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CY Prayer Email

20 Mar

SWS’s latest post highlights the importance of the much-underused CY Prayer Email. I’m not posting this in any sort of condemnatory way as I’m to blame for when there are no Lisburn or Dromore prayer points. I know it’s hard to remember and not easy to start doing but this is an important way we can encourage each other.

Teach Us To Pray (EP CY Event)

23 Nov

Eastern Presbytery United Covenanter Youth Event primarily organised primarily for the young people of the Presbytery but feel free to invite others along. Everyone is welcome.

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Young Adults’ Weekend 2009

16 Sep


Murlough Bay, Sunday afternoon

The weekend started with the devasting news that Andy Mo would not be able to make it to Annalong due to Swine Flu but despite this catastrophic set-back the over 18’s staying in the newly-revamped Mullartown House still had a great time. Tom and I arrived early for our YAW debuts so we took the liberty of getting sweets in Newcastle and testing out the playpark before the first talk. Simon Sweeney introduced proceedings with remarks such as “We aren’t big into activities” whilst also pointing out the Book “Stall” before EP minister Andrew Lucas came to speak on Ruth chapter 1. He preached through the book in a series of four addresses during the weekend and I found his second talk on Saturday morning particularly challenging as he spoke of Ruth’s faith as she stepped out into the unknown. Saturday also saw two seminars as Rev. Barry Galbraith provided a robust defence of infant baptism and Rev. Nigel Agnew spoke on how we ought to see Christ when reading the Old Testament showing how we often read passages looking for ourselves (e.g. How am I like David/ Ruth/ Samson/ Elijah etc in this passage?) when we should really be seeking Christ and learning more about Him who was the perfect King and ultamite Kinsman Redeemer.


A good place to start


Not me and Tom


Real Quote “I wish I’d brought my guitar”


Heather and Tom trying to ignore Mary-Lynn


Tom having a bright idea?


Waiting for the first talk


One of the Quiz teams


One of The Clarifier’s signs

I have to confess I don’t really know what others did on Saturday afternoon though I heard rumours of climbing a mountain but the option of football was always going to win my choosing. Newcastle’s Mauds was invaded in almost CYSC-Morrellies style proportions on Saturday night as I discovered the joys of some sort of Strawberry-Shortbread icecream concoction. On Sabbath we worshipped at Rathlin Island  Rathfriland and afterwards we headed to the beautiful Murlough Bay for a walk as we continued to enjoy probably the best weather of the summer.


 Newcastle, I think?


 Barry G about to start


 Armed and dangerous


Sweeney likes internet retail


Hezza being camera-shy 


 The new Morellies?


 Emmaline and Alison


Kathryn and Ruth


Happy Ben


I wonder from the expression on Tim’s face has someone just shouted “Go On Tim!”
Brain freeze
Heads turn as the lads arrive
Icecream and playpark but not the Summer Conference
Rob just about to fall out
A helping hand from Ben
On top of the world
Organising the distribution of July’s Messengers


Rathfriland RPC


Note the impressive roll up screen


Lunchtime in the Hall


Ironically Rathfriland’s had firestation burnt down because it didn’t have a smoke alarm


Finn McCool once played golf here


Off to the beach
I’d make a Chariots of Fire joke only it was on Sabbath
I’m plotting splashing the girls
Enjoying the sunshine
Erin and Tom have seen the light
Chilling with Dr.McCollum



Trying to avoid a repeat of any confusion surrounding a vote of thanks I’d like to say thanks should go to those responsible for organising the weekend and the cooks who gave up their time to provide food for us. I really enjoyed the relaxed atmosphere and being one of the younger “young adults” present I appreciate having the time to learn from the more mature Christians there. I regard some of those attending as real heroes in the faith and it was a privilege to spend the weekend with them. It’s always challenging and encouragin to attend Covenanter Youth events as I see the calibre of other believers from whom I have much to learn whilst also reminding me of God’s goodness and that the future of the church is bright as we seek to take the Gospel to the ends of this island and the ends of the earth.


Thanks to Carla and Amy for their pictures.

CY Summer Conference 2009

2 Sep

The official end to an RP’s Summer is signalled by the CY Summer Conference for young people from across the denomination and despite very little sleep, 1 1/2 hours drive and detours via the Morrison and Fallows residences I arrived with Andy, Joel and Pete F in time for the 3pm kick-off in Portrush. Prof Robert McCollum was speaking at Glenmanus whilst Robert McCollum Jnr spoke to the U16 at the traditional venue of Ballyclabber where 2 of my younger siblings benefited greatly from his teaching. The theme for the day was Church Membership, an issue about which many believers today fail to realise its true importance. In the afternoon Professor McCollum explained the biblical basis for visible membership in the local church and told us of the significance of the vows of membership. Then at tea-time RP’s scattered across the North Coast in search of food before regrouping at Ballyclabber RPC for the evening meeting where the Prof told us of the potential of a church with a committed membership and gave us a checklist showing us what a committed member looks like.

What does a committed member look like?

1. Commitment to the head of the Church, King Jesus

2. Commitment to the doctrine of the Church

3. Commitment to the worship of the Church

4. Commitment to the prayer life of the Church

5. Commitment to the finances of the Church

6. Commitment to the members of the Church

7. Commitment to the outreach of the Church

Afterwards Morellies of Portstewart was invaded by Covenanters and the rain failed to prevent the usual visit to the playpark. This conference reminded me that God has blessed the RPCI with many gifted and godly preachers who provide real spiritual sustenance. How often do we take the gift of preachers for granted? We ought to continually thank God for this  and pray that God will continue to provide us with men for the ministry of the calibre of the speakers at this conference.



Glenmanus RPC after the first talk


Better than Mr Chips


Chip-shop regular Alastair explains the finer details to Amy and Ruth


 Andy Mo acquires drinks

summer 373

 Ben realises his chips are finished

summer 374

 Deliberating about going for a walk

summer 375

 Leading the way/ Romantic stroll

summer 376

 South African Pete with Hannah, Ruth and Amy

summer 377

 Trying (and failing) to get back before the rain

summer 380

 While Gavin’s back is turned…

summer 381

 Slug, Hayley and Alison loving the Morellies

summer 384

 Brenna disproving her camp song

summer 395 

 Playpark banter

 Thanks to Brenna for most of the photos.

Other News

Fan of Gregg?

Great news! You can now join the We Love Gregg group on Facebook created by Tom and Jen. At the Summer Conference Gregg brought my Bible and Psalter which I had left behind at Ballyclabber to the gathering at Portstewart so I signed up without a moment’s hesitation.

Termonscotland Update

All of Another King’s writers have now successfully applied for the Covenanter International Holiday Conference to be held in Scotland next summer. The closing date for applications isn’t until January but as spaces are filling up I’d advise sending the form off sooner rather than later especially if you want a place in the House in order to ensure that you are as far away from our tent as possible!