More Than Heaven

13 Jan

A memorial at the site of a 1681 conventicle where Cargill preached.

Ever accused of making a fuss about nothing by other Christians? Vilant suggested Donald Cargill was doing so when he refused to compromise and accept an earthly King as head of the Church.

“William Vilant, minister of Cambusnethan, who wrote a defence of the complying ministers, was present on one occasion when someone referred to Cargill’s faithfulness and diligence. Vilant, who could hardly have found the conversation to his liking, remarked impatiently, ‘What needs all this ado? We will get heaven and they will get no more.’ On learning of Vilant’s comment, Cargill said, ‘Yes, we will get more: we will get God glorified on earth, which is more than heaven.'” Maurice Grant, No King But Christ

One Response to “More Than Heaven”

  1. Curtis Sather July 17, 2017 at 12:15 am #

    A very great man of God…Cargill was!

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