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Stranraer GO Team

13 Sep

That’s right folks, GO Team report season continues here on AK. This time, it’s the turn of Stranraer which took place on Saturday 4th September. (see controversial section of comments concerning Committees, Weddings and Bun-Clarification here.)

Once finding out our hastily put together travel arrangements, we found ourselves sitting in the foot-passenger section of Belfast’s Stena Line Port at the early hour of 6.15am. The murky morning didn’t dampen our spirits, and soon there were 7 Team Members, 3 Cooks and a Mr and Mrs Loughridge setting off across the Pond for our days work in Stranraer. I myself was a bit apprehensive, not at the prospect of doing a days work in Scotland, but more at the fact that if I bought the ridiculously over-priced Fry, I may end up seeing it again due to the rocky nature of the journey.

One hour into our crossing, I was told that there was ‘only two hours to go’ until we reached our destination, so of course cards were brought out to pass the time and it wasn’t long before the Team was involved in an intense game of Pitt while Ken worked on the Trinity announcements for the following morning. (Unfortunately there was no opportunity to hi-jack these and make some funny changes.)

Tom and Pete wolfing down their Fry

You think Brenna looks annoyed here? You should have seen Pete when there was no match report in the paper of N.I's 1-0 away win!

A drowsy Tom during Pitt

On arrival at Stranraer, we were whisked away in cars to our HQ for the day, Stranraer’s hall, where we enjoyed a much needed cup of Coffee or Tea and we also met up with the group that came down from Airdre to help out (despite reports that Beth was driving slowly cautiously). Shortly after, we started into our Leaflet Distribution for the day, some of us headed into villages on the outskirts of Stranraer whereas others targeted the centre of the town. The invites were simply inviting the local people to come  to the services along with a short explanation of why they should return to Church.We arrived back to HQ for Lunch and were greeted by glorious smells which meant that there would be no salad sandwiches served but cocktail sausages and potatoes galore.

Although the Distribution was our main ministry of the day, but we also went into one of the Nursing Homes just up the road from the Church in the afternoon. This was an enouraging time of praise as many of the older folks were able to sing along with the Psalms and Ken Nelson spoke for a short while. After this we dusted off the rest of the leaflets in good time, meaning the total for the day was around 800 distributed.

Capturing a rare photo of Beth!

George, the affectionately named 'Crazy Ken' and Bob

The rest of the day consisted of sharing in a time of fellowship with the members of Stranraer, we had tea together and then a short period of Psalm Singing (from the old Psalter…so of course I messed up quite alot) and before we knew it, the time had come to wave goodbye and head back to the Port.

The way home was a sleepy one, after some consumption of food and games of Pitt we were soon back in Belfast and heading our seperate ways. It was strange being on a GO Team for just a day, the main benefit I felt was the opportunity to encourage the people of Stranraer, they clearly loved having us over and it was nice to be over and help them with their outreach. Much prayer is needed for the future of the congregation however, so please remember this work.

Stephen with the condemned chair in the background!

Connor and Stephen cracking jokes about the Pulpit...

Airdrie Go Team 2010

8 Apr
Updated with Connor Fail Video

The Airdrie Go Team occurs each Easter in order to help the congregation distribute 15,000 invitations for their annual mission. The team that arrived into the on Wednesday 31st March and those arriving with me at “Glasgow” Prestwick were Beverley Nesbitt, Emmaline McCollum, Philip Aicken, Chris Caron and Alanna Carson (although after some luggage confusion back in Belfast she nearly came with the clothes of a 40 year old man). Leader Stephen Steele awaited us in Scotland and we were helped by many involved with the Airdrie congregation including Stephen McCollum, William Johnston, the Fishers, Megan McAleese and C.Quigleys. The horrendous weather that had preceded the team had thankfully subsided and in an answer to prayer God granted us conditions that allowed us to get all the leaflets given out. There were only a few light flakes in the air as distribution began straight after lunch.

