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Dromore Champions League 2010

7 Aug

Please pray for our Champions League Holiday Bible Club taking place next week. Pray that God would bring children along to the event and ask for his blessing on those organising the football and giving talks.

Other news:

As WordPress has become more Facebook friendly you can now “like” posts on Another King. You’ll see the “like” button above the comments section on each post. Though I suppose I shouldn’t be encouraging such time-wasting – see Dad’s blog.

Fantasy Football 2011

6 Aug

Join the RP Championship or the Another King league on the official Barclays Premierleague Fantasy Football. If you’ve any problems just ask.

RP Championship code: 547436-130699

Another King code: 547436-130703

Sky Sports’ compilation of the climax of last season. This year’s drama begins on August 14th.

World Cup Fantasy Football

5 Jun

Apologies to non-football fans for this glut of World Cup posts.

The World Cup Fantasy Football sponsored by McDonalds has kicked off on the FIFA website, CLICK HERE TO PLAY.

Sign up , come up with a good team name, pick your players and join leagues. Andrew Morrison won the Euro 2008 tournament but will anyone be able to break the dominance of Jonathan McKelvey who has won the RP fantasy league in the past two seasons. In addition all readers of the blog are welcome to join the Another King league which will be scored on a Head-to-Head basis. You have unlimited free transfers until the tournament starts.

League Passwords

RP Championship 164739-39179

Another King 313107-95825

Make sure to read our World Cup preview posts for useful tips!

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Part 3 (Due Monday)

Another King and Election Day

6 May

Updated with a few thoughts of my own at the bottom

This is merely a link to two sources more qualified  to write on this issue.

Stephen Steele has posted a portion of an essay he wrote during his History MA.

“…no member of the Reformed Presbyterian Church can vote at a Parliamentary Election and be an honest man; for either he has made vows and professions which he believes to be wrong, or he has broken vows which he believes to be right.”

Reformed Presbyterian Church of Ireland Synod 1893

Jim Murdoch on behalf of the Loughbrickland RPC session has written an article entitled “Honouring Christ With Our Vote” with the tagline “there is another king, one Jesus” (Acts 17:7).

“But we must ask: is there anywhere a candidate who is committed to practical dissent from the Christ-dishonouring aspects of the constitution and a return to the obligations of the Solemn League and Covenant? Has any made even the slightest public assertion of the rights of Jesus Christ over politics as King of nations? We have not heard of any such. This silence means that loyalty to King Jesus requires we vote for no-one. “Now therefore why speak ye not a word of bringing the king back?” (2 Samuel 19:10). “

Loughbrickland RPC

A few thoughts:

  • If an RP decides that this is now a matter of conscience (something of which I am not persuaded) then surely they should not publicly flaunt their view that it is acceptable  to vote without seeking to justify doing so by the testimony’s criteria. Doing so would definitely not be showing a teachable and submissive spirit.
  • We should not major on the minors. This is a minor issue. It should not be handled in the same  manner as key doctrines of the faith but neither should it be ignored.
  • I applaud the Loughbrickland session for providing clarification for their members and think that a denomination-wide consideration of what is biblical in the 21st century might be a good idea. Looking at the length of time coalition governments can sometimes last this may be need before the customary 4 or 5 year term.

Cromie Blogger

4 Feb

Robert welcomed by old man Ali

Cromie has joined Another King and even though he may have signed up primarily to look at the stats , I’m sure you’ll be looking forward to contributions from the Donegal man.

Another King

10 Oct

DO NOT REFRESH YOUR WEBPAGE, this is actually a spiritual post on Renwick F.C’S Website

R.P.C Banner

After I was allowed to give Another King a sufficient plug in Lisburn RPC’s church quarterly newsletter, the ratings shot up, I recieved quite a bit of interest from some of the congregation members (so a big shout out to any one reading from Lisburn!).

However, the attention that intrigued me most was from Uncle Robert (or some other names you may know him by, the Prof, Rev. Robert McCollum etc.) He handed me a small booklet the week after we were chatting about the blog, entitled ‘Christ’s Church, a Covenant People.’ This was a booklet that was produced back in 1982, way back when the Falklands War was occuring, Double Stuffed Oreo’s were invented and Channel 4 was first broadcasted. Also when Jermaine Defoe, Tyson Gay and Monty Panesar were all born.

It contained all of the talks that were given during the first Reformed Presbyterian International Conference that was held in Kerrykeel Guest House which had an attached caravan site, Co. Donegal. Not unlike Castlewellan, they also had a big marquee, which actually blew down while the Conference was being held there! The Convention was attended by members of the Church from Australia, Canada, Cyprus, U.S.A, Scotland and Ireland.

Front Cover of the Booklet

Front Cover of the Booklet

It was fantastic to look through this booklet and see a week that clearly would have blessed the Church, not only at home, but world wide. Looking from the contents list, (see pictures below,) some of the speakers and topics look very interesting and challenging, one that would have benefitted every one there. I was also told that during the same week, Senoir Camp (for 16+) took place at the same venue, imagine the rich blessings that would have been recieved at that time. A time where both young and old people in the Church were benefitting from the teachings of God’s word and the fellowship they could enjoy with one another.

