Standing the test of Time?

7 Feb

“February already…wow…how time flies, it was barely the start of 2011 and now we’re into mid-February”. Have you heard a conversation like this recently? If I had overheard someone saying this perhaps in 5th year or Lower 6th, I would have simply laughed it off. I used to think that those conversations were just for old people, or people with nothing really taking up their lives. However, I recently have had a change of heart. Ever since starting into University life, I have found that time simply slips away, passing me by at quite a rate…

Perhaps this is a topic which you’re no stranger too, you’ve always heard someone giving out various pearls of wisdom concerning time and how to use it wisely. I’m not going to go down the route of a Disney cliche and tell all Another King readers to go out and ‘make every moment count’, nor am I going to sound like an eighty year old woman and say that you are ‘to just enjoy the simple things in life, take each thing as it comes’.

Those are phrases which are fairly common, however my particular piece of advice actually stems from an article we were given in Stran the other day. It was about how to be effective Teachers as it went into various aspects of our lives and how they are to be used and moulded to make us efficient Teachers in every thing that we do.

I couldn’t help but see the comparisons between this and my own life and the usefulness it could have for the Faith. As young men and women of Christ, are we constantly evaluating aspects of our life to ensure they are bringing glory to God? In particular, I feel that many young people are probably falling short in their efforts when it comes to time management.

The following quote concerning time is taken from the article, “Time is irreplaceable and has no substitute. You can’t borrow or steal time or change it in any way; all you can do is to make the optimum use of the time you’ve got.”

I have simply one question to ask the Christian, are we standing the test of time? Are we making optimum use of it, to bring glory to God? Or perhaps are we simply wasting it, throwing it away with trivial pursuits. Why not have a time of self-evaluation, see what areas of your life are simply wasting precious time and try and cut them out or replace them.

We are reminded by James 4:14, “What is your life? For you are a mist that appears for a little time and then vanishes.” In light of this, let’s ensure that during our youth and during our time on this earth, that we get serious with time management, and sort out an issue which can seriously hamper us in our Christian walk.


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