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Senior Camp 2010 – Part 2

14 Jul

We all met up for a BBQ at the foot of the Mountains before heading back to Armagh in time to watch the Netherlands vs. Uruguay game. The girls were also treated that night to a ‘Pamper Night’ in the Lecture Theatre while some just stayed in the Common Room to play some games.

Tom and Ruth

Camp was going ahead at usual lightspeed as it was Wednesday already, by mid-week of Camp, it was evident that some tiredness was setting in. However, we were spending another day on-site doing a mysteriously named ‘Old Time Carnival’ in the afternoon. It was Robert Robb’s finest hour as he had invented a series of different tasks and challenges (that went IN A CLOCKWISE DIRECTION).  Chip’s Coconut Shy, Mary’s Brainteasers, John’s Sponge Throw and Robert’s Shooting Range were just a few of the tasks, a particular highlight for me included seeing Aaron Bell scalp the Currie’s car with a golf ball while trying to aim for some thing two feet in front of him. Oh yes, another highlight was my team winning… :)

After the Carnival was over, there was quite a bit of free time to use before Dinner so some went to raid Sainsbury’s, others played Football and the usual crowd gathered for an intense game of Volleyball to work up an appetite.

That night was the now traditional ‘Holy Night’ of Camp where we had two seminars on Homosexuality and Euthanasia, dealt with by John George and Nigel Agnew. Both were thought provoking and provided us Campers with a greater knowledge of these subjects which can often be taboo words. (Also Evie and Mark nearly burst out laughing in the middle of one…guess which?!) A time for questions was allowed and then most rushed off for a quick supper and down to watch the recorded Spain vs. Germany Semi Final and others headed off for a walk and back to the Common Room, and then Wednesday was over…

Andy Mo and Carnival Pete

Joel practising some 'Seductive Eating' techniques

Both made their token appearances during the Week

Fair play to Andy Carmichael, took a few for the team here!


Bun and his Coconuts

Taking his anger out on the Committee

On the way to Sainsbury's...

The two 'responsible' ones on the Walk

Ben looking oddly cheery?!

Slug experiencing some difficulty

On Thursday we again packed up into Buses and headed off for the relatively unknown and remote Todd’s Leap, however we were assured that we would have a ‘Muddy Marvellous’ time so the mood on the Bus was of excitement and anticipation. Some were a bit tired by this stage in the week so some people slept or stuck the iPod in, (though 5 Star continued) and we eventually reached our location.

After spending far too long sitting in a shed doing an exercise which Peter Loughridge stated that ‘he might find useful for Boys Discovery Camp’, we eventually got into doing the various activities around the centre. The range included Archery, a big blow up Water Slide, Paintballing and Blindfold Driving, in fairness to the crazy woman in charge, the theme tunes did add some thing to the afternoon, especially when seeing Cromie Robert’s dance moves to our team’s tune, ‘Barbie Girl’.

Todd’s Leap turned into a pretty good adventure for Camp, every one enjoyed themselves and the activites were decent craic. My favourite bit was the truck ride to the Archey Range!  There was some controversy however as the grand prize of going for a ride in some big car was given to clearly the worst team. And after a big group photo, we were all shipped back to Armagh again.

Ali G with his Hareem

Getting ready for the big Slide

Hayley had just let one go...

Skills Junior

Traditional Party Boys, Stevie and Mark led the show on Thursday evening as an un-precedented change in Senior Camp’s schedule meant that the Concert was moved forward a day (apparently to give people more time to prepare for the Concert?). It seemed the jury was still out on this decision, however, most just embraced the change and worked up a sweat on the dancefloor. Before the party, the boys were harshly reprimanded for their immodesty throughout the week so it seemed that shorts were forbidden for the party. You also probably heard that I was dragged off to a Wedding Party so I actually missed it, but I was reliably informed that Steve did a good job and a lot of “Oh!”ing was done.

Stevie leading the way

Andrew Harvey pulled out another quality T-Shirt!