Beverley Nesbitt, Alanna Carson and Emmaline “Chinese” McCollum

Taking off from Belfast

Ice Cream van on the same day that there were still snowflakes!

Despite never appearing in the prayer emails Andrew Morrison arrived on Wednesday evening followed by Willy “Dennis Bergkamp” Tate in time to help with leaflets after a great dinner (the food was excellent throughout the week). All team members got an opportunity to attend one of Airdrie’s METs (Bible studies in small groups- Mutual Encouragement Time) and I went on the first night before returning for Phil Aicken’s surprise birthday party which perhaps surprised Andy most of all as he didn’t have a clue who’s birthday it was. The night concluded with some pretty funny April Fool’s pranks which indicated a dramatic change in the RP blogosphere and many congratulations!

Horrifically poor photography from me, sadly I couldn’t really ask that the surprise birthday entrance was repeated!


Throughout the team different guys led our Bible Studies examining the Epistles of John and we spent time in prayer each morning before heading out for leaflet distribution. One lesson I nearly learnt the hard way is that the answer to the question “Rangers or Celtic?” should always be neither no matter which shirt a person’s drunken friends are wearing. The final team member to arrive was Sam “James May” Peilow who arrived on a Friday morning train from Stirling and was the fourth ex-Foyle boy on the team.

Alanna and Willy J

Leaflet Distribution


Hayley gives Stephen a haircut

Sam “James May” Peilow

On Friday evening we got to spend more time with the Airdrie CY as we made some horrific DIY pizzas as a challenge to create the most interesting one with only £5 led to the inclusion of Ox tongue and one with a pancake base. On Saturday morning we completed the leaflet distribution before setting up the Church on the Street stall in the town centre and giving invitations to passers-by. In the late afternoon we went to the “Portstewart of Scotland” – the seaside town of Largs. Along with some of the CY we enjoyed a walk down the coast, a nosy round the Church of Scotland, eating out in a restaurant with an interesting back wall and the town’s famous ice-cream.

Admittedly I was in the team that thought buying a Goodfellas Pizza was allowed!

Poor Carla had to test them

15,000 leaflets finished

Church on the Street

I didn’t even have the courage to pack shorts unlike these two

Emmaline and some drawing of a Covenanter field baptism near Airdrie

What has caught Steelo’s eye?

Caitlan nearly falling into the sea at Largs

CoS in Largs

Entering with caution

John Wallace :), Alexander Gordon :(


Ice Cream time

Sabbath was the highlight of the team and a source of real spiritual refreshment and encouragement. Prayer meeting, Worship and and Church lunch (with the 25th best Irish dancer in the world!) were followed by hearing the testimonies of two church members. Before the Evening service we wrestled with 1 John 5 in the team Bible Study and afterwards there was the traditional Quigley schooling at the Manse where many issues were discussed including the future of the RPCS.

Light reading from the subordinate standard


Inside Church building

On Monday we were given further heart for the church in Scotland by a Covenanter Tour which allowed us to visit many famous sites including the grave of Alexander Peden and the area in which Richard Cameron was killed by the King’s Dragoons. Connor provided great amusement by one ridiculous stunt though sadly the most controversial Reformation site of the last Go Team was not repeated!

Connor Fail

Moor where Cameron was killed

Jimmy at Drumclough just before we had a psalm sing

We arrived back to discover the existence of a great collection of old Messengers in the church building and have the traditional trip to Mr. Kebab before the first night of the Mission. It was very encouraging to see several visitors present at the meeting please keep praying and use the Go Team prayer email to keep updated, the latest one said:

“Please continue to pray for the Airdrie Mission which runs till Friday. Give thanks for a good number of visitors at the 3 evenings so far, some from church backgrounds and some not. Give thanks for good conversations with visitors and pray that they will keep coming back. Pray that the Holy Spirit would work through the preaching of the word to save bad people – which is all of us by nature.”


Recognise anyone?

