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Go Teams 2011

8 Jan

Audio and video from the Go Rally will hopefully be added shortly but first here’s a look at this year’s teams.

(Click on the image to see larger version)


GO Rally 2011

6 Jan

After a prolonged Christmas break, every one at Another King hopes you’ve had a wonderful festive season and welcome to 2011!

I’m not sure what your January schedules are looking like, what resolutions you’ve decided to take up, perhaps some dreaded exams are looming. However, the start of a brand new year gives us an excellent opportunity to look forward and see what we can do with it. So with the GO Rally coming up this Friday evening, there’s a fantastic chance to already get planning to serve the Lord this year.

What does it hold in store for you?

Some information on R.P Mission Teams and ‘Student witnessing in Belfast’ will be provided during the night, and it’ll be a chance to get your hands on the application forms for this years GO Teams and the prayer cards. Inside information has also been leaked to suggest that there is one brand spanking new team available this year; so if these aren’t incentives to spend a Friday night away from the revision desk or cinema screen, I don’t know what is!

Please make the effort to come along and be challenged to serve this Summer! For all the important information, see below:

Date: Friday 7th January

Location: Dromore R.P.C (Brewery Lane, off Meeting Street)

Start Time: 8pm

Speaker and Topic: Rev. Vincent McDonnell on ‘Blow the Master’s Trumpet’

Germany + Switzerland RP Mission Team

15 Jul

A few weeks ago I returned from my first RP Mission team, and I’m just getting round to writing about it now that I’ve finally got some free time! As the title of this post suggests, the team was held in Germany and Switzerland, although if this report was in the messenger, no doubt there would be an accompanying map with an arrow helpfully pointed at Turkey or somewhere!

Keeping it real..

If you know your RP churches worldwide, you’ll probably be aware that there are no RP churches in either Germany or Switzerland. The team was working with Trinity Reformed Church in Landstuhl, Germany – not to be confused with Trinity RPC in Mossley. The next question you may be asking is how can 4 non German speakers be of any real use to a Church in Germany? And this would be a valid question, except that everyone in the Church speaks English, or at least they try to – they’re Americans. The US military has an enormous base in south west Germany, and so they are many Americans living in the area.

The Church has been there since 1988, and is a mission work of the South east Alabama Presbytery of the Presbyterian Church in America. It is one of a number of English speaking churches in the area.  An average congregation might number over 150 at morning worship, which is then followed by Sabbath school for both children and adults.  Almost everyone at the Church is in Germany because they are in some way affiliated with the military,and so the membership of the Church is constantly changing as people and families are redeployed to different parts of the world.

Landstuhl, military base somewhere in the background

The team consisted of Jill, Marissa, Sam and myself. The two girls had come over from Americaland for the team, while Sam and I had been interrailing through Europe for 12 days or so beforehand, and had ended up in this small corner of Germany. The primary task of the team was to run a VBS (vacation bible school, better known to us Irish folk as a Holiday Bible Club!) at the Church’s retreat in Switzerland from Monday – Friday. The retreat was held in a tiny little town called Beatenberg, 1200m above sea level right in the middle of the Swiss Alps. Interlaken was the nearest significant dwelling, about 7 miles away, and mostly downhill! I still can’t really believe how incredible the scenery around where we were staying was. Our accommodation was a Christian conference centre which was also a seminary. So if the RPC ever decides to build such a place, they will have trouble beating this for location!



At the VBS we covered a variety of activities, Bible stories, Psalm singing, missionary stories, craft, memory verse, games, prayer and probably more. We had quite an age range to deal with, going from about 12 months old to 12 years old. One team member covered the nursery and the rest took the other kids. Our theme for the week was ‘God’s Mighty Acts’, covering stories such as Solomon asking for wisdom and Jesus feeding 5000. Our team devotions were on the book of Philippians, and we followed this by spending time in prayer.

Me taking the missionary story, covering the incredible life of Hudson Taylor

When we didn’t have the kids a lot of time was spent in planning the activities and schedule for the next day, as there is only so much planning you can do across the Atlantic via email! On some days we joined with the rest of the people at the retreat in some of the activities, the most memorable of which was the “Death March”. We hiked up a mountain in the middle of the Alps, ending up a little village that is only accessible by cable car or walking, and then managed to catch the closing minutes of the USA’s last group game. Suffice to say the Americans were pleased when they scored to top the group.

Marissa, James, Me, Jill

I really enjoyed getting to know some of the people in the Church, and they were some of the most welcoming people I have ever met. The sense of unity in the Church was immediately noticeable and very refreshing. The fact that they were all in a similar situation, living in a foreign country, different language, culture etc, probably contributed a lot to this, as the people depended on each much more than we ever do, and as a result were much more united for it.

