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Dromore Champions League 2010

7 Aug

Please pray for our Champions League Holiday Bible Club taking place next week. Pray that God would bring children along to the event and ask for his blessing on those organising the football and giving talks.

Other news:

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Dromore RPC Sermon Videos

23 Mar

On the Dromore RPC website you may have seen that we’ve started recording sermons in video. It’s still a work in progress and there’ll be improvements made but I thought I’d let you know in case you wanted to watch the sermons online or download the video in MP4 to watch on your ipod.

Download mp4

All sermons are still of course available in audio.

Depression- the Stubborn Darkness

22 Feb

How to find Dromore RPC

The talk should be available online shortly after the event.

Teach Us To Pray (EP CY Event)

23 Nov

Eastern Presbytery United Covenanter Youth Event primarily organised primarily for the young people of the Presbytery but feel free to invite others along. Everyone is welcome.

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Creation and EP Weekend

2 Oct


Public Meeting in Dromore Reformed Presbyterian next Monday at 8pm.



EP Weekend

Check out the picture on the front of the new EP Weekend application!


Dromore Outreach

21 Aug

“Over 15 years of gospel ministry I have been involved in many weeks osf outreach. This past week ranks as the most encouraging week that I have experienced in such work” Rev. David McCullough 

Here are thirteen reasons Dad gave after the week to be encouraged and give thanks to God:

1. Seeing the Lord at work – stirring up workers, equiping men, women and children to serve Him, burdening more and more to pray.

2. Over 40 adults were involved in some way in our efforts to make contact with the community that we live in.

3. An increasing number came to pray.

4. Hearing some of the men of the church explain the gospel so clearly in teaching at the clubs.

5. Seeing members of our church family take on new challenges in your service for Jesus.

6. Seeing God’s people work alongside one another with one aim, to glorify God in making others glad in the gospel.

7. Watching about 20 or so little children associated with our church having fun together and learning about the Lord Jesus.

8. Having a total of 65 boys attend the Champions League Bible Club and seeing them sit as the gospel is faithfully explained.

9. Having the oppertunity to reach 6000 homes with a copy of the Word Today.

10. Having so many new people across the door of our meeting house for the parents evening on the last night of the Champions League.

11. Seeing our young people with a real passion to tell of Jesus Christ.

12. Listening to the prayers of hearts that long for God to be glorified by the rescuing of sinners.

13. Watching God’s pepole do the little behind the scenes activities that are vital to the smooth running of such a week.

Special mentions for those from other congregations who helped.

Hayley Rolleston and Brenna McEwen who helped run the Junior club in the morning, distribute literature and register boys at the football club.

Alistair Rolleston for his 2 cameo appearances at a prayer meeting and literature distribution.

Peter Loughridge, Joel Loughridge and Gavin Blackwell for organsing and providing expert coaching at the Champions League Club.

Mission worker Philip McCollum for co-writing the leaflet, organising the week, preaching in the open air, giving talks, doing door to door and distributing a truckload of leaflets.



Hayley, Brenna and Emma – not crying!


Philip about to start an open air


“…For Champions”


Cambi and the only footballer at the club that I can put photos up of


So proud of the blue shirt


Head coach in action alongside James F and the Moderator


IFAcoachingbadgeswell and Joel look in pain, Dave soon will be


Helping with the competitions


Not afraid to start with the basics, “This is a football…”
Probably the most well designed leaflet I’ve had the privilege of distributing – In 2 weeks 6,000 copies were given out  by Dromore RPC

Leaflets were given out in Dromore, Hillsborough, Donaghcloney, Gamblestown, Blackskull, Waringstown, Kinallen and Waringsford.

Three simple point to pray for:

1. Pray that the Lord will use the work done for His glory.

2. Pray that some would yet respond to the offer of a Christianity Explored Course.

3. Pray that we would have grace and patience as we sow the seed of the gospel.

“Therefore my beloved brothers, be steadfast, immovable, always abounding in the work of the Lord, knowing that in the Lord your labour is not in vain.” 1 Corinthians 15 v 58

Champions League Club

8 Aug


Points for Prayer:

  • Give thanks for the young men organising the club
  • Give thanks for the premises at Dromore Rugby Club
  • Pray for safety during the week
  • Pray that many children would attend
  • Pray for good weather
  • Pray that God would be with those giving the talks and memory verses
  • Pray that the children would listen attentively
  • Pray that all would enjoy the club
  • Pray that children and parents would see Christ in us
  • Pray that many parents would attend the BBQ on Friday night
  • Pray that God would use this week to save souls of children and parents

Philip McCollum Arrives In Dromore

6 Jun


Rev.McCullough reveals his latest star signing

The June transfer window has opened and the top Premiership sides are rushing to try to sign star names like Barry, Tevez and Kaka but unnoticed by the national press Philip McCollum has returned from a year in the United States and is going to work alongside the church in Dromore for the next six months. Pray that God will use the period of time Philip spends with us as a blessing in his own life, the church and the local community as he carries out mission work.

Struggling with Grief?

20 May

Grief Poster

Everyone is welcome.


Belfast Marathon 2009 Preview

1 May

The Belfast City Marathon Relay has become one of the most prestigious RP sporting events alongside the EP Volleyball Competition, the Ballyclabber football tournament and competitive sports day at Senior Camp. Dromore RPC are the current holders of the fastest RP’s in Ireland title although team captain Rev. David McCullough is talking down the chances of a repeat performance this year. The team has been rocked by a sprained ankle and two cases of shin splints leaving them unlikely to match last year’s heroic time of 3hrs 21min.


This year’s route

Stephen Steele has joined fellow Faughan runners Andy Morrison (Renwick FC Young Player of the Year 2009) and Super Pete Fallows whilst drafting in Cromie Robert and Paul Wright to complete the team. PJ’s Heroes will be keen to recover from last year’s disappointing 3rd RP team finish and should pose a strong challenge but the clear favourites to triumph on Monday are Carrick who have made big name signings including Strobert and Alan Blackwell.


Philip Dunwoody has been dropped after being overtaken by Dad last year.

marathon t-shirt1

marathon t-shirt 2

Relay nice t-shirts

RP Relay Teams Leaderboard

1. PJ’s Heroes (2007)- 3:16:26

2. Dromore RPC (2008)- 3:21:43

3. Carrick RPC (2008)- 3:22:35

4. The Stuart Olyott Appreciation Society (2007)- 3:25:50

5. PJ’s Heroes (2008)- 3:25:57

6. Carrick RPC (2007)- 3:26:29

7. PJ’s Heroes (2006)- 3:29:34

8. Are We There Yet? (2006)- 3:46:51

8. The Corner House (2007)- 3:48:46

10. Really? (Renwick 2006)- 3:51:19

11. Scrabo Harriers (Some team with Joel Loughridge 2005)- 3:57:10

12.Kilraughts RPC (2006)- 4:08:08

13. Renwick House (2005)- 4:24:14

14. Run Fat Girl Run (2008)- 4:41:43

15. Go For Ronwick (2008)- 4:45:02

16. Renwick House (2007)- 4:48:08

(If there are any teams I’ve missed please inform me so they can be added to the leaderboard)