Renwick are World XI Beaters

1 Oct
  • Elmwood Avenue team record first victory of the season
  • Manager pleased with good performances across the pitch
  • Well used possession and clean finishing prove key for Renwick

A new era of Renwick Football was ushered in at the Cherryvale Playing Fields on Wednesday afternoon as Renwick took on World XI. Manager McCullough made a few changes to the Team who were beaten last week and as McKelvey and Blackwell were unavailable, two Renwick debuts were given to Peter Fallows and Andrew Peoples, who both took roles in the centre of midfield. Hawthorne and Aicken were on the flanks whilst the two Cromie brothers formed the striking partnership and Renwick’s defence remained the same despite a shaky first game.

The match was postponed by 10 minutes due to the incompetence of some of Belfast City Council’s finest, and so Renwick’s warm up consisted of watching the Wellington school boys finish their P.E class and putting up their own nets. The game finally began at 3:10pm on a wonderful pitch and in beautiful playing conditions, and so Renwick quickly found their stride. Michael Hawthorne made early inroads down the left hand side and won a free kick about 30 yards out, Joel Cromie swung the ball in and found the head of Andrew Peoples who glanced it into the net and Renwick took the lead with barely a minute played.

Renwick continued their dominance with some early surges and both Joel and Robert Cromie had chances that went either high or wide. However around the 25 minute mark, good interplay between Hawthorne and J. Cromie led to World XI conceding a penalty and “Ben Hanna, Captain”, stepped up and despite the Keeper choosing the right way, the ball had enough power to bobble into the net. The rest of the first half was played at a lower tempo and this allowed the World XI to get back into the game and caused Renwick a few problems from long balls and corners, however McCullough looked assured in nets and it seemed that no World XI player would be getting past him in the first half. This was indeed the case as it was “Ben Hanna, Captain” who got a foot to a shot at the edge of the box and it dribbled in past McCullough’s near post to mean that World XI had halfed the deficit by the break.

After the break, Renwick began to turn the screw and fresh legs were also key as Luke Campbell and Tim McCollum were brought on to breathe some life into the game. Slick passing from the front men led to more Renwick chances and the team’s next goal came from a Joel Cromie corner….that had a slight inward curve and was helped into the goal by the post, follow much bemusement by players and crowd alike. Renwick soon were in the action again and a rebound goal from Luke Campbell, a clean strike from Phil Aicken and a further penalty from Ben Hanna meant that the result was a done deal and Renwick had a 6-1 lead. By this stage Renwick had ran away with the game and much space was to be found and utilised by new centre mid pairing Peoples and McCollum as McCullough continued to tinker with positioning. The last goal of the game was an absolute screamer from a World XI player, picking the ball up from outside the area on the right and comfortably beating the Renwick keeper with a powerful shot into his top corner. Renwick will be disappointed that the last 10 minutes turned into quite an individual battle for goals and less passing proved to be frustrating for the team. However every player can be pleased with their performance in this game and now expect an interesting battle for places as the League is starting soon, Renwick will hope they can carry this form into the next game and improve on a few things.

A big shout out must go to a fantastic crowd who turned out supporting the side, giving the players much confidence, and a few laughs as chants were directed at ‘El Capitano’.

Man of the Match: Peter Fallows – Worked outstandingly hard in the midfield, covering a lot of ground, providing good distribution and putting the opposition under a lot of pressure. A great debut from the youngster and will be expected to carry on from this good performance.

Manager McCullough commented saying, “I was happy to see a good performance across the park from the lads, I also was able to see various players in a few positions which will be vital come the start of the League in 2 weeks time. All in all, great to get a result today.”

It was indeed a day of Renwick history as the statisticians discovered last night. This was the first time in the history of Renwick, that some one from the original XI was not playing for the side. In the inaugral matchRenwick beat CoI 6-2, incidentally the same score line as yesterday. The original team was as follows:

RENWICK (4-4-2) 18/10/2006 : Jonny McCollum; Walker, A McKelvey, Steve McCollum, Piemonger; P Dunwoody, C Hyndman, M McCavery, Simon Curry the Baptist; S Steele, Andy Johnson.

RENWICK (4-4-2) 29/9/2010: James McCullough; Richard McKelvey, Chris Carson, Ben Hanna (c), Alastair McCollum; Phil Aicken, Andrew Peoples, Peter Fallows, Michael Hawthorne; Robert Cromie, Joel Cromie. SUBS: Luke Campbell, Tim McCollum

Renwick Pundit would like to apologise to the readers for the lack of photos this week but the camera attending the game didn’t produce the end result.


8 Responses to “Renwick are World XI Beaters”

  1. Peter October 1, 2010 at 10:27 am #

    Funny how Steelo and Jonny have swapped hairstyles in the intervening years!!!

  2. Peter October 1, 2010 at 10:33 am #

    Clearly the Renwick manager is not aware of Ben’s track record with penalties. At Carrick’s Champions League Bible Club in the summer of 2009, in the traditional last day “Leaders v Kids Penalty Shootout”, Ben’s pen nearly landed on top of the nearby power station:

    [In fairness though, he recovered by Summer 2010 and scored both his penalties – as did all the leaders, except some over-confident hop-along who thought he could still score using only one leg!]

  3. Joel October 1, 2010 at 4:16 pm #

    I love how the build up to the first penalty is described as “good interplay”. :D A fine throw in it was, though.

  4. Andrew October 1, 2010 at 7:19 pm #

    i love ‘Manager McCullough commented saying…..’! the terminology is brilliant!

  5. Robert October 2, 2010 at 7:30 am #

    Pete, the important thing is that he nearly scored

  6. Joel October 4, 2010 at 4:16 pm #

    Why did Wellington schoolboys put up their own nets after their PE class?

  7. Steelo October 5, 2010 at 11:36 pm #

    Funny stuff Pete! :D

  8. Steelo October 6, 2010 at 10:33 pm #

    …and swapped the desire to go to Glasgow! :D

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