Clearly singing 'Boys, Boys, Boys' all week didn't put them off...

And so Friday rolled around the corner, the week had flew by, and after our final talk, we looked forward to a day of good activites in good weather. Friday afternoon brought every one’s favourite activity, Competitive Sports, where each team had to excel at Football, Tennis, Bucketball and Volleyball to earn the right to be called Champions. It’s always a good afternoon and things generally aren’t too competitive which meant it was even better than expected. I always love this about Camp, combining two of my favourite things, friends/good company and Sport, looking round and seeing every one enjoying themselves after a week of close fellowship always makes me realise how special Camp is for all involved. (Of course the McKelvey brothers arriving was also a highlight!)

After the official programme was finished, we launched into more Sport as games of Football and Volleyball continued long into the afternoon as others left to practise their routines for the Concert. After we came in, we had our last Evening Meal served up by the cullinary geniuses of Stanley and Ruth who had done a fantastic job all week and we are in for some seriously good food at the next few Camps if they started as they mean to go on! A big thank you to Stanley and Ruth for all their hard work during the week.

Bun and Mark getting phscyed for the Afternoon

Stanley and Ruth, best newcomers to Camp!

Gavin makesafunnyfacewell

We got some Spinnies in before Friday Lunch too

Excitement was building for the Games

Alice showing off her Paintball Battle Scars

Weird Head Massager thing!

And so the Games began...

A big well done to Mary who organised the Afternoon!

Robert and Lorna

Great action shot of Strob

Calvin's Forfeit

Pete claimed the bragging rights from the Afternoon!

And so, it came to the climax of Camp, the Friday evening activity, the legendary Senior Camp concert, with Joel and Steelo the hosts, who knew what crazy theme they would decide to use this year…

Minutes later, two highly fake tanned men were standing in front of us blowing their Vuvuzela’s and speaking in what sounded like a geordie accent, I knew it would be a good night from then on. The crowd enjoyed a good range of Concert acts that night, musical talents were displayed from Rachel Throne and Gareth McFarland, ‘Mall Favourites’ Chris Hughes, Michael Hamilton and Mark Armstrong tried to break some records, King Agabubu made an appearance and Jonny read a poem in the usual style of Frances McCollum.

My favourites however were Ali Rolleston and Cromie performing a wonderful duet with a tribute to Pete Fallows in there; as well as the game of Mr and Mrs, including the Robbs, the Curries, Andy Morrison and Erin McCollum and Brenna ‘Cheeky Face’ McEwen and Hayley ‘Duck Pond’ Rolleston.

All in all, it turned into a decent concert with a few good laughs here and there. A big thanks must go to the Committee who made it such a special week and also to Robert and Lynn Robb who saw out their 3 year tenure as Camp Leaders, a good job done by both and they can now relax as we all look forward to the Herron’s who will be next years.

Joel and Steelo

Lean on Them

Mr and Mrs Winners

Trinity CY need some one to love them....any one?

Anselm and Brendan

He did regret one line....

Warren the Concert Winner!

On the last night walk, I struggled to think how quickly the week had flown by, reunited with many good friends, making new ones, learning loads, having such good craic. To be honest I think a second week would have been amazing, but it did have to come to an end, and after the ‘SEE YEEE’S’ on Saturday Morning, I knew that this Camp was well and truly over. So many good memories to cherish, this Blog report sadly can’t contain them all.

My verse of the week was Psalm 27:13-14 which we sang at Worship on Friday evening, and I shall leave you with this:

I believe that I shall look upon the goodness of the Lord
in the land of the living!
Wait for the Lord;
be strong, and let your heart take courage;
wait for the Lord!

Saying Goodbyes

Sad to be leaving

We made up in the end...

Offering a last bit of Cheesecake around

On the Bus Home

Bravo Senior Camp. Over and Out.

Senior Camp Reunion Talks Online

24 Feb

(HT: Carla’s blog, she’s also got some new photos from the weekend)

The spiritual food was even better!

