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Does God Hate Haiti?

18 Jan

Two short extracts and links to blog articles addressing the Haitian earthquake. First, Mohler asks “Does God hate Haiti?

“Does God hate Haiti? God hates sin, and will punish both individual sinners and nations. But that means that every individual and every nation will be found guilty when measured by the standard of God’s perfect righteousness. God does hate sin, but if God merely hated Haiti, there would be no missionaries there; there would be no aid streaming to the nation; there would be no rescue efforts — there would be no hope.”

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Second, Dodson from Creation Project offers and expands upon these three pointers in “Responding to Haiti“.

“1. Go to God in prayer for the Haitians to encounter true, whole gospel relief and attention

2. Before putting God in the dock, remember that although we all deserve death, God has graciously given some of us life.

3. Respond intelligently and deliberately to the plight of the poor.”

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Creation and EP Weekend

2 Oct


Public Meeting in Dromore Reformed Presbyterian next Monday at 8pm.



EP Weekend

Check out the picture on the front of the new EP Weekend application!


John Blanchard in Bangor

5 Sep


I think this is how they should have done the posters for the CY Summer Conf with the 2 Roberts!


Bethany Baptist Church, which brought you Andrew Curry the Baptist and Renwick midfielder Simon Curry, is now having a conference entitled the Dawkins Delusion starting next Tuesday. It looks pretty good and I’d be quite keen to hear John Blanchard so I might pay a visit.