So to finish, a few things you can pray for regarding the Church:

  • The pastor of the Church, Brent Saddler, as he ministers to the varied needs of his congregation
  • The families of men who are currently deployed
  • That the children at the VBS will have learnt from what we taught them, and that they will grow up to walk with the Lord
  • That the Holy Spirit will continue to unite the believers in the Church in love for one another
  • For people to sign up to do this mission team in future years, and that God will bless the work as he did ours
  • For families who have to move to a different part of the world at relatively short notice


Emily, Marissa, Arthur, Lousia, Simon


Sam with Joseph and Kevin

The guy in the green shirt was from Newcastle!

Paragliding is pretty big deal around here..


Marissa taking the story

Kevin and Simon

Renwick shirt on tour

We got up to see the sun rise one morning!

I hope I get the opportunity to go back to this Church at some point in the future, it was a blessing to be part of this team. Hope you enjoyed reading this!

Great is the LORD and most worthy of praise;

his greatness no one can fathom

Psalm 145:3 – our memory verse for the week

We got up to see the sun rise one morning!

Not long to GO!

15 Apr

The official closing date for GO Team Application forms is only a few days away, so if you haven’t made your mind up yet, time to get the thinking caps on!

Please do have a good think over the next few days if there are times during your summer where you could give up a week to serve the Church. I’m sure some of our readers could give us some information on where numbers are still needed if you would like to know where you could be used best! Don’t fear about late applications, every one will be welcome!

Also a reminder that the Evangelism Conference is being held in Lisburn R.P.C on Saturday 1st May, more details will be coming to you soon no doubt.

So hopefully this post has got you all nostalgic, if so, feel free to browse through these hilariously old photos of previous GO Teams and Campaigns (as they were once called…)


Retro GO Team Photos

“Here am I! Send Me!”

20 Mar

Serving in Cyprus this Summer…

‘For everyone who calls on the name of the Lord will be saved…

But how are they to call on him in whom they have not believed and how are they to believe in him of whom they have never heard? And how are they to hear without someone preaching? And how are they to preach unless they are sent? As it is written, “How beautiful are the feet of those who preach the good news!”’ Romans 10:13

15th June-7th July are the dates for the Cyprus Mission Team 2010…

Could God be calling you to serve Him in Cyprus this Summer?

A mission field with a massive vision needing your time and energy…will you serve the Kingdom and answer the call?

For a lot of you the thought of RP Missions seems like an American thing, not something easily accessible to the Irish RPs, this however isn’t true and as well as serving on GO Teams there are opportunities for you to serve God in this way during the Summer.

So what about Cyprus?

Cyprus is a Eurasian island country in the Eastern Mediterranean, south of Turkey and west of Syria and Lebanon. It is the third largest island in the Mediterranean Sea and one of its most popular tourist destinations. 78% of the population of Cyprus identify themselves as being Greek Orthodox and there are only a small amount of evangelical Christians on the island. However we believe the Lord is working in this part of the world and building His Kingdom and through the work of our denomination and other brothers and sisters in the Lord, God is calling people to Himself.

What can I do?


‘Then he said to his disciples, “The harvest is plentiful but the labourers are few, therefore pray earnestly to the Lord of the harvest to send out labourers into his harvest.”’ Matthew 9:37-38

PRAY-As Christians we believe in an Almighty God and so it is to our God, through grace, we bring our prayers and petitions. Most importantly the work in Cyprus needs to be steeped in prayer and if you are considering serving God here in the Summer pray that God would open up the opportunity for you to go and be leading and guiding you in this decision. Even if this mission team does not suit you be prayerful for the work in Cyprus, contact our missionaries there and be specific in your prayers. Believe that God answers our prayers if we are asking in His will and pray for the labourers that they would have boldness, courage and strength in the work.

GO– Be apart of the work in Cyprus this Summer! As a member of the team you will be involved in working alongside the RP witness there, serving amongst youth and teaching children. The work in Cyprus mostly includes encouraging the believers in Larnaca and spending time with the youth club, organizing a retreat for them and activities to get to know them better and build up relationships. You can have a massive impact on the young people here, we are so blessed to have the churches and teaching we have and this can be one of our greatest gifts as we serve. Working with a diverse group of believers gives you a real sense of what it means to sacrifice daily for the sake of the gospel. When we go out of our comfort zones and serve God far from home we grow and mature in our faith. Will you go?

GIVE– Consider the resources it takes to keep a mission station like Cyprus alive, what can you give if not time to pray or yourself in service?

Serving in Cyprus is not only challenging but very rewarding, lessons will be learnt that may never be learnt at home this Summer, not only this but it is a lot of fun too! Who doesn’t want to serve in a hot, sunny country where there are beautiful beaches, amazing food, mountain-top camps and some of the friendliest people you will ever meet?!

