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Glory Days Are Still Ahead

29 Aug

The summer has sadly come to an end. As you reflect over the past few months maybe you wonder if there’ll ever be another summer quite like it or perhaps the endless rain left you disappointed and you felt this summer was a bit of an anti-climax. This sense of reminiscing times past appears in of the much music that we listen to whether it is the Lost Prophets’ song “Last Summer”, Bryan Adam’s “Summer of ’69” in which the line “Those were the best days of my life” is repeated or a personal favourite Bruce Springsteen’s Glory Days in which he expresses his view that:

“Glory days, well they’ll pass you by
Glory days, in the wink of a young girl’s eye”

Whilst these songs can be great for remember good times, for example “Last Summer” always reminds me of Termonfeckin 2006 as it was the last track on the CD our tent produced for the week, I can often find myself despondant and wishing to be back in the same place and time with friends or family. The thing is, as Christian we don’t need to be dreaming of the past because we have an amazing future ahead, in this life and in the life to come. God has a plan for our lives:

“For I know the plans I have for you, declares the LORD, plans for welfare and not for evil to give you a future and a hope.” Jeremiah 29:11 (ESV)

Our usefulness to God will not end at 30,40,50,65,100. Every minute we spend on this Earth God has a purpose for. Every day that passes he is changing us through his Holy Spirit. The best days are yet ahead. This is true ultamitely in heaven where we will glorify and enjoy God perfectly.

If you’re a non-Christian reading this you do not have this assurance. You may never have it this good again. In fact you probably won’t. If your life is based around pleasure rather than God you are on a downhill slope towards destruction rather than a climb upwards. Turn to him who can save you from hell now. Repent and believe in the Lord Jesus Christ. Then “Glory Days” will never “pass you by” and you’ll spend true glory days with your Saviour for all eternity.

Romania Go Relief Team 2007

20 Aug

I hope this doesn’t sound like something written for the Messenger..

The 2007 Team consisted of 62 members, around 40 of whom flew out on Wednesday, with the rest joining on Friday. I went with the majority on the Wednesday morning, although I actually left home at about 11.45pm on Tuesday. The flights and all that went smoothly and we arrived at Casa Shalom at about 5.30pm local time after a journey on our lovely bus, Bessy. Now I’ve been on some ropey buses in my time, but this just took the biscuit.

We then had an interesting meal which nobody was really sure how to eat, or what went with what. I should have taken a picture of it. Among other things it consisted of honey, gherkins, corn bread, strong cheesy stuff and sugar. Still, it was nicer than the rubber breakfast we had on one of the flights.

We were staying in what I must say was very nice accommodation. The building has been just finished in time for our arrival, so I think we were the first people to sleep in the rooms. So after little no sleep for a very long time we went to our rooms and hit the sack.

Thursday was a pretty normal day, up at 7.15 for Team Devotions, Breakfast at 8.00 and starting work at 8.45. I spent the morning scraping a tin roof with Michael (as in Michael was also scraping, not that I was using Michael to scrape the roof) which wasn’t all that bad. After lunch we were painting the underside of a canopy and although it was quite tedious some of the kids were running about so it was a chance to get acquainted with them. Of all the children, Maria was probably the most active and talkative, so it was very sad to hear that she had broken her leg that night, and as a result spent the week in plaster. Still, she was always smiling and was generally great.

On Friday there was a bit of a rush to finish off the building that we were staying in, as the remainder of the team were arriving that night, and their rooms not quite ready, so a lot of us went inside to help finish off the rooms. Painting inside is not half as much fun as outside as I soon learned. That evening, the children sung for us, both in Romanian and English. It was mostly hymns, but like whatever, it was a great evening, you could see how much the children were enjoying it, especially Vali, and that they actually understood the words they were singing.

At the end, Marius got up and played us a tune on his Mandolin, which was class. Another day over.

Saturday was much the same, but in the evening we went into Bucharest for the first time and a walk round Cismigiu Gardens.

Despite being around 10pm it was probably hotter than it would be here at midday, which was a bit of a strange sensation. In the park, Calvin, Matt, Sarah and Marius rented out boats to go on the lake. That was quite fun, especially jumping up and scaring all the people in the posh looking hotel. Yeah.

