Porter Snatches Late Cup Win for Delighted Renwick

22 Apr

Renwick House FC 1-0 Derryvolgie

Mark Porter striking the winner

The draw for the first round of the Belfast Super Cup pitted Renwick House against arch-rivals  Derryvolgie. The Presbyterian Halls lined up confidently having beaten Renwick in a tetchy affair on their way to winning the Belfast Superleague. The volcanic ash left Renwick with a long list of unavailable players leading to frantic phone calls to former greats such as Matt “Gulliver” Jess and Stephen Steele. RTC students Peter Loughridge and Robert McCollum formed an experienced centre-back pairing and completing the XI a debut was given to Jordanstown student Michael Muldoon as Renwick wore their change kit. Derryvolgie’s failure to correctly book the Ozone pitch meant the crucial cup encounter was played at Cherryvale, the venue for Renwick’s disappointing 50th game earlier this year.

Warm up

Epic photo

A couple of the fans, thanks to all who came to support

“Keep it tight” were the instructions ringing in the ears of the Elmwood players as they took to the pitch in and the opening exchanges were nervous but Peter Loughridge organised the Renwick defence into a solid unit. Richard McKelvey was converted from a defender to a  right midfielder with the workrate of Dirk Kuyt and didn’t stop running hard from the first whistle, providing manager Morrison with more cover than a Amish school uniform. A late tackle on Peter Loughridge threatened to end the Grange captain’s involvement but he continued and minutes later Ben Hanna gave the Derryvolgie right winger Barrow something to cry about (and he did cry about it for the rest of the 90 minutes) as he lunged for a bouncing ball catching his opponent. McCullough was forced to produce one noteworthy save making a one-on-one stop with an outstretched  right leg before Strob (who proved to be just as pacey as his younger brother Stevie) sent the ball to safety. Michael Mitchell proved a useful outlet for Renwick but only one opportunity was ever created for McCavery as Derryvolgie dominated possession and territory with Ithai Udaiyar pulling the strings throughout the half.

A good old-fashioned Andy Throw photo

Insert epic Mark quote

Strob back in Renwick action

It’s not as bad as it looks!

Penalty appeal for DV

McKelvey was brilliant

DV pressure

Number 7 was probably still talking about Ben’s tackle

Ithai had a great game

No prizes for guessing who won this encounter

Mitchell on the ball

A hairy moment (this caption would’ve work better if James hadn’t got his much-needed haircut)

Renwick were probably the happier of the two teams at the break despite failing to test Derryvolgie’s shaky keeper. The second 45 picked up where the first half had left off with Renwick relishing their underdog status and fighting like beavers, frustrating the league champions. Peter Loughridge aerial domination was central to RHFC’s ability to absorb the pressure and the pace of McCavery offered a threat on the end of long balls. Derryvolgie’s only half chances cam from corners but the best chance from a set piece came at the other end as Loughridge headed narrowly wide from a great Ben Hanna delivery.

Mark Porter moved up front as Ian Buchanan dropped back into midfield in an effort to contain Ithai but the possibility of a penalty shoot out was beginning to loom in the minds of all the players. In the 86th minute the Derryvolgie defence failed to deal with a long pass from Loughridge which found Porter who could not be caught by the Presbyterians and finish cooly sending Renwick into ecstasy. Derryvolgie poorly refereed the entire match and began playing “Fergie-time” from the Renwick goal but the team in white stayed strong and organised. Muldoon put in a particularly fine last few minutes working hard as legs tired around him.