15th June-7th July…


‘And I heard the voice of the Lord saying, “Whom shall I send, and who will go for us?” Then I said, “HERE AM I! SEND ME.”’ Isaiah 6:8

We need 6 members for this team… you have to be over 18 to apply…

Apply today at… http://www.rpmissions.org

The Task is Not Yet Done

19 Mar

“God alone, who has told us that this Gospel of the kingdom shall be preached in the whole world for a testimony unto all the nations, will know when that objective has been accomplished. But I do not need to know. I know only one thing; Christ has not yet returned; therefore, the task is not yet done. When it is done, Christ will come. Our responsibility is not to insist on defining the terms of our task; our responsibility is to complete it. So long as Christ does not return, our work is not done. Let us get busy and complete our mission…Do you love the Lord’s appearing? Then you will bend every effort to take the gospel into all the world. It troubles me in the light of the clear teaching of God’s Word, in the light of our Lord’s explicit definition of our task in The Great Commission (Matthew 28:18-20) that we take it so lightly…His is the kingdom; He reigns in heaven and He manifests His reign on earth in and through His church. When we have accomplished our mission, He will return and establish His kingdom in glory. To us it is given not only to wait for but also to hasten the coming of the day of God (2 Peter 3:12).” George Ladd quoted in A Hunger for God by John Piper

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Go Teams 2010 for Dummies (and Peter)

GO Teams 2010 for dummies (and Peter)

6 Mar

Try as I might, I can’t avoid beginning this post with the words “it’s that time of year again”. However, it most assuredly is that time of year. The GO team forms have been out for the best part of 2 months, and yet, most of us have got no further than taking one from the church vestibule and and promptly losing it. So after a desperate plea from Philip McCollum at Wednesday’s Shaftesbury Fellowship, it struck me that a GO team preview post might be a good idea, if only to keep James off my back. Presumably I’m preaching to the proverbial choir here, and so I don’t need to wax lyrical about how great GO teams are (pretty great, in case you didn’t know). So without further ado, here’s a preview of the teams happening this summer, to help you decide where to go, and to inform your prayers.

Nantes – 27th March – 5th April (10 people)

The team for Francophiles. Seems to be mostly literature distribution, although there is a soirée for Renaissance men/women. The application date has passed, so save any notions of Gallic outreach for next Easter.

Worked out well for Andy Mo

Airdrie – 31st March – 5th April (10)

Everyone has these dates off school or college, so there really is no excuse for not going on this or Antrim. A chance to be schooled by SAQ, and see what’s become of Steelo.

Rumours of his death have been greatly exaggerated

Antrim – 6th – 9th April (10)

Antrim is “a Larne of a place”, consequently there have been no applicants so far. However, despite its obvious drawbacks as a town, the team itself is a good one to go on, especially if you need to study or some such nonsense, as it all finishes up about half 6 or so (or at least it did last year). Mostly lit dist. They really need people, so do think about going.

Glenmanus – 19th – 26th June (6)

Don’t know much about this one, but if you like the setting of the CY summer conference, maybe this is the team for you…

Bailiesmills – 21st – 24th June (8)

Ideal for those with doubts about potentially missing too many World Cup games, or indeed those with actual jobs, this is an evening only team, they need helpers for their Holiday Bible Club.

Knockbracken – 26th June – 3rd July (10)

They’ll show you a good time.

Just like Jamie Oliver

Just like Jamie Oliver

Galway – 10th – 17th July (6)

The most exotic of the summer teams, a chance to serve God in a city where there is much spiritual darkness. And now, in accordance with protocol…

...the stock photo of Galway

Enniskillen – 2nd – 7th August (8)

The superlatives spewing forth on this here blog after last year’s team would make anyone naturally suspicious, and any team with a nickname should be treated with utmost caution. Not to mention the flagrant disregard shown for an age-old sporting tradition last summer, which resulted in several grown men being reduced to tears. Also, it’s in Fermanagh. Since I can’t think of anything good to say, a photo will have to do.

Actually, didn’t GO Team Pete go one year? In that case, if it’s good enough for Pete…

Cloughmills – 9th – 13th August (8)

Worked out well for James. Handily positioned in a week where nothing else is happening.

Convoy and Stranorlar – 14th – 21st August (6)

Without wanting to be sound biased, SRSLY EVERYONE SHOULD COME TO C&S!!1!!!! We invented the GO team house, we also have a camper van, and generally Donegal is pretty rad. All joking aside (although I wasn’t joking), this is a great team to go on if you want to expand your horizons, serve God in a different country without having to speak French, and meet my dog. I mean, just look at how happy these people are:

Bun approves

There’s only six spaces available so apply soon to make sure you can say “I was there”, when they speak, in hushed tones, of Convoy & Stranorlar 2010.

Newry – 14th – 21st August (8)

Who could pass up the opportunity to spend a week with Simon Sweeney?

Milford – 22nd – 28th August (6)

Pure beaut

Stranraer – 4th September (8)

A one-day team for any part-timers/people with jobs.

So there you have it. While actually not very informative, or indeed factual, hopefully that will get you thinking about where you could go to proclaim Christ this summer. Also, Airdrie and Antrim really do need people pretty urgently, so get those forms in sharpish. The closing date for the summer teams is 19th April, and the sooner you apply the better, so that the congregations will know who’s coming and can start to plan accordingly.