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The Messenger on Facebook

11 Oct

The Messenger is now on Facebook. Congratulations to Sarah Loughridge (Cloughmills RPC) who was the first to “like” the page.

Dromore Champions League 2010

7 Aug

Please pray for our Champions League Holiday Bible Club taking place next week. Pray that God would bring children along to the event and ask for his blessing on those organising the football and giving talks.

Other news:

As WordPress has become more Facebook friendly you can now “like” posts on Another King. You’ll see the “like” button above the comments section on each post. Though I suppose I shouldn’t be encouraging such time-wasting – see Dad’s blog.

Goodbye Pluto EP Launch Gig

12 Mar

Thursday 11th March 2010, Ballymena Academy.

Paul Shevlin

First support act of the night was pretty good. Check out his MySpace.

The Good Fight

Stran boys The Good Fight followed and lived up to Andy’s high praise despite the absence of their drummer

A resemblance to Connor Quigley?

Goodbye Pluto

The main act arrive

From the left: Peter Burton- Guitars/Vocals, Sara Crockett- Lead Vocals, Danny Ross- Drums, Clark Thompson-Bass/Vocals

After witnessing an excellent performance we all agreed that we’d go see them again. Check them out for yourselves on Facebook or MySpace.


More Photos

Credit for the great photos must go to Alistair Rolleston.

Heart Made of Glass

Here’s a short clip of Goodbye Pluto performing one of the songs from their new EP.

Christmas Presents

26 Dec

Here’s some internet freebies you might enjoy. Think of this as Another King’s Christmas present to you!


From Don’t Waste Your Life and The Resurgence.


A great tune from Northern Irish band Goodbye Pluto- Fall from Grace


Calvin and Hobbes on the economy

Christian satire as Unreached People Groups Everywhere Rejoice over New NIV Translation

Videos of Facebook at the Altar and What Will We Know About the Beetles in the Year 3000?


Dad on How to Be Successful

Mark Loughridge’s Letters on Relationships

These real life letters are probably the best pieces of relationship advice I’ve ever read.

John Piper’s biographies. I’d especially recommend Calvin, Paton and Judson.


Here’s four sermons I’ve downloaded and found very helpful in the past year.

Stuart Olyott- Here Am I Send Me

Tim Keller- Finding God

John Piper- If You Believe Moses, You Would Believed Me

Prof. Donnelly- The Cross and Mission

Teach Us To Pray (EP CY Event)

23 Nov

Eastern Presbytery United Covenanter Youth Event primarily organised primarily for the young people of the Presbytery but feel free to invite others along. Everyone is welcome.

Join this event on Facebook.

Does Facebook Distract Me From God?

24 Oct

Update: post title changed

Or Internet? Blogging? Youtube? Twitter? MSN? TV? Texting?

“A little sleep, a little slumber,
   a little folding of the hands to rest,
and poverty will come upon you like a robber,
   and want like an armed man.” Proverbs 24:33-34

Summer Loving, Status Updates and Snakes and Ladders

14 Sep

This post has been a long time coming, it has been a random collection of thoughts in my mind for quite some time so I thought I would collaborate them all into one blog post.

Summer Loving

No, before you start singing along, this is not a post about Grease! As you may know, Tom, Andy Mo, James and I all headed off in a packed Caravelle to the wilds of Donegal for 4 days over the Summer, it was a fantastic holiday, relaxing, enjoyable, every thing that we look for in a holiday. I couldn’t ask for much more.

Andy and the Map

Andy and the Map

Tom still had to get used to parking the Caravelle...

Tom still had to get used to parking the Caravelle...

Romantic Beach Evenings were a regular practise

Romantic beach evenings were a regular practise

However, I was severely challenged even before we had even left Derry. We were getting the essential supplies for our trip in Tescos before we headed to the border. And as we were leaving the store, I stopped and noticed two young boys who had just walked in and recognised them from the Holiday Bible Club at Faughan about 2 weeks before that at the end of June. They then turned around and recognised me and waved, it was all very heart warming.

But soon after I felt a sinking feeling in me, how much had I been praying for those young boys and the work of Faughan RPC  in general after that team? I wondered how much they remembered from the Club, where they heard of the ‘Greatest Doctor Ever’, Jesus, and all His powerful healing wonders, and how he heals our most deadly disease, sin.

So I encourage you now to continue to remember the teams you were on this summer, across the province, think of the literature given out, doors knocked on, kids talked too and played with, congregational members encouraged, cars washed, Bible studies listened too, all these ministries are things we should be remembering now. We work for a week, but the Lord works long after that. So Pray for all these things.

Status Updates

I’ve heard a lot about Facebook this summer, how it can be bad for us, how it can be obsessive, how it can lead us down bad roads. However, I think a lot of it is about time management, keep a safe time limit on the amount you are using it whenever you do decided to log on. But i’m not going to start nagging on about that.

What I do want to share with you is how to use Facebook for good, rather than just sitting there wasting time. Now i’ve seen some pretty woeful and kinda unecessary Status Updates in my time, who cares what you just had for lunch!?!

Why not use this chance we have to send a message to all the ‘Friends’ we have about what we are currently rejoicing in, or thinking about, why not stick in your verse of the day, post up your encouragements and discouragements, we as Christian young people need to be talking about all these things so we know what others are going through, and maybe this small step of a simple message on the Internet will get the ball rolling in your life. So please, next time you’re trying to think up a terribly witty status update, why not use the chance to glorify God and encourage/challenge your friends.

Snakes and Ladders

I recently read a very interesting bit of background information about this childhood game that i’m sure many of you didn’t know either. Apparently the origin of Snakes and Ladders can be found way back in 16th Century India. “It existed as a game of ‘religious instruction’, it was a symbolic journey towards ultimate perfection, the snakes represent wrongs and the ladders represent virtues, the western world had currently lost the true meaning of this game.” I’m not too sure about all that, but it did get me thinking about all the Snakes and Ladders that we can experience in our own Christian lives.

Snakes & LaddersOver the summer, we have experienced many ladders or spiritual highs, such as Camps, Teams etc. Opportunities that we get to spend with other believers, learn from God’s word and be built up in our faith. These are times we should cherish and cling on to, however, it is so tough after times like those to remain on that high, and we can slip back down a ladder to the old ways we have and quickly forget about the things we learnt, talked about, etc.

I would encourage you now that as we all head back to school, university, college and work, that we may not slip down these same old ladders that we stumble on after these times of spiritual highs, remember the things God taught you during these times and remember how they changed you for the better, pray for strength against the Devil’s attacks that we may continue down that path of righteousness and serve Christ in all aspects of our lives, rather than continually slipping down these ladders.