Join the Church to Bring God Glory

2 Jul

Fifth reason and conclusion from Rev. David McCullough’s series, “Why Join the Church?”

5. Because we want to Bring Glory to God

How we live our lives can bring glory to God.  Peter writing to the early NT believers wrote, “Live such good lives among the pagans that, though they accuse you of doing wrong, they may see your good deeds and glorify God on the day He visits us.” (I Peter 2:12)  That is not only true for us as individuals but also in our lives together.  Our lives together are to show that we belong to Christ and to bring Him glory.  When you join the church you are being adopted into the family of God’s people and in that family the relationships lived out and the service given one for the other will bring glory to God.  Bringing glory to God is the reason above all that Christians should belong to a church.

Obviously anyone can come along to the services and benefit from the preaching and the warmth of the fellowship.  But there are many more privileges in belonging to the church.  You will receive the official care and oversight of the minister and elders; you will have the opportunity to come to the Lord’s Table without being welcomed as a visitor.  You will have the privilege of your children being able to receive the sign of baptism.  You will have the privilege of being able to stand alongside a group of believers knowing that this is your church where you will be cared for, prayed for and your gifts utilised to God’s glory.

So do not merely attend a church – join.  Join because God says so, because you need to, because others will be blessed and most of all because God will be glorified.

Why Join the Church?


1. To Obey

2. To Receive Care

3. To Fulfil Responsibilities

4. To Reach the Lost World

5. To Bring God Glory


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