Warren Peel’s talks are now available to download. They’ve appeared on the RPC website only shortly before the Messenger report of the weekend (rumours suggest you might get it this Sunday). If you were there you’ll undoubtedly be eager to listen again and if you missed Reunion don’t spurn the opportunity to put these on your mp3 player.

Prayer as Spiritual Warfare

Be a Good Soldier of Jesus Christ

Know your Enemy

Fight the Good Fight

(If you need any more encouragement to listen check out Philip’s summaries of the talks)

Another King

10 Oct

DO NOT REFRESH YOUR WEBPAGE, this is actually a spiritual post on Renwick F.C’S Website

R.P.C Banner

After I was allowed to give Another King a sufficient plug in Lisburn RPC’s church quarterly newsletter, the ratings shot up, I recieved quite a bit of interest from some of the congregation members (so a big shout out to any one reading from Lisburn!).

However, the attention that intrigued me most was from Uncle Robert (or some other names you may know him by, the Prof, Rev. Robert McCollum etc.) He handed me a small booklet the week after we were chatting about the blog, entitled ‘Christ’s Church, a Covenant People.’ This was a booklet that was produced back in 1982, way back when the Falklands War was occuring, Double Stuffed Oreo’s were invented and Channel 4 was first broadcasted. Also when Jermaine Defoe, Tyson Gay and Monty Panesar were all born.

It contained all of the talks that were given during the first Reformed Presbyterian International Conference that was held in Kerrykeel Guest House which had an attached caravan site, Co. Donegal. Not unlike Castlewellan, they also had a big marquee, which actually blew down while the Conference was being held there! The Convention was attended by members of the Church from Australia, Canada, Cyprus, U.S.A, Scotland and Ireland.

Front Cover of the Booklet

Front Cover of the Booklet

It was fantastic to look through this booklet and see a week that clearly would have blessed the Church, not only at home, but world wide. Looking from the contents list, (see pictures below,) some of the speakers and topics look very interesting and challenging, one that would have benefitted every one there. I was also told that during the same week, Senoir Camp (for 16+) took place at the same venue, imagine the rich blessings that would have been recieved at that time. A time where both young and old people in the Church were benefitting from the teachings of God’s word and the fellowship they could enjoy with one another.

Contents Page-The order of the Talks during the Week

Contents Page-The order of the Talks during the Week

The next thing that Uncle Robert highlighted to me was the title on the first page, and this was pretty cool.

First Page of the Booklet

First Page of the Booklet

Yes, the first address at the International Conference in 1982, was on Another King, speaking of Christ, our great Saviour, High Priest, Redeemer and Lord. If you haven’t already found out why we decided to call our blog this, check out the “About” section on the home page.

Some of the photo’s from inside the Booklet: (looking at these makes me realise how long ago 1982 was!)

Professor Edward Donnely, Minister of Trinty RPC, Professor of New Testament Language and Literature

Professor Edward Donnely, Minister of Trinty RPC, Professor of New Testament Language and Literature

Professor Leahy, then minister of Kilraughts and Professor of Systematic Theology at the Theological Hall, Belfast

Professor Leahy, then minister of Kilraughts and Professor of Systematic Theology at the Theological Hall, Belfast

Adam Loughridge on 'Our Covenant Heritage'

Professor Adam Loughridge on 'Our Covenant Heritage', former Minister at Cregagh Road RPC and Professor of Pastoral Theology

Looking back on this booklet, is not only great for nostalgia, but also thinking of how God must have used a great week to benefit many people’s life, so internationally, all the people could go back to their own chuches and homes and share in their experiences and in their learning about God and his Covenant People.

So a quick reminder, are we praying for the next international conference? Remember the speaker, the fellowship, the learning we can do, the new venue of Gartmoor, the travel arrangements, all these things should be brought to God in prayer before hand, for it is He who will bless them all.  Keep a look out for future posts on a report on Gartmoor from special guest writers!

