Heresy Hunting

5 Dec

“I have alluded to the fact that there are those who consider discerning between good and evil a despicable activity, which they derisively label ‘heresy hunting.’ The mentality behind such language is dangerous. While sounding exceptionally pious, it discourages many inexperienced Christians from pursuing the God-given task of discriminating truth form falsehood and makes them easy marks for every sort of delusion.

Anti-hersey-hunters make a plea for ‘open-mindedness.’ I once studied under a professor who used to say, ‘Open minds are like open windows; you have to putin screens to keep the bugs out.’ The prudent believer screens every idea, every claim, every proposal, every opinion through the grid of Scripture. The Bible is his protection from the stings and bites of error. He open to everything in the Bible, of course, but everything else must be examined carefully in the clear ligfht of God’s Word.”

Jay E. Adams, A Call for Discernment, p.69


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