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UK Abortion Advert

21 May

“Take no part in the unfruitful works of darkness, but instead expose them.” Ephesians 5:11

The first advertising break during Monday night’s heavily promoted “The Million Pound Drop: Live” will include an advertisement by the abortion provider Marie Stopes International. Although the advert will not mention the word “abortion” it points people towards the organisation’s 24-hour helpline. This advert will run until the end of June is clearly offering abortion advice. SPUC rightly describe it as trivialising the issue of abortion. A procedure which took away the life of 215,975 UK babies in 2008 and harms many women will be promoted like new brand of cheese or a Slimfast diet.

A still from the advert

According to the Newsletter, Channel 4 have chosen not to broadcast the 30-second clip in Northern Ireland because abortion remains effectively illegal on this island. The exclusion of NI should not stop us voicing our opposition to this advertisement. We should respond sensitively to women in difficult situations but abortion is never the answer.

Read more from the Christian Institute.

Would You Want Heaven Without Jesus?

31 Mar

A provocative question posed by John Piper that reveals where our joy really is and whether we are truly born again.

(HT: Take Your Vitamin Z)

What made it OK for God to kill women and children in the Old Testament?

10 Mar

Reading passages in the Old Testament we can often be appalled by the large extent of the loss of human life. John Piper offers this helpful answer to a question often raised by these parts of the Bible.

Totally Like Whatever, You Know?

20 Feb

Piper described this poem by Taylor Mali as “Serious humour. It’s a God issue.”

Don’t talk as if you’ve got no convictions rather “say what you believe in a manner that bespeaks the determination with which you believe it”.

You Were Made For Global Missions

7 Jan

“Everyone of you who confesses Jesus as Lord of the Universe signs up for a significance beyond what any of you ever dreamed…”

Christmas Presents

26 Dec

Here’s some internet freebies you might enjoy. Think of this as Another King’s Christmas present to you!


From Don’t Waste Your Life and The Resurgence.


A great tune from Northern Irish band Goodbye Pluto- Fall from Grace


Calvin and Hobbes on the economy

Christian satire as Unreached People Groups Everywhere Rejoice over New NIV Translation

Videos of Facebook at the Altar and What Will We Know About the Beetles in the Year 3000?


Dad on How to Be Successful

Mark Loughridge’s Letters on Relationships

These real life letters are probably the best pieces of relationship advice I’ve ever read.

John Piper’s biographies. I’d especially recommend Calvin, Paton and Judson.


Here’s four sermons I’ve downloaded and found very helpful in the past year.

Stuart Olyott- Here Am I Send Me

Tim Keller- Finding God

John Piper- If You Believe Moses, You Would Believed Me

Prof. Donnelly- The Cross and Mission

From Mr Piper to Mr President

29 Jan

John Piper’s passionate plea and promise of prayer for the newly inaugurated President.