Lose Hell, Lose the Cross

22 Nov

“Let us be quite clear. If we lose hell, we will eventually lose the cross, for if there is no hell, there is no real point in the cross. Jesus did not need to come and be made a curse for sin. He did not need to enther the horror of forskenness. The cross and hell stand or fall together. Hell is extreme, but that is because sin is extreme and because extreme measures were taken for our salvations. We cannot survey the wondrous cross, meditate on what the Saviour suffered and assert that hell is an inappropriate punishment for sin.”

Prof. Edward Donnelly, Biblical Teaching on the Doctrine of Heaven and Hell


One Response to “Lose Hell, Lose the Cross”

  1. James March 7, 2011 at 8:48 am #

    Important to remember in light of what some prominent “christian” leaders are teaching.


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