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Senior Camp Reunion Talks Online

24 Feb

(HT: Carla’s blog, she’s also got some new photos from the weekend)

The spiritual food was even better!

Warren Peel’s talks are now available to download. They’ve appeared on the RPC website only shortly before the Messenger report of the weekend (rumours suggest you might get it this Sunday). If you were there you’ll undoubtedly be eager to listen again and if you missed Reunion don’t spurn the opportunity to put these on your mp3 player.

Prayer as Spiritual Warfare

Be a Good Soldier of Jesus Christ

Know your Enemy

Fight the Good Fight

(If you need any more encouragement to listen check out Philip’s summaries of the talks)

Senior Camp Reunion 2010

10 Feb

Post by Cromie, captions from James and photo selection from Andy. Now with more photos.


– People arrive. People note the absence of two siblings of two AK authors and put 2 + 2 together.

– Warren sets the bar pretty high with the first of three ultra-challenging talks on prayer. I honestly can’t remember being rebuked and chastened as much as this by the talks at any previous reunion. Throughout the weekend, Warren urges us to resolve to transform our prayer lives, starting now, to rely on the most important weapon in our arsenal as we enter into spiritual warfare. We’ll link the talks once they appear online. Essential listening.

– The end of an era. Offy’s final quiz. Johnny and I form the two-man Tír Chonaill Titans, only to be spurned by several other people joining. Settling for an infinitely inferior name, (The Team Formerly Known As Prince) fails to do justice to the mass of intellectual potential we assembled, and finishes joint third. Other highlights include giving people marks out of 100, and glamorous assistant Claire Wilson losing all of her credibility by citing the Daily Mail as her source on what is a spice and what isn’t.

Cromie does an impersonation of Aaron Bell

The girls were queuing up for Tom.

– Interrogation commences in Room 17, with disappointing, if predictable, results.

– How do you like your coffee?

The food cooked by the Wilsons was outstanding

Quiz time


Porridge. What a delicious innovation.

Robert gives porridge the thumbs up

– Warren delivers his second talk. I don’t want to go into detail, because it would be better if you just listened to each of them.

LGS Pete Fallows loses 3-22 to Ballymena Academy, sending shockwaves through the world of schools rugby.

Invictus Pete making yet another tackle

– Ben and I don’t go back to play for Grange 2nds, due to a mechanical catastrophe befalling the Flowermobile. Thankfully, Saturday afternoon football at Ballyclabber is a more than adequate replacement. Michael Hawthore and Jordan Armstrong put in stand-out performances, Tim emulates Jens Lehmann, and the possibility of a transfer to Bayern Eunuchs is opened up for Andy Mo. Sporty girls and Luke play v’ball in the hall, other girls go shopping, while others still stay behind in Ballintoy to watch some predictably lame egg-chasing.

Waiting for a football to be acquired

Pete about to munch Steelo

Girls doing whatever girls do

Spoilt for choice

They like him for his wit.

– After dinner, another excellent schooling from Warren. Listen.

– Saturday Night Take-Away is replaced by a murder mystery, which actually turns out to be quite compelling. My dreams of becoming a hotshot detective are dashed when I run out of ideas after just one question. Sadly, the final result is an anti-climax, as girl-scout Chip is found guilty, with his murder motive pretty confusing. Rev. Brian Rankin disgracefully gets off scot free.

The line up

Quizing Lawyer Debs

– Robert Robb makes a “joke” at the expense of the previous camp leaders, resulting in widespread bemusement, especially from their offspring present.

– The departure of my two favourite committee members, Offy and Brian, is confirmed. Tears are choked back.

A brief visit from bearded Joel

– Another King hereby apologise to anyone who was disturbed by certain people and their eating styles over the weekend. It won’t probably will happen again.

– Interrogation continues in Room 17, with disappointing, if predictable, results. Also, we are only sort of shown a good time.

Luke and Tim


– Ballymoney is our destination for morning worship today. However the timetable isn’t changed from last year’s debacle, meaning we are left with enough time to get to Limavady.


– Sara McMullan earns my eternal respec’ for her drawing skills.

– The ladies of Ballymoney provide a cracking lunch. Sadly, John doesn’t do the vote of thanks.

– Following a cracker Psalm-sing, people go home.

*The main points from Rev. Warren Peel’s talk are available on MI7:7*