4 Aug

Dear readers (both of you!),

Just to apologise for the lackage of posts the past week. Believe it or not I’ve been working hard and not just at my Football Manager career! I’ve basically been painting an entire house, not a picture the real thing, and this has severley limited blogging time. Young Alastair has been off at the legendary Boy’s Adventure Camp which I have sadly missed this year. Hopefully he’ll be able to give you a full BAC report sometime in the not so distant future! I’m heading off on the Cloughmills Go Team on Sabbath and I would value your prayers for the week.

Fantasy Football. If you’re an RP and you want to join the RP fantasy football league.
And our league code is 314786-63387.
Come and see if you can challenge some of the best teams in the Country! Only join if you know me too as the thats the fun of it, beating other people you know!

Another thing to check out is Andy Mo’s latest compilation video on BATW. Well worth watching and who knows if loads of people watch it he might even smile!

Finally, we really appreciate any feedback. Comments or emails. We’d like to know what you’d like to read more of here on DMFWS. So get in touch via dmfws@hotmail.co.uk.



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