After some hilarious last night banter we got a few hours of sleep before leaving for the airport in the morning. At the boarding gate a couple of team members were over the weight limit (their baggage, not themselves) and one decided that discarding a psalter was the most efficient choice. An incident surely highlighting the need for a pocket-sized Norris version!

In the past two years the Airdrie Go Team has greatly encouraged me to pray for the work in Scotland and to give thanks for God’s blessing there. Please remember the Mission this week in your prayers, God has used previous Missions to bring many to faith and ask that He would do so again, and please continue to pray for the work in Airdrie, that God would continue to build up the church there so that in the future they would be able to church plant for God’s Glory.

The leaflets

Airdrie Go Team gets the thumbs up from Phil

Shaftesbury Reformed Conference and GO Team

17 Feb

On Wednesday of last week, Shaftesbury Square RPC held it’s approximately annual Reformed Conference. Following on from the two day conference on John Calvin last year, two American speakers had been invited to give an address.  Dr. Joel Beeke, of Puritan Reformed Theological Seminary and author of many books, and Dr. Joesph Pipa from Greenville Presbyterian Theological Seminary gave talks lasting about 45 minutes dealing with doctrinal issues, speaking to the average Church member, rather than just those with a special interest in theology.

Dr. Pipa’s address was on the subject Right with God. You can listen to it online at the Shaftesbury Sermon Audio site, or download it and listen to it on your mp3 player or iPod. After a short interval, Dr. Beeke spoke on Children of God. Again, this can be downloaded from the Sermon Audio website.

There were about 120 people, a very encouraging turn out for Shaftesbury. David McKay noted that of that number, around half were under the age of 30. Stafford Carson, present PCI moderator and speaker at last year’s conference was in attendance. Pray for all who heard the talks, and those who will hear them online, that God will use them to his glory.

Three days later, it was back to Shaftesbury for a one day GO Team. About 20 people assembled in the Church hall on Saturday morning before leaving to give out a flyer advertising the various means of outreach Shaftesbury undertakes to the houses in the areas near the Church building. Unlike other years, it wasn’t snowing, and was actually a very pleasant day, perfect for walking the streets of south Belfast.

The other side advertised the weekly Church services

About 5000 leaflets were given out on the day, leaving about 1000 for Paul and Philip to distribute over the next few weeks. Remember to pray for the lunchtimes services held on Thursdays starting on 4th March and for the men who will speak at those.

Later on that evening, some of the team went to Great Vic. Baptist to hear Stuart Olyott speak.

Ben passing on Joel and Steelo’s regards

The talks are not online yet, but when they are I’d guess you’ll be able to find them here.

Finally, Shaftesbury Fellowship is on tonight, Warren Peel speaking on God The Father. Tea at 6.45, talk around 7.30.

Greenville Presbyterian Theological Seminary

Mission Week at Larne R.P.C

15 Feb

Last night saw the start of the Mission Week going on at Larne.

Rev. Derek Petrie has called in the big guns for what looks set to be a great week of teaching, fellowship and outreach in Larne. After holding a GO Team day on Saturday 30th, invites and advertisements have been going around the town about this week and hopefully much fruit will be seen as a result of this labour.

Take a good note of the outline of the week and do try and attend some of the meetings that are going on. If not, pray for them, pray for the speakers, that as the word is faithfully preached, people will come to know Christ as Saviour and King.

Sun 14th @ 6.30pm
Rev. John Coates – The Vision of the Son of Man (Revelation 1)

Mon 15th @ 8:00 pm
Rev. Dr. Joel Beeke – The New Birth – What Is it? (John 3:3)

Tue 16th @ 8:00pm
Rev. Dr. Dick Knodel – Worthy is the Lamb (Revelation 5)

Wed 17th @ 8:00pm
Rev. Derek Petrie – The Unheeding World, The Undying Church, The Unending Reign (Revelation 8 – 11)

Thu 18th @ 8:00pm
Rev. David Sutherland – The Marriage Supper of the Lamb (Revelation 19)

Fri 19th. Feb., 2010 8:00pm
Rev. David Silversides – The Last Judgement (Revelation 19)

