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Watch Airdrie Sermons Online

10 Jan

Meant to do this post a while ago but better late than never.

Airdrie RPCS has joined Dromore and Enniskillen in filming their services and Connor has been uploading them to Vimeo. Below is Rev. Andrew Quigley’s most recent sermon entitled “Which Road?”.

You can find more Airdrie sermons here.

Praying for Nantes, Antrim and Airdrie

8 Apr


(Prayer Points sent from Ali Rolleston in France)

“Give thanks for the work here in Nantes being done by Malcolm and Muriel Ball

Give thanks for safety in travel. All our flights were on time.

Give thanks for the number of people currently attending the morning service, and for the number that were able to attend the after-service lunch this week.

Give thanks for the provision of strength God has thus far given to the team! We have approximately 32000 leaflets to distribute to Nantes, Orvault and some of the surrounding villages.


Nantes from the air

Give thanks for the good weather God has thus far seen fit to send to the team, and pray that he would see fit to send more good weather over the course of the week. The forecast for the next few days is not wonderful.

Pray that God would prepare the hearts of people to receive the message we are bringing them and that the team would work for his glory.

Pray that God would continue to send strength to the team, as we have much walking ahead of us!

Pray for the soiree tomorrow evening (tonight 8th April) that all would go well. Pray for Malcolm as he gives the epilogue.”


Malcom Ball giving the Epilogue last year.


Pray that God would provide people for the leaflet distribution next week (14th-17th) as they don’t have enough yet. If you’ve time off over Easter please consider going. If interested contact Joel Loughridge.


Pray for safety in travel.

Pray for that the BBC weather forecast would be wrong or that we’ll still be able to get all the leaflets out in the rain.

Pray for Stephen McCollum as he leads the team.

Pray that the team would get on well with the young people from the church and they would both enjoy fellowship together.

Pray that people would read the leaflets.

Pray that people would come to the Mission week, starting April 20th.

Pray for Rev. Andrew Quigley as he prepares the sermons for the Mission week.

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