Hope you have enjoyed this dip into the past here on Another King, if you were at that particular conference and find yourself reading the blog, please leave a comment and why not fill us in on some memories?

Senior Camp 2009 Videos

31 Aug

Gareth McFarland has (finally) got all those videos he took at Senior Camp online. These are my favourite two videos.

Andrew McKelvey – Desperado

Amazing, jaw-dropping, beautiful… and the singing’s pretty good too.

Mastermind Part 2

A better quality video than the one in our camp review and still hilarious.

Click here for more including Ali G, Random footage, Francies’ poem and even more of Rob dancing!

Thank you Gareth.

Senior Camp 2009

14 Jul

Senior Camp began for me with victory over Steelo in the inaugural tennis match of the week as we waited impatiently for the buses bearing the other Campers to arrive. There were initial concerns that this year’s earlier tea time was designed to remove the historic Saturday afternoon football but thankfully sufficient free time (code for football) was scheduled  before the evening’s Icebreakers which were enthusiastically hosted by Offy and Claire Wilson. To be honest Saturday was a blur of excitement out of which I can recollect only a few moments, one of which being John’s Memory game with a twist.

The highlights of Sunday included an accidental Muff Glen Reunion and Rev. Philip Murphy’s challenging sermon on Listening as he explained the Parable of the Sower. I also loved the Sabbath night Psalm Sing, it’s such a privilege to sing and learn from the Word of God with so many others who love Christ.

Often I wake early on the Monday morning of camp bursting with excitement, like a kid on Christmas morning, but this year common sense prevailed and 7am tennis did not take place. After David Crawford’s talk each morning there was a time of prayer which has already received a mention on the Modblog and I don’t think I can better the description found there:

“Over 100 young people crammed into a large room, all huddled round in small groups of 5 or 6.  And then the prayer began, voice after voice lifted up to the Majestic Lord.  Not a moment of silence as one prayer after another ascended into the presence of the Eternal God.  Young voices pleading with God for the saving of sinners and the building of the church.”

Everyone enjoyed the best-ever Chip’s Challenge on Monday afternoon which was so good it is no exaggeration to say it equalled the excellence of Gregg’s Games. Greasy Football was stroke of genius and it is rumoured several IOC members are keen that this new sport should form an integral part of the London 2012 Olympics.


In previous years mats were used to stop you cutting your feet, this year Alex, Brian and Steelo stepped into the breach


Bun screams as Beka attacks with spear


Skip Pete


Esther and Emma fail to name that song




OK, I can’t resist the obvious joke – it’s Gavin Slidewell


Minister in training loses temper and dispatches Andy with a kick to the head


Warren and Ruth would definately not approve!


Ali makes a save


Greasey Football should definately be an Olympic sport


Andy Mo clears

Monday evening saw Simon Cowell, Pierce Morgan and a very attractive looking Amanda Holden judge Camp’s Got Talent which included Stavos Flately Tribute Acts as well as other dancing sensations. Thankfully it appears that no one has footage of Andrew and my joint antics.


Ali G in da house

Tuesday’s afternoon offered the oppertunity to participate in Go Karting, Paintball or Teddy Bear making. Having been robbed of last year’s Karting title by the DJ Tommy K, Andrew  failed to qualify for this year’s final whilst Ali was unable to prevent Philip Aicken taking the crown. Several guys including P10 and Mark McCavery signed up for the teddy bears but it later emerged that they had intended to Paintball but had spotted Pistol Pete’s name on the sheet and chose the safer option. The Christian Institute and Release International made an appearance at camp that evening for two seminars.


Sarah vs Sheep


Teddybear making

The tortuous journey to the Share Centre was wisely scrapped this year but the Ulsterbuses were still called upon to take us to Newcastle where some ate icecream and the more adventurous followed Mary McCollum on what we were reassured was not a hike but a merely “walk” past the controversially named “Bloody Brindge”. The title of the local landmark was soon forgotten as Campers’ attention turned to whether Mary actually understood the definition of a walk and discussed whether scrambling up cliffs formed a regular part of a McCollum afternoon stroll. A great day climaxed with a BBQ in Donard Park before returning to RSA for a movie, football or free time.


