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BBC Inconsistency

1 Nov

Along with all other sentient creatures I am utterly fed up of hearing about the lewd antics of Russell Brand and Jonathan Ross. I am also fed up with the description of their actions as “school boy”, any prank phone calls which I have ever made or laughed at, have been of far greater sophistication and intellect! Despite my continuing gripe that the actions of two overpaid “comedians” received more news coverage than the humanitarian crisis in Congo, I have at last come across an article that is actually worth reading regarding the furore.

“The BBC has, finally, taken action over the lewd behaviour of two high-paid presenters. But when lewd remarks were made about Christ and his followers, the BBC didn’t budge an inch.

In 2005 the BBC’s decision to broadcast Jerry Springer the Opera sparked national outrage and led to over 60,000 complaints to the Beeb – twice the number received over the Brand-Ross affair.

Here, we compare the two incidents and how the BBC responded.”

Read the whole article from the Christian Institute.