Join the Church to Obey

4 May

The first reason from Dad’s series entitled “Why Join the Church?”

Belong to the flock

1. Because God Says So

As with many aspects of the Christian life there is no direct command, “You shall belong to the local church.”  However membership of a congregation is clearly implied and is what God expects. For example: in Acts 20:28 the elders of Ephesus were told to take care of the flock.  How could they take care of the flock unless there was a flock to which the sheep belonged and the shepherds knew which sheep belonged to them.  Or take the situation in Jerusalem, Those who accepted the message were baptised and added to their number that day.  (Acts 2:41) That addition was not just that there were more of them, but that they were officially incorporated into the developing congregations of Jerusalem.  That official belonging is emphasised later in Acts when Luke records, after the incident with Annanias and Saphira, that none of the rest dared join them.  The word that is translated join means, “to glue or cement together, to unite, to join firmly.”  Use of the word elsewhere shows that this was no casual superficial thing but the cohesive bonded relationship of church membership.

Think also of the implication for membership that there is with regards to leaders in the church.  In I Timothy 3:5 speaking of the qualifications for the eldership Paul writes, If a man does not know how to rule his own house how will he take care of the church of God. The implication is clear that there will be a clearly defined church for him to care for.  The NT believers officially belonged to a church.

When we take on membership we are obeying the Lord Jesus Christ and that is a sign of our salvation.

Why Join the Church?


1. To Obey

2. To Receive Care

3. To Fulfil Responsibilities

4. To Reach the Lost World

5. To Bring God Glory


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