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Keller – Secularisation isn’t Simple

6 May

(HT: The Resurgence, MI7:7)

Often Christians fall into the same trap as militant atheists. We pessimistically assume that secularisation has become an inevitable process and force any evidence into this concept.

It’s not that simple.

We do live in an increasingly irreligious society but at the same time we see growing devotion and missionary zeal amongst God’s people.

Don’t panic about falling worship figures in liberal denominations or the wanning influence of the Church of England.

Part of what you’re seeing is the death of the “mushy middle” and, like Keller, I’m not convinced its a bad thing.

Watch Airdrie Sermons Online

10 Jan

Meant to do this post a while ago but better late than never.

Airdrie RPCS has joined Dromore and Enniskillen in filming their services and Connor has been uploading them to Vimeo. Below is Rev. Andrew Quigley’s most recent sermon entitled “Which Road?”.

You can find more Airdrie sermons here.

Mark Loughridge on Suffering

4 Oct

Pastor Mark Loughridge of New Life Fellowship, Letterkenny, and Milford RPC spoke at our church conference day this year. He addressed the theme of the Christian and Suffering. These talks are available in video and mp3 format.

(Sadly the video recording cut out during the last point but all was recorded as an mp3)

Things That Waste Our Suffering

Trusting Amidst Suffering

Too Easily Pleased

17 Sep

(HT: All4God)

An important C.S. Lewis quote brought to life through a Desiring God video.

Senior Camp 2010 Video

12 Jul

Full report tomorrow – 20092008

Gareth has some videos from Monday night up

Why Your Church Doesn’t Feel Like A Family

25 Jun

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I Shall Not Want

15 Jun

A short clip from the sermon “The LORD is my Shepherd” preached by Rev. David McCullough at our Precommunion service last Friday. You can also download the sermon mp3.

Last time I posted  a link I claimed that you could now subscribe to a feed of Dromore’s sermon Mp3’s though it might not have worked. Now I think I’ve resolved the issues and you should be able to receive the latest sermons via iTunes or other Podcast receiving software.

Latest Sermons

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Beautiful Iceland Volcano Timelapse

22 May

This is best watched on full screen.

(HT: Nathan W. Bingham)

“May the glory of the LORD endure forever;
may the LORD rejoice in his works,
who looks on the earth and it trembles,
who touches the mountains and they smoke!
I will sing to the LORD as long as I live;
I will sing praise to my God while I have being.” Psalm 104:31-33

How to Walk on Water

17 May

Surely this isn’t real?

We Are All Theologians

13 Mar

Is it right to ever say “I’m not a theologian”? Whilst we may never compare to the great minds associated with the term we are all called to study God.

This is a promotion video for Josh Harris’ latest book Dug Down Deep.

(HT: Josh Harris)