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Why are the Athiest Kids Smiling?

28 Nov

Because they aren’t athiests, they’re actually being brought up in an Evangelical Christian home!

The Humanists’ latest poster campaign
The billboard in Belfast

“It is quite funny, because obviously they were searching for images of children that looked happy and free. They happened to choose children who are Christian. It is ironic. The humanists obviously did not know the background of these children.” Brad Mason (the childrens’ father in The Times)

Read more from The Times or the Christian Institute.

Renwick Rocking All Over World XI

27 Nov

Renwick House FC 5-1 World XI

  • Renwick return to winning ways in fierce wind
  • Buchanan leaves defenders confounded
  • McCavery reaches 25th goal of the season

The wind swept down off Cavehill across the Grove playing fields where Renwick House faced the presumptiously named World XI. Renwick lost the toss but their opponents made a rash decision and chose to play the first half into the relentless gale. Amongst easrly pressure Robert McCaughan hit the bar and was denied a headed goal by a good save. Shortly afterwards there was a scare at the other end as a back pass hit a bobble carrying it over the swinging boot of McCullough in a Paul Robinson-like moment. The keeper’s blushes were saved by the lack of momentum in the pass and he managed to clear the ball before the striker pounced. In the face of a phenomenal wind World XI did well to keep their opponents out until the 23rd minute when Mark Porter found Ian Buchanan in the box who danced his way through several defenders before finding the bottom right-hand corner.

Driving northwards to Renwick latest venue

Not the new ground!
Warming up at the Grove Playing Fields
Yea it’s worth looking at again. Definately a contender for photo of the year.
Pre-match prayer
James covering all bases!
World XI struggle to clear the ball into the gale
Early Renwick pressure
Phil is appalled at the defender’s shorts
Are you Robbo in disguise?
Stevie eventually manages to find Grove
Phil closing down Nelly
Both goalkeepers abdicated responsibility for goalkicks when playing into the wind
Ian breaks the deadlock

Philip Dunwoody forced the World XI keeper to produce a wondersave but further territorial advantage  failed to affect the scoresheet until 7 minutes before the break when Buchanan scored a second with a splendid 20 yard shot across the goalkeeper. World XI would probably have been pleased with only a two goal deficet at halftime in the face of horrendous conditions which they surely hoped would benefit them later on. A crucial header from Gareth Smith which demoralised his opponents and set Renwick on course for victory when he rose to head home Dunwoody’s corner moments before the break.

Phil about to pull the trigger
A fantastic save of a powerful shot
World XI balloon a shot over the bar
Renwick manager shows off his new manicure
McCavery holds up the ball
The ball spent most of the first half in World XI territory
All McCullough could do was watch and freeze for periods
Buchanan went close with a freekick
Renwick defend a corner
Gareth, always an aerial threat, celebrates Renwick’s 3rd

Steven McCollum came on at halftime for Ben Hanna who claims he had a first half header cleared off the line although it seems to have escaped the memory of all other teammates. The wind at the backs of World XI was not enough to turn the tide of the game as Renwick passed the ball along the deck although they struggled at times to clear the ball upfield. Robert McCaughan’s final act before taking over as referee was to take the ball on a mazy run which set up Mark McCavery for a 60th minute goal. World XI threw their talented centreback Nelly forward in a bid to salvage some pride but the QUB player was kept in the pocket of Institute FC’s Gareth Smith. McCavery then gave Renwick a 5 goal lead as he took his personal tally to an immensely impressive 25 for the season.

Mark scores his 25th goal in 7 games
Carefully watched
Despite a good performance the QUB A’s star could force his side back into the game

With 5 minutes to World XI surged through the middle and a ricohet left the ball at the feet of the waiting striker. Despite the despairing lunge of Gavin Blackwell Renwick’s loss of concentration cost them a clean sheet as the shot found the bottom left hand corner. Even though his side conceded a late goal the Elmwood Manager was “pretty happy” with the result, it was an admirable performance in the midst of the poor playing conditions in which the side’s fitness and passing ability were evident.

Only conceding one in the face of the fierce wind was probably an achievement

The Superleague nearly had a full list of fixtures played on Wednesday although it seems Derry City’s continuing problems prevented them from facing Belfast Bible College. There was no “Piecam” this week as Peter’s Carribean friends lost 4-2 against DV at a different venue. Elsewhere Law Society continued their 100% record and Renwick’s next opponents, the Anglicans, remained on zero points following defeat to Donegal Rangers. The standings remain esqued by cancelled matches with Renwick sitting in 3rd place, 3 points off the current leaders.

Belfast Superleague

Keeping Warm



Special mentions go to both of Renwick’s fans, Hannah and Heather, who narrowly avoided hypothermia and provided some excellent photography. On the pitch Gareth Smith deserves much credit whilst Andy Lynch gave an assured perfomance alongside him. Rob McCaughan ran rings around the opposition and Porter passed the ball well although whether he is a holding midfielder is open to debate. There is a clear Man of the Match this week as Ian Buchanan clearly illustrated why he is better known as Mr Skills. He left World XI defenders mesmerised and there was nothing his opponents could do to prevent either goal as Skills thrived on the smoother surface of Grove playing fields.