“Follow, follow, we will follow Mary…”



Glad I didn’t wear my flip flops


BBQ time!


Some couldn’t hack the pace


“Why don’t you go home!”

Thursday afternoon offered dancing or more football so there are no prizes for guessing what I chose.


Spot the looneys

Steelo joined Juggling Joel in hosting this year’s excellent concert where the final Mastermind sketch stole the show.


Hayley was looking forward to her bro’s performance


Erin and Jess give a beauty class

The Moderator’s visit was greated enthusiastically on Friday morning and he provided us all with a serious schooling. Competitive sports had been moved to last afternoon providing a fitting climax to the week’s activities whilst the Steve and Mark provided another excellent party in the evening. Thanks must go to the committee and the Robbs for the brilliant activities throughout Camp. An appropriate standing ovation was given to the real leader of Senior Camp for the past 26 years, Frances McCollum, who has faithfully provided quality food for Senior Campers across three decades. I may be guilty of occassionally over using the term “legend” but Frances is undoubtedly a true legend whose service for the church through camp will be remembered by many.


Tough choice ladies


Party time



Other photos

Happy Campers
P10 the Orangeman
Brenna complained she wasn’t in the video so this should keep her happy


They got tired of the jokes in the end


Putting a brave face on
The dining hall
Mealtime banter


Hostage Pete returns


Saturday morning club
Bus journey home

My most significant moment of camp this year did not come in the talks, the discussion groups or the prayer time but on the football pitch. On Saturday evening as football began and a fantastic week lay before me, I realised what I’d failed to acknowledge in previous years. I’d failed to hear what God was saying in all the good things provided. Through whatever you enjoy God is shouting “Look how much I love you”. Has He given you friends? Has He given you hobbies you enjoy? Has He given you enough health and strength to enjoy good gifts from Him? Has He poured out upon you spiritual blessing? Has He given you teaching, role models, and godly advice? Often we make the mistake of separating the spiritual and non-spiritual activities, wondering whether we should have more “God-stuff” or more “fun-stuff” but this is not how we are to view life. The things we enjoy are to fuel our praise of God, as we meditate upon His gifts we cannot help but talk about Him more, sing His praises enthusiastically, come before Him in prayer and long to be taught more about Him from Scripture. In all things we are to enjoy God and glorify Him at camp and beyond.

“So whether you eat or drink or whatever you do, do it all for the glory of God.” 1 Corinthians 10:31


Senior Camp 2009  (though Rebecca seems to have thought she was at Summer Madness)

Summer Caption Competition

1 Jul

SummerSunGreetings Another King readers, we hope you’re having a fantastic summer. Right now, Another King is gonna be taking a break for a few weeks, due to Senior Camp and then a camping holiday along the Donegal coast.

So I thought it’d be a great idea to leave a competition for our readers to get stuck into.

I’m going to put up 3 pictures and I want our readers to leave a comment with their witty ideas of a funny caption.

I will label each picture, A, B or C and in your comment, you can give a funny caption for all 3 or else just the one, so we hope you enter in to the spirit of our new idea and we’re looking forward to reading your funny ideas in a few weeks time.

Cliff Peering

Picture A

Picture B

Picture B

Picture C

Picture C

So please have a go and show us your comedy genius as you try and leave a witty caption for these pictures. Enjoy!

P.S It was a majority decision, if you know what I mean! ;)

Coldplay- The Puppet Masters

5 Mar

Buoyed by the success of the original song on the Viva la Vida album, including the accolade of being used in the Senior Camp 2008 Compilation Video, Coldplay’s Life in Technicolor II actually has some words. More importantly it has this utterly amazing video.