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2008 Drawing to a Close….

30 Dec

Season’s Greetings from Another King!  Hope you all have had a fantastic Christmas break and are enjoying your time off. As New Years Eve is approaching, i’ve been asked to do a bit of advertising….so here it goes…


‘A Party with a Difference!!’ 

If you don’t already have your plans to bring in the New Year sorted, or even if you do, i’d suggest that you head to the Ballyclabber New Years Eve Party!!

Its starting at 8:30pm and the cost is £3, but be quick or else your gonna have to £5 if you come after 10pm! Also i’ve been told to say that if your under 16, you’re not to be seen.

So come along and bring in the New Year in style, i’d recommend going because its a great way to catch up with friends and have a good nights craic.


So there you go, there’s my promotional advertising done and dusted. Happy New Year readers but as we enter this New Year, I just wanted to share with you who we should be focusing on this year….



  • Advocate-Lamb of God-The Resurrection & and the Life Shepherd & and Bishop of Souls-Judge-Lord of Lords-Man of Sorrows-Head of the Church-Master Faithful & True Witness-Rock-High Priest-The Door-Living Water-Bread of Life-Rose of Sharon-Alpha and Omega-True Vine-Messiah-Teacher-Holy One-Mediator-the Beloved-Branch-Carpenter-Good Shepherd-Light of the World-Image of the Invisible God-The Word-Chief Cornerstone-Saviour-Servant-Author and Finisher of our Faith-The Almighty-Everlasting Father-Shiloh-Lion of the Tribe of Judah-I AM-King of Kings-Prince of Peace-Bridegroom-Only Begotten Son-Wondeful Counsellor-Immanuel-Son of Man-Dayspring-The Amen-King of the Jews-Prophet-Redeemer-Anchor-Bright Morning Star-The Way, the Truth and the Life-


Be continually considering Him in 2009….


Husband’s Panic About Calvinist Wife

29 Dec

“I Think My Wife’s A Calvinist”

Learning About Evangelism From An Athiest

20 Dec

“How much do you have to hate somebody not to proselytize?” Penn Jillette

Fascinating post on the Take Your Vitamin Z blog.

Facebook and Recession

16 Dec


A while ago I sought to draw your attention to an article by Justin Buzzard entitled “Thinking Biblically About Facebook“. The author has now expanded the original post as an essay entitled “Redeeming Social Life Online” which is a very worthwhile read for those using social networking sites. 



Bad Times Draw Bigger Crowds” is an interesting piece from the New York Times on how the economic crisis may be leading to higher attendances at evangelical churches. We should continue to pray that the financial problems people are facing will be used by God to awaken them to their own helplessness and their need for a Saviour from their spiritual bankruptcy.  


Relatively Speaking

13 Dec

“That may be true for you but it’s not true for me.”
“Can’t we all have our own truth?”
“I believe everyone should decide what is right and wrong for them”

Such statements can be heard frequently during conversations regarding morals or religion but can homosexuality really be both right for some and wrong for others? Can different religions be equally true for their devoted followers?

Recently our Religious Studies has been examining relativist theories of morality which pervades much of modern culture with many people believing they can each have their own “truth”. This philosophy seems appealing to many as it seems to encourage tolerance and does not allow any particular moral position to be forced upon them, however when we apply two simple logical tests, consistency with the reality and inner consistency of arguement, it quickly shows the intellectual bankruptcy of the theory.

baby-p1) Relativism contradicts human experience. In the past month the horrendous story of the torture and murder of Baby P made news headlines whilst terrorists caused chaos and killed nearly 200 people in Mumbai. Were these actions wrong? These actions cannot be both morally wrong and at the same time morally acceptable for the perpetrators such thinking also fatally undermines the concept of justice for if there is no objective truth how can an abusive mother be punished for doing what was right in her own eyes. The reason these crimes are wrong is not lack of cohesion with the cultural pattern or disagreement with the opinion of the majority. They would have been wrong in any place, at any time and therefore can be described as objectively morally unacceptable.

2) Relativism is self-contradictory. This is illustrated by the Quaker poster which was ironically displayed until recently outside our Principal’s office. It stated in bold, commanding script “Thou shalt” and underneath was written in following freehand “decide for yourself.” How can someone tell another person they must decide for themselves as they have not decided this founding principle? At its foundation relativism states that because everything is relative there are absolutely no absolutes but this is itself a massive absolute statement and thus contradicts itself. Furthermore relativism cannot be true as it removes any real meaning from the concept of objective truth. At the most relativism can be true for you but it still isn’t necessarily true for me!

As always John Piper is very worthwhile reading or listening on relativism.

Flash Gordon

11 Dec

Last Autumn’s Labour Party Advertisement.

Flash Gordon

This week’s freudian slip by Flash Gordon during PMQs.

No-Christmas Pastor Controversy

9 Dec

Another King supports Pastor Vicker’s courageous stance!

More satirical genius from TBNN.

Hopelessness and Webcam Suicide

6 Dec

A mood of optimism and hope has resonated from America following the election of Obama however one recent news story offers a stark reminder that he is not the saviour Americans need.

Abraham Biggs

Abraham K. Biggs (pictured right) was a teenager from Florida who deliberately took an overdose of sleeping pills and committed suicide while broadcasting a video of his actions live. Apparently around 1,500 people watched the online stream from whilst others egged on the 19 year-old on a different internet forum. According to Fox News “Forum members reportedly continued to insult him, believing his actions were staged. Members eventually managed to contact the local police who broke down the door, found Biggs’ body and turned off the camera.”

This young man was only one year older than me. An entire lifetime lay stretched out before him yet the user known as “Feels Like Ecstasy” on the website decided he could not face the future. The Times entitled this news story “Horror as teenager commits suicide live online” yet I wonder what the basis is for Technology correspondent Mike Harvey’s horror at these events. It is obviously the natural human reaction to such tragic events but how can the atheistic press justify their response. If Abraham was only a material being all that has happened is a rearranging of molecules. If the world’s response is based only on the pain of those who knew him is it not legitimate to suggest that the encouragement of forum members was morally good on the basis that the deep mental anguish of this individual is over?


The atheistic philosophy is inconsistent with reality and therefore the natural moral response which they offer fails to match their beliefs. The death of this teenager is desperately sad because we are more than a collection of cells. The Bible tells us that man is created in the image of God (Genesis 1:27) and therefore human life is of great value. To encourage another to end their life and to watch online with morbid curiosity is despicable. Furthermore if life is a gift from God we do not have the right to choose when to end it.

The good news of the gospel offers true hope to the hopeless. It gives purpose and a hope of eternal life with Christ to all (Jeremiah 29:11). We are born trapped in sin yet we can have real freedom through faith in the life and death of Jesus. Abraham Biggs had lost hope and his suicide highlights that what the young people of America and of the world need isn’t a change in policies or leadership. The president-elect has written a book entitled “The Audacity of Hope” such a hope is audacious as it is a hope without a firm basis. Jesus Christ doesn’t change policies, he changes lives. The hope found in Christ is audacious because it is based on the spectacular grace of God. In Jesus we have a certain hope.

Euan Murray

5 Dec

A friend sent me a link to this article about Scottish international rugby player Euan Murray who came to faith in Jesus Christ following an horrible injury in 2005. Apparently there is also an article about him in this month’s Evangelical Times.