The Cross and Circumcision

27 Jan

“Circumcision had two meanings… The positive was that God was cutting out Israel from the other nations, setting it apart to be a holy nation, to be a blessing. The negative was that if the Jew failed to keep every one of the terms of the covenant, he would be cut off from God’s presence, just as his foreskin had been ritually cut off.

The cross is the supreme circumcision, because when Jesus took the curse upon himself, he so identified with the sin of his people that he became a curse. God cut him off and justly so, because at that moment Christ became sin. Jesus, on the cross, was the most grotesque, most obscene mass of sin concentrated in the history of the world. Remember God is too holy even to look at iniquity. Therefore when Christ was hanging on the cross, the Father turned his back and cut off his Son. God forsook him…

On the cross Jesus was in hell,totally bereft of the grace and the presence of God, utterly separated from all blessedness of the Father. If you are a Christian, remember Jesus became a curse for you, so that one day you might be able to see the face of God, and have the light of his countenance fall on you.” R.C. Sproul, The Unexpected Jesus


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