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Watch Airdrie Sermons Online

10 Jan

Meant to do this post a while ago but better late than never.

Airdrie RPCS has joined Dromore and Enniskillen in filming their services and Connor has been uploading them to Vimeo. Below is Rev. Andrew Quigley’s most recent sermon entitled “Which Road?”.

You can find more Airdrie sermons here.

Rev. Stephen Neilly

29 Jun

Former minister of 3rd Portglenone Presbyterian, Rev. Stephen Neilly, applied to become a minister of the Reformed Presbyterian Church of Ireland at Synod earlier this month. It was decided that he would be available for a call from next January. Rev. Neilly preached in Dromore recently and I thought some of you might be interested to see who he is and watch his two sermons from Luke 9.

The Psalm of Dying Jesus

24 May

This is a 2 minute clip from Rev. David McCullough’s sermon entitled “The Trial, Trust and Triumph” on Psalm 22.

Watch the full sermon or download the mp3.

Dromore RPC Sermon Videos

23 Mar

On the Dromore RPC website you may have seen that we’ve started recording sermons in video. It’s still a work in progress and there’ll be improvements made but I thought I’d let you know in case you wanted to watch the sermons online or download the video in MP4 to watch on your ipod.

Download mp4

All sermons are still of course available in audio.

We Are All Theologians

13 Mar

Is it right to ever say “I’m not a theologian”? Whilst we may never compare to the great minds associated with the term we are all called to study God.

This is a promotion video for Josh Harris’ latest book Dug Down Deep.

(HT: Josh Harris)

Learn to Love Correction

11 Sep

I’ll go so far as to describe this video as potentially life changing. It is only as we realise the truth Josh Harris is talking about that we can truly become as iron sharpening iron and putting this message into practice will radically change all our relationships with other people.

“If we wait for perfect people to show up to point our errors and our flaws, we’ll die as fools”

(HT: Take your Vitamin Z) Learning To Love Correction from Covenant Life Church on Vimeo.