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Mark Loughridge on Suffering

4 Oct

Pastor Mark Loughridge of New Life Fellowship, Letterkenny, and Milford RPC spoke at our church conference day this year. He addressed the theme of the Christian and Suffering. These talks are available in video and mp3 format.

(Sadly the video recording cut out during the last point but all was recorded as an mp3)

Things That Waste Our Suffering

Trusting Amidst Suffering

Christmas Presents

26 Dec

Here’s some internet freebies you might enjoy. Think of this as Another King’s Christmas present to you!


From Don’t Waste Your Life and The Resurgence.


A great tune from Northern Irish band Goodbye Pluto- Fall from Grace


Calvin and Hobbes on the economy

Christian satire as Unreached People Groups Everywhere Rejoice over New NIV Translation

Videos of Facebook at the Altar and What Will We Know About the Beetles in the Year 3000?


Dad on How to Be Successful

Mark Loughridge’s Letters on Relationships

These real life letters are probably the best pieces of relationship advice I’ve ever read.

John Piper’s biographies. I’d especially recommend Calvin, Paton and Judson.


Here’s four sermons I’ve downloaded and found very helpful in the past year.

Stuart Olyott- Here Am I Send Me

Tim Keller- Finding God

John Piper- If You Believe Moses, You Would Believed Me

Prof. Donnelly- The Cross and Mission

Teach Us To Pray (EP CY Event)

23 Nov

Eastern Presbytery United Covenanter Youth Event primarily organised primarily for the young people of the Presbytery but feel free to invite others along. Everyone is welcome.

Join this event on Facebook.

Letterkenny Go Team 2009

4 Sep


Team: Jonny McCollum (leader), Peter Fallows, James McCullough, Rebekah Throne, Heather McMullan, Catherine McCullough, Carla Quigley (arrived Monday), Andrew Morrison (arrived Thursday) and Stephen Steele (Sunday, Monday and Thursday)

Plus notable cameo appearances from: Prof Robert McCollum, Emma McCluggage, Joel Cromie and Mary-Lynn Cromie


From Dromore, Cullybackey, Stranorlar, Faughan, Faughan, Trinity, Stranorlar, Trinity, Airdrie and Bready respectively

Earlier in the summer a small group of us visited Donegal for a holiday but I knew this week was going to be very different from that week of rest and relaxation.  Arriving for10:15 on Sunday morning for worship I got to the Day Centre where the fellowship meets with the help of Navigator /Cartographer Pete and after the service we all got a chance to get to know the Fellowship over lunch. Sabbath afternoon was spent at the Loughridge’s attaching stickers with contact information and the time of the weekly service to thousands of leaflets before visiting the Presbyterian Church Hall where we would be spending the week encamped on either air beds or two fantastically comfy gymnastic crash mats. A praise service back at the day centre rounded off our first day in Donegal.


Where the day centre is 


Sign outside Day Centre
Steelo arrived seconds after us


Stuart McMahon meets Pete F whilst Heather competes to be the Young Loughridges favourite Go Teamer


The banter was flying


It’s not the leaflet’s arrival that’s got him excited
Where we were staying
Only joking, this is the Presby Hall where we were staying


Pete could have done them all by himself
Testing out the crash mat
The girls’ sleeping quarters

Each morning started with devotions lead by Pastor Mark Loughridge followed by a seminar on seeing our Saviour in different genres of Scripture. I found these very helpful particularly the advice on reading OT prophesy and not focusing on the little details of OT law rather looking primarily for Christ in the text whilst the ways Mark taught us to read the Psalms has changed the way I sing these songs, each of which speaks of Jesus. After the seminars we had a break for a cup of tea and buns although the “schooling” usually continued through conversation until we began our time of prayer. Prayer was main work of the team and each morning we spent time adoring and  thanking God for his goodness for us before bring requests before him for the fellowship, Letterkenny, Donegal and Ireland. Last year in the Milford Go Team report I said that prayer was “the main lesson of the week” and this was true again as I was reminded of how we need to carefully plan and structure our prayers and taught how to use more Scripture whilst praying. I’m becoming more and more convinced that the reason that so many of us struggle in our prayer lives is that we’ve never seriously sat down to structure and plan what we need to bring before God in this blood-bought privilege.


A schooling
Willy T doing some more stickers

After organising our own lunch in the Church Hall we spent the afternoons distributing the “4you” magazines around the town. Pray that God will use the 5,500 given out in the lives of those who read them. Pray that many would contact Mark wanting to explore Christianity further. In the evenings we had dinner at the homes of various members of the fellowship before doing door-to-door evangelism in the evening in which we tried to get people to think about what is really important in life.


Mark picking on Heather again


Carla and her rabbit food


Catherine and Pete looking for lunch


Trying to read the Arabic bit


The magazine


Remember Paudge?


Beka doing magazine distribution


Field agent Willy T returning from duty

Even though it intially looked like the numbers on the team were going to be severely affected before the team started by the dropping out of Robert , Andy and Stephen, we bonded well as a team and I really enjoyed getting to know the other team members. Mark Loughridge and Jonny obviously managed to guilt trip Robert to the extent that he took a break from his Greek and came to help the team with Emma on Tuesday. Carla Quigley arrived on Monday morning to be part of the team though she only intend to stay until Thursday but this plan was soon thwarted by what can only be described as the “Andy Mo Effect” which convinced her to stay until on this side of the Irish Sea until the next Monday. Appartently Andy’s arrival on Thursday was only meant to be temporary but his inability to catch a bus resulted in him joining the rest of us guys on the crash mats. The other team drop-out, Steelo, managed to take three days off from writing his disertation entitled “Houston we have a problem” helping on Sunday, Monday and Thursday whilst the two Cromies managed to secure a place in the team photo after only being present for Wednesday night (our evening off!) and Friday.

As I have repeatedly stated in other reports, I’ve always found I’ve got a lot more out of Go Teams than I’ve ever been able to contribute. We are much indebted to Mark for the time he spent with us, teaching and helping us in our faith. Pray for the team members, that we’ll be able to put into practice what we learned and please remember the Letterkenny work in your prayers. Pray that God will protect and use the core families. Pray that the new converts will continue to grow in their faith. Pray for those Mark is doing Bible Studies with. Pray for Mark ans he preaches and Jonny as he spends  at year in Letterkenny on Short-Term Service.



The Loughridges one evening


I’m sure there’s a logical explanation




Planning our attack


Captain and Commander consult the maps


Beka and Catherine


Indian on Wednesday night


Some struggled with the spicier dishes


Me and Pete


Joel Cromie and Fitch


Andy Mo’s arrival was greeted with excitement by some but by distain from Pete


Mazza-Lazza and Hezza


Andy Mo distracts Mazza-Lazza whilst Joel and I alter numbers on her phone


Cruising to Morellies, but it was shut so we had to wait until Saturday


Willy T and Esther


I think it was because Liverpool had lost


The intellectuals


At the Loughridges


Excited at a sneak peek at September’s new-look Messenger


Table tennis during a few free minutes


Cousin rivalry


Carla and Christine (not Christina as I introduced her as on the Doors!)


Evening debrief at the Loughridges


Saturday morning fry


World’s slowest escaltors


Into positions


Eyes on Pete


Good Times

Thanks to Rebekah for some of the photos