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Dromore Outreach

21 Aug

“Over 15 years of gospel ministry I have been involved in many weeks osf outreach. This past week ranks as the most encouraging week that I have experienced in such work” Rev. David McCullough 

Here are thirteen reasons Dad gave after the week to be encouraged and give thanks to God:

1. Seeing the Lord at work – stirring up workers, equiping men, women and children to serve Him, burdening more and more to pray.

2. Over 40 adults were involved in some way in our efforts to make contact with the community that we live in.

3. An increasing number came to pray.

4. Hearing some of the men of the church explain the gospel so clearly in teaching at the clubs.

5. Seeing members of our church family take on new challenges in your service for Jesus.

6. Seeing God’s people work alongside one another with one aim, to glorify God in making others glad in the gospel.

7. Watching about 20 or so little children associated with our church having fun together and learning about the Lord Jesus.

8. Having a total of 65 boys attend the Champions League Bible Club and seeing them sit as the gospel is faithfully explained.

9. Having the oppertunity to reach 6000 homes with a copy of the Word Today.

10. Having so many new people across the door of our meeting house for the parents evening on the last night of the Champions League.

11. Seeing our young people with a real passion to tell of Jesus Christ.

12. Listening to the prayers of hearts that long for God to be glorified by the rescuing of sinners.

13. Watching God’s pepole do the little behind the scenes activities that are vital to the smooth running of such a week.

Special mentions for those from other congregations who helped.

Hayley Rolleston and Brenna McEwen who helped run the Junior club in the morning, distribute literature and register boys at the football club.

Alistair Rolleston for his 2 cameo appearances at a prayer meeting and literature distribution.

Peter Loughridge, Joel Loughridge and Gavin Blackwell for organsing and providing expert coaching at the Champions League Club.

Mission worker Philip McCollum for co-writing the leaflet, organising the week, preaching in the open air, giving talks, doing door to door and distributing a truckload of leaflets.



Hayley, Brenna and Emma – not crying!


Philip about to start an open air


“…For Champions”


Cambi and the only footballer at the club that I can put photos up of


So proud of the blue shirt


Head coach in action alongside James F and the Moderator


IFAcoachingbadgeswell and Joel look in pain, Dave soon will be


Helping with the competitions


Not afraid to start with the basics, “This is a football…”
Probably the most well designed leaflet I’ve had the privilege of distributing – In 2 weeks 6,000 copies were given out  by Dromore RPC

Leaflets were given out in Dromore, Hillsborough, Donaghcloney, Gamblestown, Blackskull, Waringstown, Kinallen and Waringsford.

Three simple point to pray for:

1. Pray that the Lord will use the work done for His glory.

2. Pray that some would yet respond to the offer of a Christianity Explored Course.

3. Pray that we would have grace and patience as we sow the seed of the gospel.

“Therefore my beloved brothers, be steadfast, immovable, always abounding in the work of the Lord, knowing that in the Lord your labour is not in vain.” 1 Corinthians 15 v 58

Newry Marathon 2009

27 May

Thought I should give Dad a shout on completing his first marathon. After captaining Dromore to a successful defence of their relay crown a case of shin splints struck which severely disrupted training and nearly ruined Rev.David McCullough’s chances of competing in his hometown marathon but last Monday he ran through the pain barrier and the 26 gruelling miles.


To be honest I think he was ripped-off with the £24.99 new Nike warm-up gear


“Just don’t break my camera”


I got slightly carried away with Dad’s big camera and fancied myself as a sports photographer


 The start


 1/2 mile in and still smiling


 Smiling again (this wouldn’t last long)


Home Straight


Man on left was cautioned by stewards for jabbing a few runners with his umbrella


John and a rather exhausted Dad


“I was still faster than Gavin!”

Official Marathon Photos

Newry Marathon Results

Breaking Football Gossip: Glenn Ferguson has left Linfield but had previously declared his intention to continue playing football. Speculation is rife that he has expressed a desire to remain in Belfast and to play for Belfast Mini League side Renwick House FC. Could he be set to partner McCavery next season? It is believed that negotiations are still ongoing for the 2009/2010 Coverage Rights with weblogs SWS, AK and Reformed Covenanter understood to be the early favourites.


Google Earth- What Steelo Missed!

1 Apr

I have to admit I was rather gutted when I realised SWS had beaten us to creating a post of significant RP landmarks viewed through Google Maps’ latest feature Street View. This did not stop Andrew and myself conducting a slightly stalkerish hunt for an image to beat Cromie Robert’s find which, despite giving us a few giggles, failed dismally.

Then there was a ray of hope.

I suddenly realised.

Stephen had missed an entire city!




The fellowship meet in a room on the ground floor of this building.


The Balls’ house, Go Team HQ.

There is also a serious reason behind this post, remember to pray for the mission team heading out to the city 3rd- 13th April. Andy will bring us back a report from France on their return. Pray that God would use the leaflets they distribute to bring people to saving faith in Jesus Christ so that His name may be glorified.