Petition on Assisted Suicide

11 Aug

Here are the contents of an email I’ve just received and I thought I’d share it with you. Please sign the petition to voice the importance of protecting human life.



Dear all, 

I was very surprised to find yesterday on the Prime Minister’s website 
several petitions calling for assisted suicide to be made legal, but none 
calling for the law to remain unchanged. 

So yesterday I have started a new petition on the No. 10 Downing Street 
website to keep the law as it is. It has attracted 8 signatures during its 
first few hours. 

I look to the Christian community in particular to support and promote 
this petition, which you’ll find at: 

It says: “We the undersigned petition the Prime Minister to retain the law 
that makes it a criminal offence to assist another person to commit 

I explain my reasons as follows: 


The law currently makes it a criminal offence to assist another person to 
commit suicide. There has been a stream of media stories about British 
people travelling to Dignitas in Switzerland to be killed because they 
wish to end their lives. These are all very tragic stories. However, it is 
important to note that in recent years no-one in Britain has been 
prosecuted for taking their relatives to Switzerland to die, nor in 
respect of other cases of assisted suicide in the U.K. 
But to decriminalise assisted suicide would – as many commentators have 
observed – make many elderly people vulnerable to relatives who may have 
ulterior motives for wishing them to die early. 
The law as it is acts as a deterrent to those wishing to assist a relative 
to die early. There is therefore a very strong case NOT to change the law, 
despite the increasing clamour in some quarters for assisted suicide to be 
made legal. 


Please get this petition off to a good start – today is its second day. 
Just click on the link above and follow the instructions carefully. It’ll 
take you 2-3 minutes to complete. 


Tony Bennett 
  01279 635789  
Sent to contacts Thurs., 30 July 2009

One Response to “Petition on Assisted Suicide”

  1. Michael Pantlin at 11:51 am #

    I tried to sign this but got message that Google Chrome could not connect. I’ll keep trying. The Death Mongers should not have it all their own way there is another side to the debate.

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