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Stornoway RPC Audioz

17 Aug

Sermons from Stornoway RP Church are now available to download. So you can finally hear our two best newest preachers for yourself! In the joy of the moment I decided to do something I’d had been planning to start for a while. Ladies and Gentleman, crank the bass up for a personal first and an RP second, please enjoy this sermon jam:

‘Live Your Confession‘[4min] – Rev David Karoon  (Full Sermon Here) 

I also have some Psalm-singing from S[tornoway]RPC, the recordings are low quality and its hard to make out the words. The Psalms are from the old Scottish psalters if you want to look them up. I really enjoyed just getting to hear our RP brothers & sisters on ‘The Isle of Lewis’ worship, made it more real to me.

Psalm 23 Tune: Bays of Harris [Right Click to Download]  

Psalm 18 v17-29 [Right Click to Download] 

Psalm 73v23-28  [Right Click to Download] 

I’m not sure which Psalm this is, I think its from the American Psalter…? 

Psalm 61v1-5 Tune- St Andrew [Right Click to Download] 

Exam Result Fears & West Ham’s Tears

15 Aug

Given Mr Alastair’s current indisposition I can in his place bring you the first of what may become a series of ‘Guest-Author-Weblog-Posts’. This First post was written especially for AK by Miss Alanna E. Carson of Ballybogey. 



On Thursday the 18th of August 2011, I will receive results that will determine not only what I will be doing for the next three years of my life, but also were I will live, and therefore the people I meet and subsequently the overall experience I will have. Scary stuff. I’m sure I’m not alone when I say it’s hard to keep this type of impending results off your mind.

But there are other things that can easily consume or minds with suspense. For instance upcoming sporting results, whether or not Manchester United will win the Premier League again, or will a superior force such as Swansea Citywin the title.

Whatever it maybe most of us are eagerly waiting for something, the score of a match or the results of an exam, but do these things really matter at all in the long run. If we take a trip 50 years down the time line, will the fact that I got a C in Spanish at GCSE, be relevant to society? Or will the rest of our lives be changed by the fact that West Ham got relegated to the Championship, in 2011?

The Bible tells us of one thing that is not only imminent but also relevant to everyone’s lives, and therefore should constantly be on our minds. Hebrews 10 v28 reads, “So Christ, having been offered once to bear the sins for many, will appear a second time, not to deal with sin but to save those who are eagerly waiting for Him.”

Christ is coming. Be waiting for Him.


12 Aug






How should we as Christians react to this week’s threats and fears? What do we do when society breaks down and the gospel seems powerless? KEEP CALM and CARRY ON!

YAW Weekend 2011

10 Aug

The application form for CY/Over 18s/Young Adults’ Weekend is available below. It goes down 16-18 September at Mullartown House, Annalong. Rev. David Sutherland is speaking on Jesus’ parables, with special guests Rev. David McCullough and Rev. Robert Robb doing seminars on spiritual gifts. Hard to argue with that lineup. Also, it’s always sunny that weekend. £35 is the cost if you book before August 27th. So click on the green words below and print the form, or, even better, save trees and email Lynda Bell with your details. Be there, or be a regular quadrilateral.

YAW form 2011

Fantasy Football 2011-12

8 Aug

With the new Barclays Premier League season starting on Saturday 13th August, it’s time to get your managerial hats on once again and form that winning Team that will rack up the points week on week. Simply head to, sign up or use your own login details and get creating. It’s not just an individual game though, once you’ve created your Team, join the R.P Fantasy Football league by entering the code below to compete with every one else.

R.P Championship code: 267406-79114

As per usual, you can probably all expect to be an enthusiastic Fantasy Footballer untill about mid-September and then that Team will probably carry you through to next May when you’ll check it again next. Bring it on!

If you’re one of our regular Blog readers and have no interest in Football at all, then please feel free to watch the Mitchell and Webb video found below which is the perfect parody of Football coverage on TV….

Me and My Sherlock Holmes Man Crush

5 Aug

Im not going to try and make this a pious post, it’s simple; Sherlock Holmes is The Man. Hyper-intelligent, smartly dressed, handsome, humorously condescending, skilled in manly fighting; what’s not to love?

The BBC’s modern, glossy adaptation of this legends tale deserves and has received much credit, even winning  the 2011 BAFTA for Best Drama Series.

Season one replay just ended and the latest episode is available on iPlayer. If you have any interest in visual entertainment and have not yet watched this series click here now. Season two is due in early 2012 – Stay tuned!

USA’ns will not be able to watch on iPlayer, but the full series is available elsewhere on the internet.

To Seek Revival Means There is Deadness…

2 Aug

New Horizon Hebridean style

Im not going to tell you where this quote is from just yet, if you want you can guess, all will be revealed in later blog posts. For now, its just an interesting quote on revival and threw up some questions; What DO we need to do “For revival to come”?  Is there a difference between revival in the Church and revival that reaches the community /nation? Is ‘revival’ even something we should be focusing on? I want to leave the floor open on this one, so if you have any comments or opinions please share.

“The essencial problem e.g., falling membership, failure to keep the children of church families, no men comming forward for the ministery or members offering for missionary service, are indicatons of deep-rooted spiritual malaise in the church.

To anwser, “Pray for revival”, is not sufficient. For revival to come there must be faithfulness, especially to vows made before God, which vows include not only Bible reading and prayer, but committed and constant attendance at worship services, including evening services; keeping the sacraments; and sacrificial giving (until-it-hurts-giving) to the Lords work.

Revival is hampered by lackadasical attendance and minimal giving. Revival too, will bring consequences in upsetting “the way it’s been done for x-years”. New people will have new ideas and there must be an openness in the present membership to listen and accept profitable change.

To seek revival means there is deadness which requires the life-giving power of the holy spirit to fan the dying embers into a glowing fire. The Church members must be awakened from their lethargy; from their acceptance of the status-quo; and from their failure to take seriously the vows made before God.”