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Evening Worship Because of Your Elders

29 Mar

The penultimate reason from Rev. David McCullough’s leaflet entitled “Why Evening Worship?”

Church isn’t about serving yourself, it’s a family

6. Because we are Under the Authority of Elders

One of the curses of our day and age is the spirit of individualism that says I will do what suits me and I am accountable to no one but myself.  Biblical Christianity is to liberate us from this selfish and self centred mindset.  When God in His loving kindness saves us He sets us in a church family.  In that church family Christ has delegated His authority to the elders who are called to lead and organise the life of the church.

Elders in every local church will at the end of their lives give account as to how they have led, fed and nurtured the people of God.  Our responsibility is to honour those whom God has placed in authority over us.  If they have decided before God that public worship is beneficial twice on the Lord’s day then it is our duty to seek to honour them in that.  Obey your leaders and submit to their authority.  They keep watch over you as men who must give an account.  “Obey them so that their work will be a joy, not a burden, for that would be of no advantage to you.” (Hebrews 13:17)

Part 1- Because of the Glory of God

Part 2- Because Jesus is There

Part 3- Because It’s the Lord’s Day

Part 4- Because of Each Other

Part 5- Because of Our Witness

Evening Worship Because Jesus is There

23 Feb

Second reason from Rev. David McCullough’s leaflet answering the question “Why Evening Worship?”.

2. Because of the Presence of Christ

The psalmist writes I love the house where you live, O Lord.  The place where Your glory dwells. (Psalm 26:8)   God does not live in any building made by the hands of men.  He does reside by His Spirit amongst His people.  Where Christ’s people are, He is in the midst of them.  When we gather for public worship we enjoy the presence of Christ with His people in a way that we cannot enjoy when we are on our own.  One way to express our love for Christ is to delight in being where He is in this special way.  No right thinking believer would want to snub their Lord and Saviour by absenting themselves without due cause from public worship.

Part 1 – Because of the Glory of God

Church Too Girly for Men

1 Feb

Dad has written some short comments on an article from the Times which reported the findings of a charity that 70% of church attenders are women.

“Think of the torture a man would have to go through to sing song 912 in Mission Praise, Oh I was made for this to know your tender kiss…my feet were made to dance…or 943 There is none like you none else can touch my heart like you…or 980 Draw me close to you…never let me go….to feel your warm embrace. What man in his right mind would sing that even if he wasn’t an exclusive psalm singer!  So what will bring men back to church? Proper preaching, proper worship, real men and most of all the Spirit of God.”

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Why Evening Worship? (part 1)

29 Jan
This post is the first in a series of seven offering reasons why we should return to church for evening worship. They were originally written by Rev. David McCullough for a leaflet addressing this issue.

I’m unsure what to use as pictures in these posts!


This article is written with the purpose of encouraging the followers of the Lord Jesus Christ to make use of the privilege and blessing of evening worship. It is written acknowledging that there are Biblical reasons why it is not always possible  to return for worship on the evening of the Lord’s day.Though we may not have any direct Biblical command, “You shall return to evening worship,” we have much by way of implication from the Scripture and there are many reasons why the people of God should return for evening  worship

1. Because of the Glory of God

God’s glory is the all important matter in life. Paul exhorted the church at Corinth to, do all to the glory of God. (I Corinthians 10:31) The work of the devil is to rob God of His glory – that is his primary purpose.  When we are absent without due cause from worship God is being robbed of His glory because God’s glory is displayed in His people.  Added to this, if we are not growing as Christians as we should and could, God is being robbed of glory.  We cannot be growing as we ought if we are not taking in the Word of God preached.

To be continued.

Newry Marathon 2009

27 May

Thought I should give Dad a shout on completing his first marathon. After captaining Dromore to a successful defence of their relay crown a case of shin splints struck which severely disrupted training and nearly ruined Rev.David McCullough’s chances of competing in his hometown marathon but last Monday he ran through the pain barrier and the 26 gruelling miles.


To be honest I think he was ripped-off with the £24.99 new Nike warm-up gear


“Just don’t break my camera”


I got slightly carried away with Dad’s big camera and fancied myself as a sports photographer


 The start


 1/2 mile in and still smiling


 Smiling again (this wouldn’t last long)


Home Straight


Man on left was cautioned by stewards for jabbing a few runners with his umbrella


John and a rather exhausted Dad


“I was still faster than Gavin!”

Official Marathon Photos

Newry Marathon Results

Breaking Football Gossip: Glenn Ferguson has left Linfield but had previously declared his intention to continue playing football. Speculation is rife that he has expressed a desire to remain in Belfast and to play for Belfast Mini League side Renwick House FC. Could he be set to partner McCavery next season? It is believed that negotiations are still ongoing for the 2009/2010 Coverage Rights with weblogs SWS, AK and Reformed Covenanter understood to be the early favourites.


Boyzone Promoting Homosexuality

14 Nov

boyzoneRev. David McCullough’s has written a response on his blog to the newly released Boyzone music video for their upcoming single “Better”.

“The message of the Boyzone video is yet another subtle effort of the homosexual propaganda machine. This video, that will be watched by millions, is sending out a deadly message to young people. It is stating that homosexuality is simply another norm. The video very cleverly interweaves softly lighted, black and white images of heterosexual couples with a homosexual couple. “

I recommend reading the whole article as it gives a balanced, Christian response not only to this video but to the thorny issue of homosexuality in general.

The controversial video can be found on youtube.

P.S. Previous problems regarding the feed of He Rules Over The Nations have been resolved and you can now add it to your feed reader.