Sat 20th. Feb., 2010 8:00pm
Pastor Trevor Kirkland – Ecclesiates and Christ the Creator (Especially for Young People)

Sun 21st @ 11:30am
Rev. John J. Murray – The New Heaven and The New Earth (Revelation 21)

Sun 21st @ 6:30pm
Rev. John J. Murray – Jesus Christ is Coming! (Revelation 22)

What’s the best thing in Larne?  The Road out of it The Mission Week being held from 14th to 21st! ;)

Letterkenny Go Team 2009

4 Sep


Team: Jonny McCollum (leader), Peter Fallows, James McCullough, Rebekah Throne, Heather McMullan, Catherine McCullough, Carla Quigley (arrived Monday), Andrew Morrison (arrived Thursday) and Stephen Steele (Sunday, Monday and Thursday)

Plus notable cameo appearances from: Prof Robert McCollum, Emma McCluggage, Joel Cromie and Mary-Lynn Cromie


From Dromore, Cullybackey, Stranorlar, Faughan, Faughan, Trinity, Stranorlar, Trinity, Airdrie and Bready respectively

Earlier in the summer a small group of us visited Donegal for a holiday but I knew this week was going to be very different from that week of rest and relaxation.  Arriving for10:15 on Sunday morning for worship I got to the Day Centre where the fellowship meets with the help of Navigator /Cartographer Pete and after the service we all got a chance to get to know the Fellowship over lunch. Sabbath afternoon was spent at the Loughridge’s attaching stickers with contact information and the time of the weekly service to thousands of leaflets before visiting the Presbyterian Church Hall where we would be spending the week encamped on either air beds or two fantastically comfy gymnastic crash mats. A praise service back at the day centre rounded off our first day in Donegal.


Where the day centre is 


Sign outside Day Centre
Steelo arrived seconds after us


Stuart McMahon meets Pete F whilst Heather competes to be the Young Loughridges favourite Go Teamer


The banter was flying


It’s not the leaflet’s arrival that’s got him excited
Where we were staying
Only joking, this is the Presby Hall where we were staying


Pete could have done them all by himself
Testing out the crash mat
The girls’ sleeping quarters

Each morning started with devotions lead by Pastor Mark Loughridge followed by a seminar on seeing our Saviour in different genres of Scripture. I found these very helpful particularly the advice on reading OT prophesy and not focusing on the little details of OT law rather looking primarily for Christ in the text whilst the ways Mark taught us to read the Psalms has changed the way I sing these songs, each of which speaks of Jesus. After the seminars we had a break for a cup of tea and buns although the “schooling” usually continued through conversation until we began our time of prayer. Prayer was main work of the team and each morning we spent time adoring and  thanking God for his goodness for us before bring requests before him for the fellowship, Letterkenny, Donegal and Ireland. Last year in the Milford Go Team report I said that prayer was “the main lesson of the week” and this was true again as I was reminded of how we need to carefully plan and structure our prayers and taught how to use more Scripture whilst praying. I’m becoming more and more convinced that the reason that so many of us struggle in our prayer lives is that we’ve never seriously sat down to structure and plan what we need to bring before God in this blood-bought privilege.


A schooling
Willy T doing some more stickers

After organising our own lunch in the Church Hall we spent the afternoons distributing the “4you” magazines around the town. Pray that God will use the 5,500 given out in the lives of those who read them. Pray that many would contact Mark wanting to explore Christianity further. In the evenings we had dinner at the homes of various members of the fellowship before doing door-to-door evangelism in the evening in which we tried to get people to think about what is really important in life.


Mark picking on Heather again


Carla and her rabbit food


Catherine and Pete looking for lunch


Trying to read the Arabic bit


The magazine


Remember Paudge?


