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Facebook and Recession

16 Dec


A while ago I sought to draw your attention to an article by Justin Buzzard entitled “Thinking Biblically About Facebook“. The author has now expanded the original post as an essay entitled “Redeeming Social Life Online” which is a very worthwhile read for those using social networking sites. 



Bad Times Draw Bigger Crowds” is an interesting piece from the New York Times on how the economic crisis may be leading to higher attendances at evangelical churches. We should continue to pray that the financial problems people are facing will be used by God to awaken them to their own helplessness and their need for a Saviour from their spiritual bankruptcy.  


Hitler, Facebook and Uno

17 Nov


Hitler on the Downfall of what our American friends call “Real Estate” (aka property).

I am interested to know whether anyone else finds this parody amusing or whether you all think like my Mum who responded “Some people have way too much time!”.


Challies’ most recent “A la Carte” post alerted me to a brilliant post entitled “Thinking Biblically About Facebook” written by Justin Buzzar. A must-read if you use a social networking site.


Just another link as I’m afraid I haven’t had any useful orignal thoughts however I’m pretty confident that this piece of Christian satire creates an orignal idea- “I Prayed About It Cards“.