A Dog or Cat person?

1 Nov

I’m not sure if many of you have ever listened in on a heated debate about pets, but I did recently, and as I listened on with intrigue, of course the major topic was the age old rivalry between dogs and cats. I’m sure many of you have had or heard this discussion before, lines like ‘Dog’s are more obedient’ and ‘Cat’s are more loving’ are just some of the familiar arguments that are always thrown about. I bet that even now as you are reading this, you already have picked a side in your mind of which you like best. However, as most of you reading this know of my complete bewilderment of even owning a pet, you can be assured that this post isn’t going to be about the pro’s and con’s of owning either a Dog or  a Cat……

Feel free to ensue a debate in the Comments section if you wish...

I know numerous Dog and Cat lovers, many of these people find great delight in their pets, in the company and fun they provide, (and I am not about to condemn this in any way just in case you think i’m getting at that!) These people along with numerous others around the globe, have already established firmly in their minds whether they are a dog or cat person. I simply wish to ask this, are we also being God people?

We may find lots of time to groom our pets, to bath them, to feed them, to spend lots of money on them, to give them our full attention, fulfil their wants and needs, but is it perhaps the case that this like so many other things, are overtaking the position of God as number one in our lives? When we compare how close a relationship we can have with things of this world, like our pets, like our hobbies, it may be saddening to think that we could potentially have a closer link to them than with our God. May we all find enough time in our days to be a living sacrifice to God, to give Him the time, attention, care and concern that we would show so readily to other things.

As we’re considering things which may be taking over in our lives, let’s remember the words of Psalm 119:57 ‘The Lord is my portion’, He is the one which satisfies our needs, may He continue to be our rock and cornerstone.


One Response to “A Dog or Cat person?”

  1. Brendan November 4, 2010 at 2:43 pm #

    AK has gone to the dogs….

    JK, nice post Ali

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