Beka doing magazine distribution


Field agent Willy T returning from duty

Even though it intially looked like the numbers on the team were going to be severely affected before the team started by the dropping out of Robert , Andy and Stephen, we bonded well as a team and I really enjoyed getting to know the other team members. Mark Loughridge and Jonny obviously managed to guilt trip Robert to the extent that he took a break from his Greek and came to help the team with Emma on Tuesday. Carla Quigley arrived on Monday morning to be part of the team though she only intend to stay until Thursday but this plan was soon thwarted by what can only be described as the “Andy Mo Effect” which convinced her to stay until on this side of the Irish Sea until the next Monday. Appartently Andy’s arrival on Thursday was only meant to be temporary but his inability to catch a bus resulted in him joining the rest of us guys on the crash mats. The other team drop-out, Steelo, managed to take three days off from writing his disertation entitled “Houston we have a problem” helping on Sunday, Monday and Thursday whilst the two Cromies managed to secure a place in the team photo after only being present for Wednesday night (our evening off!) and Friday.

As I have repeatedly stated in other reports, I’ve always found I’ve got a lot more out of Go Teams than I’ve ever been able to contribute. We are much indebted to Mark for the time he spent with us, teaching and helping us in our faith. Pray for the team members, that we’ll be able to put into practice what we learned and please remember the Letterkenny work in your prayers. Pray that God will protect and use the core families. Pray that the new converts will continue to grow in their faith. Pray for those Mark is doing Bible Studies with. Pray for Mark ans he preaches and Jonny as he spends  at year in Letterkenny on Short-Term Service.



The Loughridges one evening


I’m sure there’s a logical explanation




Planning our attack


Captain and Commander consult the maps


Beka and Catherine


Indian on Wednesday night


Some struggled with the spicier dishes


Me and Pete


Joel Cromie and Fitch


Andy Mo’s arrival was greeted with excitement by some but by distain from Pete


Mazza-Lazza and Hezza


Andy Mo distracts Mazza-Lazza whilst Joel and I alter numbers on her phone


Cruising to Morellies, but it was shut so we had to wait until Saturday


Willy T and Esther


I think it was because Liverpool had lost


The intellectuals


At the Loughridges


Excited at a sneak peek at September’s new-look Messenger


Table tennis during a few free minutes


Cousin rivalry


Carla and Christine (not Christina as I introduced her as on the Doors!)


Evening debrief at the Loughridges


Saturday morning fry


World’s slowest escaltors


Into positions


Eyes on Pete


Good Times

Thanks to Rebekah for some of the photos

Enniskillen GO Team – What we Learned.

15 Aug

Greetings Readers!Enniskillen Team

Me and James decided that we would do 2 Blog Reports for the ‘Skills’ GO Team this year, for 2 reasons,

1. It was an absolutely beast team.

2. We always hear what goes on during a GO Team but only occasionally we hear of what the team learned from it.

So we at Another King decided we’d give our readers a bit of insight into what all the team learnt from their week down in Co. Fermanagh and try and share it with others. This is to try and give people insight on the spiritual benefits that can be had from going on GO Teams, but also encouragement of seeing our Brothers and Sisters in Christ grow from weeks like this.

Now this is some of the stuff you don’t get in Messenger reports! And yes…I did dig through the archives for some of the photo’s!

Ali GAlistair Rolleston:

Best GO Team ever. Fact. Being set to lead a group of unruly teenagers proved far easier than I thought, as time and time again, they showed personal strength and spiritual maturity, far beyond their years. The Devotions in the evening were really some thing, seeing this group of people grow close by worshipping God through our bond with Christ.

BrennaBrenna McEwen:

The Go Teamwas a great blessing to me. It was amazing to see friends who I have known from a young age now completely focused on Christ, dedicating their lives to serving him. The strength of their faith has been such challenge to me but also an encouragement to know that I can come to anyone of them for spiritual help. One of the main things I have learnt from the week is that the time we have on earth with people is short and this time should be used talking to them about God. This is a week I will never forget, some great memories

JamesJames McCullough:

God really used this team to encourage and spiritually refresh me. I learnt that we must talk more about our Saviour withour fellow believers to learn more and encourage each other. I am grateful to the rest of my team members for being so open and teaching me so much. Getting to know the other GO teamers better has made me really excited about the future of the RP church and taught me that now is the time we need to push on in our faith to become really effective servants of God

