April Book Review – A.W Tozer

14 Apr

This is the first in our series of Monthly Book Reviews by the A.K Team. This month, is A.W  Tozer’s book, ‘ The Knowledge of the Holy’. It has recently been re-released as part of a 10 book Box Set, reliving some of his classic works, which are as  relevant and powerful today as ever.

Couldn't find a picture of the New Edition!

Some information on the Author:

A.W. Tozer (1897-1963) was  a pastor, preacher, author and editor. He was called a twentieth-century prophet even in his own lifetime. Converted at seventeen after an encounter with a street preacher, his ministry spanned more than forty years. He is one of the best loved Christian authors of all time, leaving a legacy of inspirational, Christ-centred books that have had a profound influence on Christians worldwide.

The 10 Book Box Set

Pretty much all of the books in this 10 part series are class, titles like “Whatever Happened to Worship?”,  “I Talk Back to the Devil” and “The Pursuit of God” just make you wanna read them.

However, I would like to plug “The Knowledge of the Holy” at this particular time, i’ve been reading it recently with a group of school friends in a Friday Morning Devotional time we have together and the book has continued to amaze me as the year has gone on.

We have been looking at it in a study format, reading a chapter at a time and getting stuck into what the chapter is teaching us. The many characteristics of God have been expounded by Tozer and they have made our discussions about each chapter lengthy and mind blowing. Chapters like “The Self Sufficiency of God”, “The Wisdom of God”, “The Grace of God”, “The Eternity of God” and “The Sovreignty of God” have been my favourite, they are truely exceptional, taking these well know characteristics of God which i’ve always been aware of, but making me think so much deeper about them, what they truely mean for us and what impact they should be having on our lives.

I would really recommend this book for personal or group use, it will ultimately make you closer with our Father in Heaven as we learn more about Him. It’s a fantastic read and if you see it or any of the Tozer collection, snap it up!

“If you have never read Tozer – what are you waiting for?” Warren Wiersbe


One Response to “April Book Review – A.W Tozer”

  1. Creambun April 14, 2010 at 11:07 am #

    You can buy the boxset in the Covenanter Bookshop! They are good! Get into them

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