Belfast Marathon 2011 Not On Sunday

13 May

(Thanks to Joel for his comment pointing this out and Dad for his excited text with the news. I felt the news was so good it deserved a full post.)

“Last night members from all of the five political parties represented on Belfast City Council’s development committee agreed that the issue would be postponed for a year and guaranteed it would be held on the usual Monday in 2011.” Newsletter

The BBC and the Newsletter report that contrary to earlier fears the 2011 Belfast Marathon will not be held on a Sunday. It will continue to take place on Easter Monday. These reports, however, do seem to indicate that the issue may raise itself again next year. Lets keep fighting to keep the command to keep the Sabbath holy in the public conciousness for the sake of God’s Glory.

Cromie got our time wrong in his hilarious round up, it was actually 4:19:54

One thing that does bemuse me a little is that  the BBC and Newsletter both quote Stafford Carson and fail to mention the Moderator of the RPCI Synod who ran the whole thing! Thanks to all those who sponsored Dad and I, together we raised over £1000 for the Prostate Cancer Charity. If you’ve promised money but weren’t able to give it to us at the time please pass it on as soon as possible. If you haven’t sponsored us you can still do so online.


One Response to “Belfast Marathon 2011 Not On Sunday”

  1. Joel L May 14, 2010 at 11:48 am #

    Thanks to my Mum who sent me a txt with the news at about 8am yesterday morning! Respect!

    I don’t know if you signed up the the Facebook campaign and if it was ever brought to the attention of the council or if you wrote to Belfast councillors etc etc but would do no harm to write to tthe Mayor now, thanking the Council. And expressing expectation that they will make the right decision next year.

    Contact details:

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