Rach WeatherupRachel Weatherup:

Enniskillen GO Team 09 – an absolutely amazing week. Some mighty craic. Psalm Sing and Devotions on the last night were brilliant!! Really such a great blessing to be part of an immense team. Such an encouragement to see God answering prayers throughout the week and the work progressing in Enniskillen. Has really encouraged me to live life more fully and to make the most of every opportunity

Elise AllenElise Allen:

The most amazing week of my life, I found the psalm singing, morning and evening devotions the most amazing ones ever. The team was such a blessing and the fellowship we enjoyed together. It was so wonderful. It was a privilege to have been a part of this GO Team and I will remember it always.

Joel Cromie:Joeline

Definitely up there with one of the best weeks of my life. Really enjoyed each night’s deovtions and it was particularly good to have such fellowship with Christians my age, I really enjoyed getting to know the Fellowship in Enniskillen and thoroughly enjoyed getting schooled by William Armstrong in the art of deception!

Hannah DrennanHannah Drennan:

Truly brilliant week! Fellowship was fantastic, particularly the late night craic! Spilling and slagging was cracker. I was really blessed by the excitement on the team for Christ and for the work we were doing. The prayers during evening devotions were incredible and a great idea. Such a GO Team!

Alastair McCollum:

Ali and Elmo Balloon

Some thing I was challenged with right before we had left for Enniskillen, “you’re not going on holiday, you’re going to serve.” A fantastic challenge that I resolved that I would try and carry out all throughout the week, and I must say, I found it a pleasure and privelege to be serving Christ and His church down in Enniskillen, taking opportunities to show love of Christ to the elderly in the Nursing Homes and talk to fellow team members of spiritual things and learning from them. In all the various ministries we carried out, I recieved so much from them, especially the show, was challenged by so many lost souls drifting past me, mindlessly rejecting what I had to say to them, it was a good reminder of why we were there. Phenomenal week with many great memories.

Windswept Mary LynnMary-Lynn Cromie:

Most emotional psalm-sing/prayer time, ever! Really encouraging week; it was such a blessing to be part of (unofficially) a team that really shone for Christ.

Tim McCollum:The Lads

I was astonished at hearing Robert Robb shout out his car window, “GO ON TIM!” Some thing I thought i’d never hear. Any way, I really enjoyed the morning Bible Studies, as Robert was speaking about different articles of furniture in the Tabernacle, particularly the Ark of the Covenant, how they all point forward to Christ. Also a great reminder in the week to be like shining stars in dark places, with our attitude and the things that we say.

Heather M

Heather McMullan:

A really great week, I am really blessed to have been on this team where every one was working for the glory of God. It had some amazing prayer times where I learned so much and I really loved the psalm sing that brought in my Birthday in the early hours of Saturday!

Rebecca McCullough:Rebecca looking Scared

I don’t really think that I can sum this week up. The bant was amazing and getting to know my brothers and sisters in Christ even better was fantastic. The evening devotions were incrediable, looking around the room seeing and hearing my brothers and sisters in Christ praising the almighty God.  I was challenged spiritually so much this week. Our time on earth is short. We have to tell people about God now, we have to live for him now, we have to start serving him now. Also that this God we serve and worship is the real and the living God, this week reminded me of that. It was an amazing week.

So I hope you have learned from the experiences and memories of the team.

Psalm 72 vs. 16

‘And blessed be his glorious name,

to all eternity.

O may His glory, fill the earth.

Amen, so let it be.’