After that we had time for quick, but much needed dash to McD’s. And that was lovely.

Sabbath was a slow relaxing day, as it should be. In the morning John Hawthorne took worship, and it was translated into Romanian by Nelu (who is quite simply the man). Lunch was a bit dodgy, so I had a sleep in the afternoon. Evening worship wasn’t the usual, various people spoke about their experiences and stuff including a few of the older children, and that was really encouraging.

The rest of the week consisted mostly of painting, messing about and a couple of bonfires. On Monday evening we had worship around the bonfire. Ian took it because Captain Ronnie who was supposed to be taking it was out shopping (seriously). After that we were talking about what we could do with the bonfire. Eventually, Phil ran over and threw in a can of lynx, and you can watch the results below.

Wednesday was our free day and we were to go to the Black Sea for some big European Naval display but because of Maria being immobile and the thought of spending 7 hours on Bessy it was generally agreed to scrap that. Instead we spent the day in Bucharest. We visited the big palace that Ceauşescu was building for himself.

Easily the biggest thing I’ve ever seen, it was a very impressive building. We had a tour of it, but it was a pretty rubbish tour to be honest, all we got told about were the floors, the ceilings and carpets. I don’t have any photos from inside as you had to pay about £6 for that privilege.

After that some people returned to Casa Shalom to continue with the ground work while the rest of us ventured into the centre of Bucharest. Sadly the places where we were were very Westernised. The shops and prices were much the same as here, which I found a bit surprising. Still it was fun..

After that we went down to a lake, hired out boats and a had a waterfight. It was class.

Thursday was results day for the A/AS-level people so that was the main talk of the morning. Yeah..we all got on alright. Later that day Calvin decided to paint me. Well it wasn’t quite that simple, but that was the end result.

On Friday evening all of the children were given gift boxes, and 4 new mountain bikes we given to the home. After that, all of us were given a small present. After sitting in the same seats for almost 4 hours we went outside for another bonfire.

And with that done, we stayed about talking with the kids for a while, and then slowly drifted off to bed, although there was not a great deal of working going on.

On Saturday morning there was a still a bit of work to be done, so it was an early start at 7.30am. The rest of the day was spent taking photos, hugging and saying bye. It was quite sad because chances are we’re not going to ever see any of these people ever, in this life anyway.

Overall, I would say that this was easily one of the best weeks of my life, I learnt a lot from the children. For example when Becky asked for someone to come up to the front and pray about something, there was always 5 or 6 children crowding round her. I think the project that was chosen at Casa Shalom was very good in that you were able to talk and interact with the people who were benefitting from what you were doing all the time, and you could see that they were really appreciating what you were doing.

Definetely a case of getting far more out of it than you could ever put in. I’ve left out a lot things that went on during the 10 days, but it would be impossible to cover everything that went on. To understand the full scale of what went on, you really had to be there.

I’ll end with a few prayer points that I took from the week.

  • The little girl, Maria, who has a broken leg at the moment
  • This week the children who have someone to go home to went home, pray that as they leave Casa Shalom they will be kept safe
  • The older children, especially Marius, as they leave the home and go out into the world
  • Becky, who is the president of the home, as she carries out her work and teaches the children, that she would be kept healthy and strong
I’m sure there are lots more, but that will do for now.

Click here for lots more photos..

The End

Andy Morrison

Cloughmills Go Team 2007

15 Aug

Last week was the Cloughmills Go Team. My first ever go team! It was a really good week but because I’m now in the middle of the Dromore team I’m not able to write any more but Amy McCollum kindly made this video of pictures from the week. Hopefully I’ll be able to write more about it at a later date. The captions and all are Amy’s so the video is probably considerably funnier than if I’d made one. So big thanks to Amy and enjoy!

Boys Adventure Camp 07

9 Aug

With James being too mature for this years Adventure Camp (yeah right) I was the sole representitive of DMFWS so its my duty……nay honour to bring you a report of what happened.

