Easter Monday, Eastern Presbytery, and no Mournes in sight

10 Apr
This AK Post was written after a special request from one of our most committed readers.

As tradition dictates, the E.P Walk started as it always does, with every one arriving half an hour late. However, once everyone arrived, we all hopped into an old BB Minibus that Dromara had and it took us off to our starting point near the slopes of Slieve Croob. Numbers were down this year due to various reasons, GO Teams and RTC Exams (Good Excuses!) and “Schoolwork” (Not so good…) However, for the 16 who did attend, it proved to be a great opportunity to burn off consumed Easter Eggs and have good craic together.

The Walk started with us striding along a “busy” Dromara road (with a total of 3 cars passing us) while Tom and I introduced the group to the game of “Shouting a particular piece of Farming Machinery” which proved to be very funny. However as we walked on, two Newtownards ladies started to lag far behind, only later to find out that they had stopped to consume their lunches 15 minutes into the walk.

At the starting point...

It was a tad windy

Tom surveying his lovely Dromara...

Slieve Croob was finally reached and we started the climb up, I was informed at this point that Slieve Croob was part of the wider Mourne area, and it started to feel that way as both my feet were immediately soaked.

We continued up and some small Snowball fights broke out and Ali G continued to hone his skills of his new found hobby of photography, here are some of his snaps:


The climb up Slieve Croob proved to be tricky. Not because of all the steep hills or marsh land, but just because it took a significant amount of effort not to be blown away to some far off region in Co. Down. It was quite a challenge to stay upright and some members of the group experienced this a few times. However Gareth got us to the top safely, it was a lovely view but most just wanted to get into the small shelter that was there and have a break from the wind.

Tom and Robert cuddling


Gareth pointing the way

After our brief stay at the top, we decided to begin the journey down and stop some where sheltered for lunch. The way down was far easier due to less 50mph winds and a gravel path the whole way.

A big congratulations to Gareth for another fantastic walk, proved to be a great time to get to know others from the Presbytery and some good exercise too.

Insert "Oh!" Caption here...

Dan the Man and Robert

Hayley really was holding back the tears at this stage...

Same again next year!

Dedicated to Peter.


One Response to “Easter Monday, Eastern Presbytery, and no Mournes in sight”

  1. Peter April 10, 2010 at 5:22 pm #

    Aw Ali, I have tears in my eyes as I read that! Sooooooooo gutted to miss it. Though my exams are over now – could everyone come back, same time, same place this Monday?!?! Please?!

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