Enniskillen Go Team 2009

11 Aug

“O see how good it is;

it pleasant is as well,

when those who brothers are, as one,

in unity do dwell.” Psalm 133v1


James McCulllough, Rachel Weatherup, Brenna McEwen, Joel Cromie, Hannah Drennan, Cameron Allen, Mary-Lynn Cromie, Rebecca McCullough, Tim McCollum, Alastair McCollum, Alistair Rolleston, Elise Allen and Heather McMullan

One of the things which made the Enniskillen Go Team really special was the great sense of team unity. As most of us knew each other before the Go Team and I hoped that this would lead to a week full of proper conversations as we learnt more and more about God from each other. I was not at all disappointed. The congregation kindly rented a fantastic holiday home for us all to stay in and proved a valuable retreat at the end of our busy days.


 Bren of Green Gables


 Front of house


Back of the House

We all arrived on Saturday afternoon, despite team co-cordinator Alistair Rolleston being late, and we had a little time to settle-in before entertaining some of the young people from the congregation in our house. The locals were introduced to Ah-Saw-Oo before Cromie Joel gave a never-to-be-forgotten performance in Gestures. After supper Ali McCollum tried to break his nose during an epic game of Sardines before we all went to bed knowing a busy week was ahead of us.

 There were many RP visitors at the Sunday morning service held in the Clinton Centre with the congregation being bolstered by the presence of the Go Team, the Sommervilles, Jack and Synthia Williamson (who read the blog!) and the Wilsons. A Congregational lunch was held back at the Gables and there were also three periods of prayer during the day; the congregation’s normal prayer times before each service and a Go Team prayer time during the afternoon. As Robert Robb was away baptising a young Sutherland, Raymond Farrell preached in the evening and upon returning home the Go Team had a time of Psalm Singing.

 Each morning began with a Bible Study on the furniture in the Old Testament Tabernacle and Robert explained how it all points to our Saviour. On Monday we gave out some leaflets, returned for a brief bite of lunch, visited a nursing home and then gave out more leaflets before tea. Upon arrival at the Nursing Home we noticed that we were heralded as “Rev Robert Robb and his choir” so we felt a little under pressure to live up to the tag as we sang some Psalms. That evening we went bowling with members of the congregation in an effort to get to know them better and the Go Team travelled home via Enniskillen’s Green McDonalds. Every evening one of the boys on the team explained a Psalm for evening devotions and after singing the Psalm we had a time of team prayer.


 Not as good as Rob Robb’s shuffling


 First nursing home was on a bit of a hill


 Houses and Leaflets – we had to try to get three leaflets through each letterbox!

The Go Team was planned to coincide with the annual Enniskillen Agricultural Show and half the team set up the Church’s stall during Tuesday Morning. The Show began that afternoon and continued to 10 o’clock in the evening and in our exhibit we had a book stall, a bit of Covenanter history, free tea and coffee, free literature and children’s craft. The craft proved very popular and served its purpose of drawing children in so that we could start conversations with their parents. Good conversations were also had with the people manning other stalls and we were encouraged by the presence of other stalls spreading the Gospel message. Give thanks to God for the conversations explaining the Gospel to unbelievers and encouraging Christians in their faith. Pray that many make contact with the church and would attend the Irish Music evening to be held in early September.


 Cromie Poser


 Hannah getting schooled in the art of construction by Ian McCaughan


 Do not allow Tim near powertools




 Loving the badges


 “Oh that’s my favourite name” 


Go on my son/ Ali G thinking of a sad song 
 Ian and Irene – Legends 
 Mazza-Lazza doing an impersonation


 In action


 Our leader (loving the GOATee)

Wednesday was another hard day’s work at the show with leaflet distribution and a visit to another nursing home taking place. During the day at the show a conversation that I found very encouraging occured between a team member a backsliden Christian who stated that when she looked at the young people at the stall she knew God was real because she could see it in our faces, because she could see the joy in Christ in our eyes. Pray that this may be true of each of us not merely on a Go Team but throughout life.  In the evening there was a Soiree for the congregation and friends which comprised of a table quiz (in which Cromie Joel’s team scored 0 in the Bible Knowledge round), a few musical pieces from team members and Robert Robb, and the Armstrong family magic act.