Man of the Match

Ian “Mr Skills” Buchanan

Renwick House FC 5-1 World XI

Renwick Scorers: Buchanan (2), Smith, McCavery (2)

Team: McCullough, Morrison, Smith, Lynch, Hanna (McCollum 45) , Blackwell, Porter, Buchanan, Dunwoody, McCaughan, McCavery

Covenanters on BBC?!

23 Nov

*WARNING* Do not watch the show without first reading Stephen Steele’s response to it in order to help you get the facts straight. Apparently it was aired in Scotland 2 weeks ago. (James)

That’s right readers, don’t refresh your pages…the Covenanters are appearing on your screens, Tuesday 24th November, BBC Two, 8pm!

However do not be expecting the likes of Alexander Peden and Richard Cameron to be presenting it. The programme is called ‘A History of Scotland’ and here’s a little preview to wet your appetites…

Neil Oliver continues his journey through Scotland’s past with the story of the Covenanters, whose profound religious beliefs were declared in the National Covenant of 1638. This document licensed revolution, started the Civil War that cost King Charles I his head, cost tens of thousands of Scots their lives and led to Britain’s first war on terror.

However, we should note that it doesn’t paint the Covenanters in the best light, quite a bit of subjective language is used to describe them.

But it should make for good viewing, however if you’re out tomorrow night (on a date, washing your hair, cutting the grass…the usual excuses…) you can use the catch up service on iPlayer! :D

Teach Us To Pray (EP CY Event)

23 Nov

Eastern Presbytery United Covenanter Youth Event primarily organised primarily for the young people of the Presbytery but feel free to invite others along. Everyone is welcome.

Join this event on Facebook.

Emotional Reunion for Andy Mo

20 Nov

Iain D. Campbell of Reformation 21, Creideamh and On the First Day of the Week fame met fellow Lewis man Andy Mo at the Banner NI event hosted at Stranmillis EPC. Just look at Andy’s grin!

How to Get to Jesus

18 Nov

“And beginning with Moses and all the Prophets, he interpreted to them in all the Scriptures the things concerning himself.” Luke 24:27

How can we find Jesus in all of Scripture? One way is through the individuals of the Old Testament which point to Jesus as we locate them in the history of redemption, sometimes with the direct help of the New Testament writers.

Listen to Timothy Keller as you read this post.

“Jesus is the true and better Adam who passed the test in the garden and whose obedience is imputed to us. (1 Cor 15)

Jesus is the true and better Abel who though innocently slain has blood that cries out for our acquittal, not our condemnation. (Heb 12:24)

Jesus is the true and better Abraham who answered the call of God to leave all the comfortable and familiar and go out into the void “not knowing whither he went”! In order to create a new people for God.

Jesus is the true and better Isaac who was not just offered by his father on the mount but was truly sacrificed for us all. While God said to Abraham, “Now I know you love me, because you did not withold your son, your only son whom you love, from me” we can say to God “Now we know that you love us, because you did not withold your Son, your only Son whom you love, from us”.

Jesus is the true and better Jacob who made himself like his brother(s and sisters) before the Father. This time with the Father’s full knowledge so that He could secure blessing not for Himself but for others.

Jesus is the true and better Joseph who, at the right hand of the King, forgives those who betrayed and sold him and uses his new power to save them.

Jesus is the true and better Moses who stands in the gap between the people and the Lord and who mediates a new covenant. (Heb 3)

Jesus is the true and better Rock of Moses who, struck with the rod of God’s justice, now gives us water in the desert.

Jesus is the true and better Job – the truly innocent sufferer who then intercedes for and saves his stupid friends. (Job 42)

Jesus is the true and better David, whose victory becomes his people’s victory though they never lifted a stone to accomplish it themselves.

Jesus is the true and better Esther, who didn’t just risk losing an earthly palace but lost the ultimate heavenly one, who didn’t just risk His life but gave it- to save His people.

Jesus is the true and better Jonah who was cast out into the storm so we could be brought in.

Jesus is the real Rock of Moses, the real Passover Lamb, innocent, perfect, helpless, slain so the angel of death will pass over us. He’s the true temple, the true prophet, the true priest, the true king, the true sacrifice, the true lamb, the true light, the true bread.”

(Tim Keller, Resurgence 06, “Preaching the Gospel”)

You Need to Get to Jesus

17 Nov

“He who would correctly and profitably reads Scripture should see to it that he finds Christ in it; then he finds life eternal without fail. On the other hand, if I do not so study and understand Moses and the prophets as to find that Christ came from heaven for the sake of my salvation, became man, suffered, died, was buried, rose, and ascended into heaven so that through him I enjoy reconciliation with God, forgiveness of all my sins, grace, righteousness, and life eternal, then my reading in Scripture is of no help whatsoever to my salvation.

I may, of course, become a learned man by reading and studying Scripture and preach what I have acquired; yet all this would do me no good whatever.”  Martin Luther, Luther’s Works, Weimar Edition

(HT:the Resurgence, Martin Luther Says Scripture Is All About Jesus)