Disappointing Renwick crash out of cup

30 Apr

The Renwick pundit will publish a review of the season at some point in the next few weeks, just in case anyone is expecting this match report to contain any moderately developed thoughts.

Having experienced euphoria at the final whistle last week after beating Derryvolgie, it was a very different story this week when the referee finally called time on the game. The draw for the second round of the cup had seemingly gone in Renwick’s favour, being handed a tie against QUBNISA, a team they had soundly beaten 5-1 earlier in the season. With the other big teams left in the competition having drawn each other, the path to the final was starting to look increasingly clear. Standing in the way of this however, was an organised an resolute NISA side.

As with last time, NISA brought a big squad with them, and Renwick had a relatively small squad, with only 2 substitutes. Veterans Peter Loughridge and Robert McCollum gave way for a centre back pairing of Mark McCavery and Steven McCollum, who between them have played well over 100 games for Renwick. Chris Carson paired up with Player of the Year Ian Buchanan in the centre of the pitch beach, the wings remained unchanged with McKelvey and Mitchell, and Mark Porter started where he finished last week, up front with Michael Hawthorne. A signifcantly changed team from last week, although the focus on keeping a clean sheet remained unchanged.

With the wind blowing in Renwick’s favour, the game got underway. On his birthday, Cromie Robert took up the refereeing duties for the first half, overseeing what proved to be a fairly uncontroversial half. The opening exchanges were fairly dull, not really much happening anywhere, save for a lot of throw-ins. The wind played a significant part, allowing goal kick taker to bypass the entire midfield and up to the young strike force, who despite their best efforts struggled to find a way through an organised, if not entirely skillful defence. When the ball did make it into midfield, Chris Carson did a good job of breaking up the play and Ian Buchanan provided composure and base from which to build. Renwick’s most obvious goal threat came from corners, and after the third one flashed across the face of goal without so much as a touch, this pundit did begin to wonder was it going to be one of those days…

It was from one such corner that QUBNISA took the lead. Both Renwick’s central defenders had drifted into the opposition box, and with Ben Hanna taking the corner, defensive cover was left to Morrison and Carson. NISA only had one player lurking, and so the danger seemed minimal, but when the ball was played out from the far post, a quick NISA break left Renwick looking very exposed at the back. A passing interchange left Carson in the almost literal dust, and soon the player with the ball at his feet had to make a choice as McCullough has rushed off his line to narrow the angle. The striker opted to go round the outside of the keeper and despite Morrison’s efforts to get to the line in time, the shot was early and it was 1-0 NISA. There was probably 10 minutes left of the first half left at this stage, and the scoreline barely reflected the way the game had gone. Renwick had been very dominant in possesion and territory, but hadn’t created any clear cut chances. Mark Porter had a shot from the edge of the box saved, and Ian Buchanan saw a free kick or two pass over the bar.

At half time the game was still very much there to be one, although Renwick knew they had a harder half ahead of them playing into the wind. The two wingers were replaced by Robert Cromie and Philip Aicken. Cromie went to right wing, and Aicken came into midfield. NISA had most of the play in the early stages of the half, and it wasn’t long before they converted it into a goal, a goal about as different as is imaginable from the first. The same player picked up the ball midway inside the Renwick half, with his back to goal and feeling the close attention of Hanna and Carson. In a lightning quick motion he had turned and found half a yard for himself and put away a very early shot. The ball was almost past McCullough before he could react, and to compare the goal to this one would not be unreasonable.

Renwick were 2-0 down and looking very devoid of any sort of inspiration. Mark McCavery was moved into midfield to liven things up and this did work to an extent, as Renwick started to force the issue at the other end of the pitch. On about 75 minutes a penalty was awarded to Renwick for a foul on Buchanan in the box, and McCavery stepped up and smashed the ball home. This was all well and good until the penalty was ruled out due to several Renwick players encroaching. It was the correct decision, although still a fairly hard one to take. Forced into taking the penalty again, the Renwick number 9 this time decided to go for placement but got it wrong leaving the keeper with a relatively straightforward save.

NISA had further chances, seeing a loose swing at a ball from a corner come back off the bar and another effort cleared off the line, but as fill time approached it was Renwick who had all the pressure. On 86 minutes a goal was finally created, with a fine Ian Buchanan cross being headed in by McCavery. Robert Cromie might well have brought it level with a shot from 8 yards he managed to put wide but it was not to be and when the ball was hoofed clear by a NISA defender the referee brought the game, the season and a number of Renwick careers to an end. Heading straight to the changing rooms, Renwick were left to contemplate what might have been.

I will save any further words for the end of season round up, which should be published in the next few weeks. Thanks to everybody who has been involved in Renwick this season, it has been a pleasure.

In case anybody is wondering, the Renwick Dinner will be being blogged in the next few days, and footage of the Jonny McCollum cup that some people have requested will be placed on the internet in the next few days in some form or another.

Man of the Match

Mark McCavery – solid in defence, creative in midfield and a threat in attack.


5 Responses to “Disappointing Renwick crash out of cup”

  1. Joel L April 30, 2010 at 10:31 am #

    “Mark McCavery – solid in defence, creative in midfield and a threat in attack.”

    hence the name: The Ultimate Male.

  2. Peter April 30, 2010 at 11:23 am #

    You left something out:

    “Mark McCavery – solid in defence, creative in midfield and a threat in attack” … and a hefty boot on him for goal kicks!!!

  3. Joel L April 30, 2010 at 2:15 pm #

    and handsome too

  4. Andrew April 30, 2010 at 4:53 pm #

    Actually, the season may not have finished just yet, the league website has us scheduled to play Bar Staff next week, so we’ll see what happens with that.

  5. Mark May 1, 2010 at 12:28 am #

    Love you Loughridge boys, appreciate the comments and man of the match, pity we didn’t get the win and I didn’t put away the second pen raging.

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