 Ali McCollum wants to be Ali G


Giving it stacks


 Ready for the 12th


 The audience


 Confused Tim in the William Armstrong act
Introduction was almost Ali G-like

By Thursday we were exhausted but thankfully we were given us the afternoon off after helping run a local childrens’ club in the morning and we all visited the grounds of the local Castlecoole (pronounced Castlecoolie by Rebecca). The eagerly anticipated five-a-side football occurred that night and gave us the oppertunity to get to know a few guys who the church has had contact with. Supper was visit to a Chinese recommended by the locals before we all returned to base camp.


 Kids club 
 Oh Danny boy 


 Party Boy?/ Go on Tim!


 Happy Tim 
 Hannah still gloating about her slide tackle on Tim

 Having finished most of Skilz town and rapidly running out of leaflets we went to Ballinmallard for our final morning of distribution. We had our last psalm singing visit to a nursing home and after some street evangelism we were given a couple of hours to relax/frantically tidy before the congregation arrived for an end-of-week BBQ. Thank God for the good attendance and for the time spent getting to know our brothers and sisters in Christ. It was a great evening with food to match and proved a fitting finale to the week. The last evening devotions were extended to include a psalm sing at the request of Heather, who turned 21 at midnight, and we took time to bring each other before God in prayer.


I decided against “Oh”ing this picture


 We’re normal people – honest!


 Carlsberg don’t do open airs…

Looking round the room at my brothers and sisters in Christ seeing the joy on their faces, hearing them sing the Psalms with passion and listening to them give thanks to God for each other and plead with tears for God to bless their fellow team members made that evening truly unforgetable. Another Go Teamer said something of great significance after we drew the evening to a close – “I can’t wait for heaven”. I heartily agreed with them but I was also challenge by how often I am not eagerly anticipating the return of Christ, how rarely the words “Come soon Lord Jesus” are on my lips. Upon reflection I think this can often be because we get caught up in the passing pleasures of this life. On the Enniskillen Go Team we were looking forward excitedly to the return of Christ because our joy that week was in serving and honouring him. We tasted a joy higher than anything this world has to offer. When our joy is in the things of God it is not hard to live with eternity in mind. We tasted real joy in Christ.


Some of these should really be further up in the post but you’ll get over it


summer 09 112
 I’m actually grimacing


 Go on Tim!


“Two dipsticks” and Rach


Hezza wonders whether Tim’s asleep
summer 09 097
 Shades time
 Where is my Psalter!


James feels like Andy Mo/ GMcF 

summer 09 096

He should have looked both ways before crossing

summer 09 086

The real team leader reading out the dishes rota

summer 09 085

 Tim and Heazzah chillaxing


“I’m not going to do a big introduction” – Cue Cheers


Insert Ginger Joke of your choice


McLovin it


Tim acting the Goat




I’m with stupid


Still needs Mum to dress him


Brendog gutted at the closure of the local Spar


I can’t believe we didn’t have real Butter!

summer 09 120

 “Right, here’s the plan, you sit very still and I’ll jump on it”


  Believe it or not Rob Robb’s at the bottom


 Last night banter 


 “I need to buy you MORE milk?!” 


 Peden –  he eats episcopalian ladybirds 


 “Bun and I just saw photographic evidence of girls playing spinnies on enniskillen go team. What is the world comin to? Shame on u and ur family for this outrage!” Mark McCavery


 In my defence I argued against the inclusion of girls


 Go on Tim! 


 Ali and Elmo 


 New contender for most original team photo


 Saturday morning fry 
summer 09 122
 The traditional photo minus Balaclava


“James McCullough is an absolute goat” – Robert Robb

“Where are those two dipsticks?” – Robert Robb

“GO ON TIM! *pause* that was good” – Robert Robb

“Be Gentle” – Tim McCollum

“I’m tired” “Samers” – Old lady and Brenna

“Have you touched her?” – Tim McCollum

“On your feet, lose your seat” – Heather McMullan

“You Goat!” – Joel Cromie

“Country banter” – Many

“Oh!” – All

“I thought people liked my introductions!” – Alistair Rolleston