Without trying to sound like a Messenger Report here it goes:

Well this years Camp was held like every other year at Larne, at I think it does prove that with time…………things rot, but nevertheless that didn’t stop 51 Boys and 11 Officers from spending the week. On arrival, we played Football for 2 Hours untill tea was ready, and then after we had our first talk on Daniel, these talks opened my eyes on this book, it was very interesting to how we as young men could relate to Daniel in the different trials he faced in his walk with God. There was many different challenges in these that would be helpful as we left Camp and went back to School. The methods to rouse the crowd of drowsy campers differed from Officer to Officer. Tims was my favourite, chucking a glass of water around boys, which got some ones Bible soaked, thats one way to start paying attention! Watch out whatever Congrecation calls him! :)

After the talk we had the infamous Campzai which activites varied from Egg Throwing, to piling into Chris Lee’s Fiesta and pushing his Fiesta, which the mighty Alan Blackwell won!
On Sabbath we worshipped at Trinity and Larne, Larne helped me remember those congrecations who don’t have big numbers and remember to pray for the coming GO Team.

On Monday, Squad Games commenced and in the afternoon, we Bowled and played Crazy Golf at Dundonald. In the evening, we played Messy Games, which lived up to its name, where games included, dunking heads in cold spaghetti hoops to retrieve marshmallows, decorating a squad members face with shaving foam and fives and eat through a jelly which had peas and a skittle in it.

On Tuesday, I got broke during Squad Games by Desmond Scott, he’s on the run at the minute, if you see him, give me a call. This resulted in my ligaments in my ankle being damaged and missing 2 other cricket matches that day. In the afternoon I had to hobble about and referee the Officers vs. Boys Match, also being Boys Team Manager I was perhaps biased, but the officers romped home on 3 Occasions. The Cooks making a surprise appearance in the 3rd Game for the Officers, they were more talented than most of the boys! We had Water Games that evening too.

On Wednesday, Team Challenge took place and we got sufficiently muddy and eaten alive by Midges, on Thursday, we had Watersports at Craigavon and did Tubing at the Ski Slope which is very fun, I also shrugged off my injury to return to Squad Games where I scored 2 Goals.

On Friday, squad games concluded, myself finishing with 14 Goals over 9 Games, then we went into town to buy sweets and a present for our Officer – Andy McKelvey, who actually can’t do every thing as I witnessed him not being able to juggle! After Lunch we went off to play Skirimishing which was as ever great fun. That evening 2 Hours of Football cancelled the Officers Hunt and the Tournament Finals were held, where I witness the longest 6 Ball Pool Match ever and I was beat by Joel Cromie in the Table Tennis Final.
We saw the early hours of Saturday Morning in the Chalet before resigning to Bed and reflecting on a pretty darn good camp!

If you have never been to an R.P Camp before, I would definately recommend them as they are a great week of fellowship with other guys and dolls your age. Watch out Senoir Camp Next Year! Don’t Make Friends with Salad T Shirts will be on display!

Prayer Points relative to DMFWS: Cloughmills GO Team (where James is at)
Lisburn Go Week 19th to 24th
Dromore Go Team 11th to 18th



4 Aug

Dear readers (both of you!),

Just to apologise for the lackage of posts the past week. Believe it or not I’ve been working hard and not just at my Football Manager career! I’ve basically been painting an entire house, not a picture the real thing, and this has severley limited blogging time. Young Alastair has been off at the legendary Boy’s Adventure Camp which I have sadly missed this year. Hopefully he’ll be able to give you a full BAC report sometime in the not so distant future! I’m heading off on the Cloughmills Go Team on Sabbath and I would value your prayers for the week.

Fantasy Football. If you’re an RP and you want to join the RP fantasy football league.
And our league code is 314786-63387.
Come and see if you can challenge some of the best teams in the Country! Only join if you know me too as the thats the fun of it, beating other people you know!

Another thing to check out is Andy Mo’s latest compilation video on BATW. Well worth watching and who knows if loads of people watch it he might even smile!

Finally, we really appreciate any feedback. Comments or emails. We’d like to know what you’d like to read more of here on DMFWS. So get in touch via