Cloughmills Go Team 2008

13 Aug

I hope you enjoy the video of photos and clips from this year’s Cloughmills Go Team. As is often the case with mission teams when were working we were usually too busy to take photos so quite a lot of the video is just us enjoying ourselves. Also it is generally frowned upon to be taking pictures of the children who come to the holiday bible club so you’ll have to cope with just the team acting childishly. The song in the background is “Stir” by Downhere.

I’ll just give you a bit of an idea of what happened so you understand the video better. Each day began with prayer time followed by the Holiday Bible Club for 4-11 year olds. In the evenings we ran a club for teenagers. On Monday and Tuesday afternoons we distributed “The Word on the Street”. Wednesday afternoon was the free car wash and after the Teens club that evening some of us gave leaflets to those watching the band parade. Stephen McCollum (Cullybackey) made a cameo appearance on Thursday afternoon in time to help the team clear up the rubbish left throughout the village by the mindless marchers the night before. That evening there was a public meeting on Stress by Andrew Collins and a trip with the teenagers to Lisburn leisure pool. The more stressed members of the team stayed for the meeting and took unusual pictures on the camera I’d left behind! We had our afternoon off on Friday we hit People’s Park for a bit of UF (Ultamite Frisbee) and despite the team officially ending on Friday night most of the team headed to the Port for a day out on Saturday.

Team: Tom Somerville (Lisburn RPC), James McCullough (Dromore RPC), Tim McCollum (Ballyclabber RPC), Ben Hanna (Carrickfergus RPC), Amy McCollum (Ballymoney RPC), Hannah McConaghie (Dervock RPC), Hannah Drennan and Catherina McCullough (both Trinity RPC).

Ably assisted by Phillip Aicken, Hannah Aicken, Pamela Loughridge, Heather Loughridge and Sarah Loughridge for much of the week.


4 Responses to “Cloughmills Go Team 2008”

  1. Hannah D August 13, 2008 at 9:14 pm #

    great video…like the tactful speeding over some bits!why all the footage of your shorts at 1:30?!

  2. James August 13, 2008 at 9:44 pm #

    Lol. Just because they’re nice shorts! Actually in was me try to video all the rubbish I’d picked up and then nearly dropping the camera in amongst the beer bottles!

  3. Tim McCollum August 14, 2008 at 11:42 pm #

    where is the pic of me in the caterpillar that Tom took james??that was an awesome pic

  4. David B. Somerville April 18, 2010 at 3:01 am #

    Hi Tom,
    Let us have a look at ‘yer. Your “rellies” in the U.S. are curious. How about an email?

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