Boys Adventure Camp 07

9 Aug

With James being too mature for this years Adventure Camp (yeah right) I was the sole representitive of DMFWS so its my duty……nay honour to bring you a report of what happened.

Without trying to sound like a Messenger Report here it goes:

Well this years Camp was held like every other year at Larne, at I think it does prove that with time…………things rot, but nevertheless that didn’t stop 51 Boys and 11 Officers from spending the week. On arrival, we played Football for 2 Hours untill tea was ready, and then after we had our first talk on Daniel, these talks opened my eyes on this book, it was very interesting to how we as young men could relate to Daniel in the different trials he faced in his walk with God. There was many different challenges in these that would be helpful as we left Camp and went back to School. The methods to rouse the crowd of drowsy campers differed from Officer to Officer. Tims was my favourite, chucking a glass of water around boys, which got some ones Bible soaked, thats one way to start paying attention! Watch out whatever Congrecation calls him! :)

After the talk we had the infamous Campzai which activites varied from Egg Throwing, to piling into Chris Lee’s Fiesta and pushing his Fiesta, which the mighty Alan Blackwell won!
On Sabbath we worshipped at Trinity and Larne, Larne helped me remember those congrecations who don’t have big numbers and remember to pray for the coming GO Team.

On Monday, Squad Games commenced and in the afternoon, we Bowled and played Crazy Golf at Dundonald. In the evening, we played Messy Games, which lived up to its name, where games included, dunking heads in cold spaghetti hoops to retrieve marshmallows, decorating a squad members face with shaving foam and fives and eat through a jelly which had peas and a skittle in it.

On Tuesday, I got broke during Squad Games by Desmond Scott, he’s on the run at the minute, if you see him, give me a call. This resulted in my ligaments in my ankle being damaged and missing 2 other cricket matches that day. In the afternoon I had to hobble about and referee the Officers vs. Boys Match, also being Boys Team Manager I was perhaps biased, but the officers romped home on 3 Occasions. The Cooks making a surprise appearance in the 3rd Game for the Officers, they were more talented than most of the boys! We had Water Games that evening too.

On Wednesday, Team Challenge took place and we got sufficiently muddy and eaten alive by Midges, on Thursday, we had Watersports at Craigavon and did Tubing at the Ski Slope which is very fun, I also shrugged off my injury to return to Squad Games where I scored 2 Goals.

On Friday, squad games concluded, myself finishing with 14 Goals over 9 Games, then we went into town to buy sweets and a present for our Officer – Andy McKelvey, who actually can’t do every thing as I witnessed him not being able to juggle! After Lunch we went off to play Skirimishing which was as ever great fun. That evening 2 Hours of Football cancelled the Officers Hunt and the Tournament Finals were held, where I witness the longest 6 Ball Pool Match ever and I was beat by Joel Cromie in the Table Tennis Final.
We saw the early hours of Saturday Morning in the Chalet before resigning to Bed and reflecting on a pretty darn good camp!

If you have never been to an R.P Camp before, I would definately recommend them as they are a great week of fellowship with other guys and dolls your age. Watch out Senoir Camp Next Year! Don’t Make Friends with Salad T Shirts will be on display!

Prayer Points relative to DMFWS: Cloughmills GO Team (where James is at)
Lisburn Go Week 19th to 24th
Dromore Go Team 11th to 18th



6 Responses to “Boys Adventure Camp 07”

  1. creambun August 13, 2007 at 2:48 pm #

    ali, i think that you should really learn what officerd are at camp. it was alan blackwell not ball! you must have hit your head when desmond broke you!

  2. Alastair and James August 14, 2007 at 3:51 pm #

    Cheers for the heads up on that one Bun! Its been edited now! :D Ali

  3. Anonymous August 14, 2007 at 9:52 pm #

    james,no report on senior camp?lol is it that bad?!:)

  4. James McCullough August 15, 2007 at 12:42 pm #

    No senior camp had already been comprehensively covered by SWS.

  5. Luke August 15, 2007 at 7:35 pm #

    U requested a comment and here it is!! in your own words for wot 2 write, “Good show ali!!” great report although i hav 2 say i also wondered bout da allen ball thing!

  6. Alastair McCollum August 16, 2007 at 12:54 pm #

    James I think we may be getting abit more famous, this is the most comments we’ve ever had probably! Ali

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