Student Protests

10 Dec

“Yesterday’s events were sad to see. Not just because I don’t think such protests have achieved much; more so because it displayed one of the great idols that we in western democracies are prone to indulging: man-centred causes and ideas. Fighting for our ‘rights’. Demonising politicians or ideologies instead of demonising demons and sin. Putting all our faith in our beliefs, our convictions, our human leaders, rather than in our Saviour and King, Jesus Christ.” Philip Dunwoody

Philip offers a Biblical perspective on the yesterday’s student protests in one of his latest blog posts.  I felt that yesterday’s decision at Parliament was a sad one as it  reinforces social injustices but God is Sovereign over all, even how the votes are cast in Westminister. Christians should view education as important, speak out on politcal issues and challenging the systemic flaws in our society but we must be doing so for God, not letting particular causes become gods. It’s hard not to become angry and frustrated by politics but this article helped me put things in their rightful place.


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