Saturday morning before leaving to give out a flyer advertising the various means of outreach Shaftesbury undertakes to the houses in the areas near the Church building. Unlike other years, it wasn’t snowing, and was actually a very pleasant day, perfect for walking the streets of south Belfast.

The other side advertised the weekly Church services

About 5000 leaflets were given out on the day, leaving about 1000 for Paul and Philip to distribute over the next few weeks. Remember to pray for the lunchtimes services held on Thursdays starting on 4th March and for the men who will speak at those.

Later on that evening, some of the team went to Great Vic. Baptist to hear Stuart Olyott speak.

Ben passing on Joel and Steelo’s regards

The talks are not online yet, but when they are I’d guess you’ll be able to find them here.

Finally, Shaftesbury Fellowship is on tonight, Warren Peel speaking on God The Father. Tea at 6.45, talk around 7.30.

Greenville Presbyterian Theological Seminary