Desperate DV chase down the ball

With only 2 minutes remaining it was becoming apparent that the game was slipping beyond the league champions and a loose ball was kicked through landing at the feet of McCullough. Concious of the ticking clock Renwick’s keeper chose to keep the ball at his feet and dribbled to the corner of the box alongside the byline. Frustrated Scott Jamison chased towards the keeper and without any chance of winner the ball he lunged through the back of McCullough in what can only be described as a truly horrible tackle capable of ending a career, not just James’ marathon hopes. Peter Loughridge was highly unimpressed with the foul on the young keeper and conveyed this to the opponent before persuading an irate McCullough not to chase after Jamison. Inexplicably the referee failed to produce a red card claiming in Arsene Wenger style to have been looking the other way whilst the whinging Barrow attempted to square up to black belt Hanna. Loughridge turned to Jamison and beseeched him to have the common decency to walk off the pitch himself but the striker lacked the morals to do so.

Not receiving a Christmas card

Renwick held on for the remaining minute despite Derryvolgie desperately throwing their keeper forward for a free kick and guilty DV striker was put in his place by a meaty Buchanan challenge before Morrison’s men rejoiced at the eventual sound of the final whistle. The victory was made all the sweeter in light of the disgraceful behaviour of Jamison who summed up the actions of certain individuals in the Derryvolgie side leading manager Morrison to describe them as having some players with “a very poor attitude”. However it should be recognised that there were notable exceptions to this including midfield maestro Ithai and glasses-wearing Ray Millar. Renwick can now look forward to a cup quarter-final after a deserved victory but if the Renwick Pundit had been commentating as the whistle blew he may have made a Norwegian-style outburst, “Andrew Barrow, Scott Jamison, Edgar Davids, Steve Stockman your boys took one epic beating”.

Piecam returns

Celebrating with ice cream

Man of the Match

Ithai put in a very strong performance for Derryvolgie but all the Renwick players played a great game. All members of the Elmwood defence played well but Man of the Match must go Peter Loughridge. He organised the Renwick team, dominated in the air and put in many crucial tackles.

Renwick team: James McCullough, Andrew Morrison, Robert McCollum, Peter Loughridge, Ben Hanna, Richard McKelvey, Mark Porter, Michael Muldoon, Michael Mitchell, Mark McCavery, Ian Buchanan


10 Responses to “Porter Snatches Late Cup Win for Delighted Renwick”

  1. Joel April 22, 2010 at 10:09 am #

    It may be several years since my Renwick playing career but it’s good to see that DV are still poor losers.

    A bit embarressing for the young DV striker Jimson. Especially to be felled by a “meaty challenge” from Buchanan. His nickname isn’t Mr Hard as nails.

    Stafford Carson would be turning in his grave. If he were in it.

  2. Joel April 22, 2010 at 2:28 pm #

    Nearly every photo features red socks.

  3. Ali April 22, 2010 at 2:54 pm #

    “Providing Manager Morrison with more cover than a Amish school uniform.”

    That’s one of the best lines i’ve seen from the Renwick Pundit all season!

    Also just realised that I had an exceptional closure on Wednesday, did not put two and two together and realised I could have came and watched! :S

  4. Peter April 22, 2010 at 3:20 pm #

    Watched?! I’m sure you could’ve got a run-out Ali! The gaffer just about managed to get 11 players!

  5. Ali April 22, 2010 at 10:04 pm #

    Hah, Pete, my Footballing skills would have probably merit me the honourable position of water-boy for the afternoon!

  6. Joel L April 23, 2010 at 10:42 am #

    Indeed, one on the pundits best lines. Lacking in the headline department though.

    How about:
    “Porter carries Renwick into next round”
    “Porter cleans out Derryvolgie”
    “Porter shows DV the door”

  7. Peter April 23, 2010 at 11:07 am #

    “Porter shows DV the door” would get my vote. Bwah bwah bwah

  8. Conor April 24, 2010 at 11:19 am #

    Well played lads its always great to beat them!

  9. Philip April 27, 2010 at 4:54 pm #

    Joel, i have the ultimate headline:

    “DV, we’ll be playing in the next round”. I crack myself up.

  10. Peter April 27, 2010 at 11:31 pm #

    Hmmmm, I like that one too!!!

    I’m so fickle!

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