Contents Page-The order of the Talks during the Week

Contents Page-The order of the Talks during the Week

The next thing that Uncle Robert highlighted to me was the title on the first page, and this was pretty cool.

First Page of the Booklet

First Page of the Booklet

Yes, the first address at the International Conference in 1982, was on Another King, speaking of Christ, our great Saviour, High Priest, Redeemer and Lord. If you haven’t already found out why we decided to call our blog this, check out the “About” section on the home page.

Some of the photo’s from inside the Booklet: (looking at these makes me realise how long ago 1982 was!)

Professor Edward Donnely, Minister of Trinty RPC, Professor of New Testament Language and Literature

Professor Edward Donnely, Minister of Trinty RPC, Professor of New Testament Language and Literature

Professor Leahy, then minister of Kilraughts and Professor of Systematic Theology at the Theological Hall, Belfast

Professor Leahy, then minister of Kilraughts and Professor of Systematic Theology at the Theological Hall, Belfast

Adam Loughridge on 'Our Covenant Heritage'

Professor Adam Loughridge on 'Our Covenant Heritage', former Minister at Cregagh Road RPC and Professor of Pastoral Theology

Looking back on this booklet, is not only great for nostalgia, but also thinking of how God must have used a great week to benefit many people’s life, so internationally, all the people could go back to their own chuches and homes and share in their experiences and in their learning about God and his Covenant People.

So a quick reminder, are we praying for the next international conference? Remember the speaker, the fellowship, the learning we can do, the new venue of Gartmoor, the travel arrangements, all these things should be brought to God in prayer before hand, for it is He who will bless them all.  Keep a look out for future posts on a report on Gartmoor from special guest writers!

Hope you have enjoyed this dip into the past here on Another King, if you were at that particular conference and find yourself reading the blog, please leave a comment and why not fill us in on some memories?

CY Summer Conference 2009

2 Sep

The official end to an RP’s Summer is signalled by the CY Summer Conference for young people from across the denomination and despite very little sleep, 1 1/2 hours drive and detours via the Morrison and Fallows residences I arrived with Andy, Joel and Pete F in time for the 3pm kick-off in Portrush. Prof Robert McCollum was speaking at Glenmanus whilst Robert McCollum Jnr spoke to the U16 at the traditional venue of Ballyclabber where 2 of my younger siblings benefited greatly from his teaching. The theme for the day was Church Membership, an issue about which many believers today fail to realise its true importance. In the afternoon Professor McCollum explained the biblical basis for visible membership in the local church and told us of the significance of the vows of membership. Then at tea-time RP’s scattered across the North Coast in search of food before regrouping at Ballyclabber RPC for the evening meeting where the Prof told us of the potential of a church with a committed membership and gave us a checklist showing us what a committed member looks like.

What does a committed member look like?

1. Commitment to the head of the Church, King Jesus

2. Commitment to the doctrine of the Church

3. Commitment to the worship of the Church

4. Commitment to the prayer life of the Church

5. Commitment to the finances of the Church

6. Commitment to the members of the Church

7. Commitment to the outreach of the Church

Afterwards Morellies of Portstewart was invaded by Covenanters and the rain failed to prevent the usual visit to the playpark. This conference reminded me that God has blessed the RPCI with many gifted and godly preachers who provide real spiritual sustenance. How often do we take the gift of preachers for granted? We ought to continually thank God for this  and pray that God will continue to provide us with men for the ministry of the calibre of the speakers at this conference.



Glenmanus RPC after the first talk


Better than Mr Chips


Chip-shop regular Alastair explains the finer details to Amy and Ruth


 Andy Mo acquires drinks

summer 373

 Ben realises his chips are finished

summer 374

 Deliberating about going for a walk

summer 375

 Leading the way/ Romantic stroll

summer 376

 South African Pete with Hannah, Ruth and Amy

summer 377

 Trying (and failing) to get back before the rain

summer 380

 While Gavin’s back is turned…

summer 381

 Slug, Hayley and Alison loving the Morellies

summer 384

 Brenna disproving her camp song

summer 395 

 Playpark banter

 Thanks to Brenna for most of the photos.

Other News

Fan of Gregg?

Great news! You can now join the We Love Gregg group on Facebook created by Tom and Jen. At the Summer Conference Gregg brought my Bible and Psalter which I had left behind at Ballyclabber to the gathering at Portstewart so I signed up without a moment’s hesitation.

Termonscotland Update

All of Another King’s writers have now successfully applied for the Covenanter International Holiday Conference to be held in Scotland next summer. The closing date for applications isn’t until January but as spaces are filling up I’d advise sending the form off sooner rather than later especially if you want a place in the House in order to ensure that you are as far away from our tent as possible!