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“Portraits of Jesus” sermons now available

29 Nov

Each of the addresses from Lisburn’s Bible Conference Week are now available of the R.P.C Website. Professor Edward Donnelly spoke on the ‘Portrait’s of Jesus’ coming from the ‘I AM’ statements of the Bible. Please get on and download these and they are immensely helpful expositions of the text, so hopefully you will listen and learn from them.

Sermon titles include:

‘I am the Bread of Life’

‘I am the Light of the World’

‘I am the Resurrection and the Life’

‘I am the True Vine’

‘I am He’

Follow the link below to get on and take your pick of the sermons:


Another King and Election Day

6 May

Updated with a few thoughts of my own at the bottom

This is merely a link to two sources more qualified  to write on this issue.

Stephen Steele has posted a portion of an essay he wrote during his History MA.

“…no member of the Reformed Presbyterian Church can vote at a Parliamentary Election and be an honest man; for either he has made vows and professions which he believes to be wrong, or he has broken vows which he believes to be right.”

Reformed Presbyterian Church of Ireland Synod 1893

Jim Murdoch on behalf of the Loughbrickland RPC session has written an article entitled “Honouring Christ With Our Vote” with the tagline “there is another king, one Jesus” (Acts 17:7).

“But we must ask: is there anywhere a candidate who is committed to practical dissent from the Christ-dishonouring aspects of the constitution and a return to the obligations of the Solemn League and Covenant? Has any made even the slightest public assertion of the rights of Jesus Christ over politics as King of nations? We have not heard of any such. This silence means that loyalty to King Jesus requires we vote for no-one. “Now therefore why speak ye not a word of bringing the king back?” (2 Samuel 19:10). “

Loughbrickland RPC

A few thoughts:

  • If an RP decides that this is now a matter of conscience (something of which I am not persuaded) then surely they should not publicly flaunt their view that it is acceptable  to vote without seeking to justify doing so by the testimony’s criteria. Doing so would definitely not be showing a teachable and submissive spirit.
  • We should not major on the minors. This is a minor issue. It should not be handled in the same  manner as key doctrines of the faith but neither should it be ignored.
  • I applaud the Loughbrickland session for providing clarification for their members and think that a denomination-wide consideration of what is biblical in the 21st century might be a good idea. Looking at the length of time coalition governments can sometimes last this may be need before the customary 4 or 5 year term.

CY Prayer Email

20 Mar

SWS’s latest post highlights the importance of the much-underused CY Prayer Email. I’m not posting this in any sort of condemnatory way as I’m to blame for when there are no Lisburn or Dromore prayer points. I know it’s hard to remember and not easy to start doing but this is an important way we can encourage each other.

Mission Week at Larne R.P.C

15 Feb

Last night saw the start of the Mission Week going on at Larne.

Rev. Derek Petrie has called in the big guns for what looks set to be a great week of teaching, fellowship and outreach in Larne. After holding a GO Team day on Saturday 30th, invites and advertisements have been going around the town about this week and hopefully much fruit will be seen as a result of this labour.

Take a good note of the outline of the week and do try and attend some of the meetings that are going on. If not, pray for them, pray for the speakers, that as the word is faithfully preached, people will come to know Christ as Saviour and King.

Sun 14th @ 6.30pm
Rev. John Coates – The Vision of the Son of Man (Revelation 1)

Mon 15th @ 8:00 pm
Rev. Dr. Joel Beeke – The New Birth – What Is it? (John 3:3)

Tue 16th @ 8:00pm
Rev. Dr. Dick Knodel – Worthy is the Lamb (Revelation 5)

Wed 17th @ 8:00pm
Rev. Derek Petrie – The Unheeding World, The Undying Church, The Unending Reign (Revelation 8 – 11)

Thu 18th @ 8:00pm
Rev. David Sutherland – The Marriage Supper of the Lamb (Revelation 19)

Fri 19th. Feb., 2010 8:00pm
Rev. David Silversides – The Last Judgement (Revelation 19)

Sat 20th. Feb., 2010 8:00pm
Pastor Trevor Kirkland – Ecclesiates and Christ the Creator (Especially for Young People)

Sun 21st @ 11:30am
Rev. John J. Murray – The New Heaven and The New Earth (Revelation 21)

Sun 21st @ 6:30pm
Rev. John J. Murray – Jesus Christ is Coming! (Revelation 22)

What’s the best thing in Larne?  The Road out of it The Mission Week being held from 14th to 21st! ;)

Church Too Girly for Men

1 Feb

Dad has written some short comments on an article from the Times which reported the findings of a charity that 70% of church attenders are women.

“Think of the torture a man would have to go through to sing song 912 in Mission Praise, Oh I was made for this to know your tender kiss…my feet were made to dance…or 943 There is none like you none else can touch my heart like you…or 980 Draw me close to you…never let me go….to feel your warm embrace. What man in his right mind would sing that even if he wasn’t an exclusive psalm singer!  So what will bring men back to church? Proper preaching, proper worship, real men and most of all the Spirit of God.”

Read Full Article

RP Celebrity Minister!

13 Nov


David McMahon spotted the Ballenon & Ballylane minister on a big poster at Sainsbury’s Forestside store and apparently there’s one at Sprucefield too! Have you spotted Tim McEwen and family in a store near you?

Nantes Prayer Points

27 Oct

Here are some of the prayer requests given at the Overseas Deputation meetings. Please remember the work in Nantes in your prayers.

The dates and venues of these deputation meetings are as follows:

  1. 27th October, Dromara RPC, 7:30pm
  2. 29th October, Newry RPC, 7:30pm
  3. 30th October, Dervock RPC, 8:00pm

Pray for courage and boldness among all believers who are engaging their friends and family with the claims of Christ.

Give thanks for a new believer. Pray for her health and witness to family and friends.

Pray for the many people who phone the Message d’Espoir and those who appreciate Réflexions.

Pray for conversions especially of young teenagers, and unconverted family members.

Pray for the one-to-one bible studies.

Pray for strengthening of the missionary team

-Andrew & Heather Lytle

-The Choinière-Shields family

-Future short and long term workers

Pray for the spiritual development of men .

Pray that there may be a greater hunger for good preaching and Reformed teaching in the city of Nantes and throughout the land of France.

Pray for the Colloque Biblique Francophone.

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