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Enniskillen Leaflet Distribution

2 Mar

Last Saturday morning there was extensive literature distribution in Enniskillen to coincide with the RP church holding their first services in the Clinton Centre on Sunday.


Setting out from Dromore at some unearthly hour (9 ish)


Jimmy F just before we zipped past the Geoff-mobile



The eager crowd descend upon Tesco


Lieutenant Allen and Commander Robb organise the troops




Our assigned areas including the interestingly named “Lovers Lane”. Imagine having to give that as your address. How embarrassing.


It turns out “Lovers Lane” is up near Portora


There was a house with this as its back garden. So I just had to stop and take a photo. This probably made me look a bit weird and possibly has made the occupants think RPs are weirdos so I thought I’d better at least use it. 


Men on a mission. S.Wilson, D.McCullough, M.Patterson, J.Frazer.


Location of the Clinton Centre, so-called because it was opened by President Bill Clinton in 2002.

Enniskillen Reformed Presbyterian Church Website


From Mr Piper to Mr President

29 Jan

John Piper’s passionate plea and promise of prayer for the newly inaugurated President.

Is the the World a safer place?

10 Jan

There are only days left of George Bush’s presidency which have spanned the previous eight years. I am interested to see how you believe he has affected the world.

George Bush

I’m voting no and believe that as leader of the Free World Bush has made the planet a more dangerous place to live.

President Obama

6 Nov

Having received constructive criticism that this blog is becoming overly political I have been trying to resist the temptation to write a post regarding the US Presidential elections. The reality is that if you are interested in the subject there are alot of christian bloggers, more wise and eloquent than myself, who have been giving their perspective on the issue. Despite this I cannot resist them temptation to pass comment any longer but I am restraining myself to three brief points about the election of America’s 44th President.

1) Obama is not the Saviour America needs, Jesus is.

2) The media may wish to report this as a moral victory drawing a line under the wrongs of the past in the United States and as we realise that Rosa Parks, the Bus Boycotts and Martin Luther King is within living memory, I too am excited that a black man can now be President. However this is not a moral victory. Equality on the basis of skin colour may have been achieved but the US has now clearly shown their support for brutal discrimination on the basis of where a person is living. If you are an occupant of an American womb pro-abortion Obama does not believe you have the right to life.

3) God is Sovereign, remember Daniel 2:21.